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[Locked] Blitz Beta – Bug Report Thread - CLOSED

OP Forum Team

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When I try to actually play the game, like try to load into a match of any kind available, the game will immediately crash. I will see the loading screen, but then the game freezes and crashes. I have a GTX 1070 and a i7-4790k. Could someone possibly give me some help as to how I could actually try the game out?
The game hangs up on the loading screen, as "press any key" displayed. And i can not choose any profile...
In a match on pc when i scroll around the map my screen goes all black and Gray and I can't see anything but the outlines of the units on the map. But when i scroll back to the base its fine
every time when i get into a game the screen turns black all that there is the overlays
I can join matches but when the match starts and I have control, the game screen is completely black. I still can hear the audio and even things like the command buttons and my reticle show up. The landscape and units are completely invisible though. This also occurs during the cinematic before the match starts and it even happened during the tutorial for the game. I downloaded it for Xbox one.
Slyestcat wrote:
Windows 10 download, whenever I get to the press any key screen it gives me the prompt to log in, but nothing appears within the box to log in. On windows 10 OS build 14393.693.

ninja edit: xbox services were disabled and did not have the xbox app installed. Changing the services to auto and installing the windows app fixed the issue.
What windows app did you install to fix the problem? I am having the same issue and was wondering how you fixed it.
I found another fix for this if the other one stated didn't work.
So yesterday (1/20/17) I was playing in the morning and in the afternoon just fine, nothing wrong what so ever, then I take a break and hop on to play some in the evening and the game is super laggy and crazy FPS drops, random effects are popping up everywhere. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and the same stuff is still happening. I do not understand how something like this could happen over just a few hours of not playing. I mean I played the game earlier for about a good 6 hrs and I didn't have any issues what so ever.

I hope this gets fixed since I really liked the game and I would like to buy it at launch.
I am receiving constant disconnections from party chats and games whenever I'm trying to play in a game mode other than 1v1, every single game results in a random freeze and disconnect from my party. It's nothing to do with my own connection, Nat type or anything of the sort, my connection is blisteringly fast. Definitely something up with that since I can play 1v1 with absolutely 0 issue.
Bat Thumb wrote:
Hello, Im playing the Blitz Beta on Windows 10 on my PC, I have 16gb of RAM, an i7-4790k processor and a GTX 980 TI graphics card with 6 GB of on board RAM just to give you an idea of what kind of setup i have. My game has serious graphic issues when i try to play both the tutorial or Online multiplayer, the screen is looks like a bunch of stretched out textures that generate from one single point on the screen, I cannot see anything but my minimap, Blitz cards and the silhouette of my units please help me on trying to fix this, i have uninstalled and reinstalled the beta twice now but i have the same problem.
I have the exact same problem did everything I read to do still nothing plz help.
Same here, i only played the tutorial once a then in the online matches the textures just got crazy and i changed every graphical option and it doesnt work at all

Lenovo Y50 (12Gb Ram, i7-4710HQ, NVDIA GTX 860m)
Not sure if anyone has experienced these issues I have, since 188 posts is TL;DR.

But I've had several instances of not being able to choose a leader, just automatically chooses my "favorited" leader (Cutter until changed). I think it could be fixed by allowing us to unfavorite and not have a favorite selected. This issue happens maybe 15% of the time.

Had an instance of a unit not responding, the specific circumstances were; Shipmaster, beginning two mauraders took A, I then chose another maurader out of my hand which was the unit that would not respond.

Finally, the only other "bug" I have noticed is my units occasionally will not change their target to the one I am selecting for them.

Anyway, fun game mode, can't wait until release.
A couple issues here on PC Windows 10

First is the inability to disable Voice chat. Not only that if you are in a party with your friends the game chat still goes on so you will here an echo of the 2. Secondly editing controls for the keyboard and mouse is way to complicated. When you want to change a keyboard mapping that is already mapped you have to first find the old mapping, remove it, then add the new one which most of the time doesn't stick. There should be the option to override the previous key map with the new one.
It keeps giving me card packs and when I go to open them they aren't there and everyonce in a while my hand in game won't come up when I press LT
Overall i think the game is great. You are really hitting the spot of what it feels like to have a good RTS with minor excepts on a PC.

First off, because it is an RTS that will be on Xbox on Win 10, being on PC means it will be compared to Starcraft 2, Command n Conquer, Warcraft 3, and rightfully so considering thats the main audience you want to capture. While i was streaming the game i had several viewers come in that were now actually interested in the game because of the Blitz mode and the Card aspect of it. This does two things. Draws in a different audience and create an area of the game you can put microtransactions in.

Everyones biggest worry is that these microtransactions will carry over to standard multiplayer. If you have any common sense and want to see this game as an RTS in a competitive way, or have any longevitivity to the standard multiplayer, you should only keep the card packs, and card aspects of the game in blitz mode and blitz mode ONLY.

Secondly, The key binding options of this game seem pretty terrible. After flipping through the keybinds(which the interface for this was annoying enough on its own. Scrolling would be much better) i was still extremely confused on how to use Control Groups and even if you could. So for now it's either completely bugged or your system for doing it is just terrible. And keybinds in general have issues. For instance, I tried to bind Zoom to my middle mouse wheel and i could not. Middle mouse wheel is not used for anything else in game that i am aware of, even after going through keybinds, so why can i not bind it for zoom? Thats like...The default every RTS uses ever. I really don't understand the thought-process on that one.

Lastly, At the best of times the AI seem Slugish, at the worst completely unresponsive. There were several times were they would just NOT disengage from the target no matter how many times i told them to move to a different location, or where i told them to move. AI pathing is pretty terrible in general. Because there hitboxs are somewhat large, they often jam up on each other, and not enemy units, your own friendly units often block the way. Enemy unit body blocking is a legit strat, but i get more body blocked by my own units than anything else. And the hitboxes in general need to be a bit reduced. Not a lot just slightly as they currently only feel a bit too large, a small reduction in hitboxes would be great. But i think AI pathing fixes may help this entire issue out, as they seem to be the main issue. I had an entire army get stuck in a canyon because they all tried to go through the opening at the same time. As a result, no one could move.

Other than that, it was really hard to find any issues. As long as it runs as well as the demo did, and fixes the issues i mentioned above, this game would be a fairly solid PC port/ RTS in general.
Constantly crashes without giving me an error report every time i attempt to load in the tutorial or the game playing on pc
when I check my units health it gets stuck on the screen and won't go away till the match ends.

had only 2 crashes.

with jump brutes the 2 entities might split up and won't come back together.

that's it so far if I run into anymore bugs ill make a list and post it when the beta ends :)
Both games I've played so far all I could see was the mini map and health bars for units. Everything else was black.
Out of curiousity, are locusts shooting into Fog of War intended or is it glitched?
As far as I know, most units, including artillery units, are unable to do so (for good reason ofc ;3)
the game loads and gets to the "press any key to continue screen properly. When i press a key, a grey window appears for half a second and then disappears and then i am taken to a page that says "please choose a valid profile". but it has no options to do anything from it. I can "continue which takes me to the "press any key to continue" screen again or i can exit the game. There is no way for me to choose a profile. I have the xbox app downloaded and i launch the game through the app. app version 24.24.20004.00000
I was playing matches just fine. Went to play another match and now I can't find match I have tried all three versions and restarted hw2 and still nothing. Not sure if something is going on with servers or not.
Not so much an issue with the game (i think), but when i try to log in to play, it then says "We can't sync your data with the cloud right now."
Anybody have any ideas why it doesn't work?
My PC works fine otherwise and internet is around 228 Mbps down and 11 up.
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