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[Locked] Blitz Beta – Bug Report Thread - CLOSED

OP Forum Team

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I like to report a possible gameplay bug. I used the ram ability on the deployed Kodiak and the unit got stuck in-between terrain and the Kodiak; not sure if it was just me.
The Halo Wars 2 Blitz Beta is live and will be running until June 20! During this time, we are looking to gather as much community feedback as possible. As this is a Beta, we’ll be using this Feedback thread is dedicated to collecting all of your bug reports. If you encounter any issues while playing, please report them in this thread.

Thank you! We appreciate your help with improving Halo Wars 2.

Additionally, if you'd like to provide even more input on the Halo Wars 2 Blitz Beta, please consider joining the Halo Community Feedback Program!
Searching for match on xbox one. Game froze looking for players. Audio/visual freeze, then exited beta.

Loving this new game mode though 😀
sicsche wrote:
Experienced twice on Xbox the following: HUD is fully visible but everything else in game is just a giant black screen with Healthbars rolling around (which still were enough to get away with a win in one of those broken games)
my last four games have had this issue. getting old quick...

Make that 6? 7? losing count.
The matchmaking is Yoinking! the bed. There is nothing wrong with my internet, but I cannot find a match with the "maximum search radius" please help cause this is cancerous.
I've noticed aerial vehicles get stuck on the path to point C on Blue Team's side. It's happened to me with both a Vulture and a Nightingale, if it happens again I'll make sure to screencap next time.
Same issue with not being able to select a profile.
The games CPU usage is constantly dipping which is causing the game to freeze up every 7 seconds whether its in the menu, the tutorial or even the tutorial video, it just makes it unplayable


Windows 10 64Bit
i7 2600 3.4GHz
8GB DDR3 1333MHz
250GB SSD (OS)
1TB HDD (This is where Halo Wars 2 Blitz is installed)
i was playing the blitz beta and i caped b with my ally on standered and it said zone b contested over and over again till i left the zone. on the score thing on the top of the screen showed the same but the mini map showed blue (my team) team captured b. P.S. i was one the xbox one
1) Changing windowed/fullscreen options do not result in any actual changes.
2) No music or any speech or sound in the game.

Windows 10 Pro Fast Insider build 15014

Match I just played, Warthog was stuck at energy pick up point near base A. After it picked up the energy it was unable to move from that spot. My team was at 198 and game crashes. The warthog was stuck long before that happened.

I was on the Xbox one and no error code.
colto1000 wrote:
Tyrael wrote:
Sometimes me and my friend are unable to pick who we want to play as, so we are forced to play as whatever we have set as favorites
And yet again a unit glitched and stopped moving, this time it was a scorpion.
That's what happens when you select Quick Match. You have to hit play at the top of the screen to choose which mode you want (i.e. 1v1, 2v2, 3v3), then your hero and deck.
its happened a couple times when going in normally as well.
on PC
Log in box closes immediately after it opens on and i'm left with a screen asking me to pick a profile but no profiles or anyway out of the screen.
Game crashing when try to load into tutorial or matchmaking game. no error code given (PC)
I get the spinning wheel of death and then a return to halo app.
System specs:
Cpu: I7 6700k @ 4.8
Gpu: GTX 1080 @ 2050
Ram: 32 gb @ 2660mhz
Storage: 1TB M.2 Sdd
anyone found a fix for the game not booting up?

windows 10.
Not a bad concept for an rts game although I hope the campaign doesn't play that way. Now I realize it's a beta but as I've seen current bugs I've experienced as follows:
Xp counter incorrectly tracks xp. Such as winning a match and going from 2600xp to 2800xp then when back on home screen it shows only 2400xp.
Card hand occasionally stops highlighting cards. You can still select but becomes impossible to tell which card is being selected.
3 disconnected from server errors. Out of 25+ matches that's pretty decent though for a beta.
Some destroyed units fail to show destruction animations and do not disappear. Such as a destroyed hornet of mine that just floated unselectable in the middle of the map.
Some unit detect abilities not revealing cloaked units. Unless there is an ability that prevents detectors from working?

Possible balance suggestions:
Super units (condor, scarab, etc) too cheap on deployment cost.
Deployable marine squad (the one for 20) should have grenade ability.
Banished hero units either too weak or too expensive.
Artillery units fire too rapidly.
Wolverine ground attack under powered or should simply be removed.
Mac blast and bombing run seem under powered.
Very often I will not be able to choose my leader or deck at the loading screen. It jumps to it being locked on what ever my favorite deck was at the time
Not sure if anyone else has already mentioned this but sometimes a warthog will get randomly stuck.You cant move the warthog but its still making the driving noise
There is always a crash a condor and scrab and both placed
xboxone been getting dropped from games as my team move into a major attack li think it could be on my end and my connection not being able to handle all of the action going on but other times im perfectly fine and the games seem to be able to handle all the action just bringing it to your attention anyway
Hey guys,just wanted to give a quick heads up to a couple annoying issues with the beta so far. First off,there seems to be an issue with the ranking system. It not only knocks down your progress to the next rank after some games at random,but I also just hit the next rank,only to find when I got back to the menu that it reset to the previous rank. Please fix!! Also,there is an issue with the game either crashing or being manipulated via some form of host booting. My friend and I were just playing a 3V3 and both had our games freeze and kicked us to the dashboard. This is the first time that has happened,so not sure if its a widespread thing or not. There is also no relative criteria for balancing the higher ranks against the newbies in matchmaking. I'd only think it fair if the system paired you with people within two ranks of yours,because being higher up the ladder,it gets old being paired with rank 1's constantly and having to pick up the slack. Thanks and great game,just needs a bit of back end maintenance.
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