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[Locked] Blitz Beta – Bug Report Thread - CLOSED

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I am having a problem where I find a match, and then after the match is done loading the game exits out. This continues to happen every time I find a match.

The FIX that I have found, is to reset both the Halo app and the Halo Wars 2 app in Windows. Below is how to do so:

Windows settings > Apps and Features > Halo > Advanced Options > Reset
Windows settings > Apps and Features > Halo Wars 2 > Advanced Options > Reset

Then restart your PC and it will work.
It would seem completing a challege will only give you points until you level up, After which the remaining points will not be sent towards getting the next level.
Constant problem with not being able to select a leader prior to matches. When I'm selecting matches it starts standard games and I have to back out and to choose a different amount of players. **EDIT** After looking further I assume this was because of me selecting the quick start tab. Maybe make find game the primary option or state it will auto choose a player limit/leader.

I also have a real problem with lag and that's throughout the day. I Know this isn't my internet connection as everything else runs fine with multiple appliances in use.
Hey guys,just wanted to give a quick heads up to a couple annoying issues with the beta so far. First off,there seems to be an issue with the ranking system. It not only knocks down your progress to the next rank after some games at random,but I also just hit the next rank,only to find when I got back to the menu that it reset to the previous rank. Please fix!! Also,there is an issue with the game either crashing or being manipulated via some form of host booting. My friend and I were just playing a 3V3 and both had our games freeze and kicked us to the dashboard. This is the first time that has happened,so not sure if its a widespread thing or not. There is also no relative criteria for balancing the higher ranks against the newbies in matchmaking. I'd only think it fair if the system paired you with people within two ranks of yours,because being higher up the ladder,it gets old being paired with rank 1's constantly and having to pick up the slack. Thanks and great game,just needs a bit of back end maintenance.
I have notice this with the ranking as well. After the game it state you leveled up but get to main menu and nothing. I believe it is stating that player in your game leveled up.

One of my games it said I leveled up from rank 1 to rank 2 and I am ranked 5. However the player I was with was ranked one and I do believe he leveled up
I often get randomly kicked from games, saying that the match got out of sync with the other players. For me, this issue is specific to Halo Wars 2, so the problem's not on my end.
I'm doing the tutorial and I can't see and troops or what's happening on the screen,and it does it in the normal match's I can't see anything at all
game going out of sync man, this feelsbad
I have had 2 minor bugs so far that I could still play without,

1st is that pertruding from the brute gravity hammer units, sometimes it'l have like this black thing coming from it that obscures everything on your screen and you have to adjust your view to see, and sometimes I can't see which card is selected unless I pay attention to the thing on the ground that says either infantry vehicle etc.
When i played this game, sometimes one of my units don't move at all for some reason.
i try to download the game from the windows 10 store and keep encountering an error trying to download it. the store keeps saying "try that again" and under that it says something happened on our end. Any help on fixing this i would love to play the beta but can't.
When looking at your cards during a match, moving the stick around to select a card to deploy only allows you to select the cards at the far left and right. To select the cards in the middle you have to spam the stick while spamming the A button and hope you get the card you wanted.
During Duel matches I have absolutely no vision. My entire screen is black except for my mini map and when I hover over a unit I can see their health bars.
For one unit spacing needs to be addressed. They are so bunches up and stack on top of each other it gets confusing which unit is which. I have also had Vultures get stuck in mid air and not be able to move them. The game has told me 4 times now that I have a pack available after ranking up to rank 4 but already opened it and shows nothing available in menu. Oh and the daily reset timer should be adjusted to be 20 hours NOT 24. If I don't complete something until right before going to bed at 10 o'clock then I essentially have to wait 2 days to work on that daily slot again because it wouldn't refresh until 10 o'clock the next day which again I would be going to bed.
I don't know if this has been reported yet but I'm having 3 bug issues near constantly.

The main biggest one is for UNIT SPAWNS I don't know what it is but sometimes when I spawn a unit both at base or in the field they will refuse to move and refuse to shoot. This is mainly happening with air vehicles and happens not as frequently but pretty frequently overall to most ground vehicles and troops.

The second bug I have incountered is that when you are spawning in troops there will sometimes be this random delay that can take up to 10 seconds to spawn your troops in which has made me loose many battles over points.
This happens with ALL UNITS that I ever try to spawn at least once or twice every game

The third glitch that I have been encountering is multiple disconnections from games for absolutely no reason. This almost always happens within the last 15 - 30 points in a match causing my team to loose and wasting my time as a player.
While this doesn't occur frequently it is a thing to look into seeing that it's annoying when you waste time on a match and get no credit and loose.
This has happened to me 6-10 times in my beta experience.

Thanks for reading my bug reports that I have found.
Extra info if it matters:
NAT type: Open
Packet Loss: 0
Upload speed 21mbs
Download speed: 15mbs
Average latency: Between 57 and 80
Have played the beta for 10 hours and 38 minutes in total and I am rank 10

I played on the console version of the beta on a wireless connection.
Having trouble downloading the thing period.
The error code is 0X00000005, in case you need it.
Please help ive sunk 700 hours into halo wars 1 and i cant stand not getting into the closed beta of my favorite game
Because we are not currently equipped to provide moderation in other languages, we must ask that all messages be posted in English. Feel free to use an online language translation service, and then create a new thread with the translated text. Sorry for the inconvenience

Tengo un Problema de cuando inicio sale error fatal grafics intel pero yo tengo nvidia 820m con esta tarjeta me correria el juego?
I didn't encounter this glitch, but I saw one where the pilot for the Reaver is displaced from the unit when it comes to a stop.
The Halo Wars 2 Blitz Beta is live and will be running until June 20! During this time, we are looking to gather as much community feedback as possible. As this is a Beta, we’ll be using this Feedback thread is dedicated to collecting all of your bug reports. If you encounter any issues while playing, please report them in this thread.

Thank you! We appreciate your help with improving Halo Wars 2.

Additionally, if you'd like to provide even more input on the Halo Wars 2 Blitz Beta, please consider joining the Halo Community Feedback Program!
can not download the Get button is not highlighted - windows version and memory are X on requirements
have current windows 10 running new hp omen with 16 g of memory
For he love of god please fix it when your units get stuck and can't move. I spawn a wraith at the base and it just won't move at all. Happens once every game.
Xbox One
Annoying glitch where the hand of cards is stuck in the "up" position. The selected card which is supposed to be highlighted, is stuck. So in my game, the 3rd card was always highlighted. The only indicator of what card is selected is to compare the symbols on the cards to the symbol on the crosshairs. I could still see the new cards come into my hand. This happened during the middle of the game and lasted until the end. This has only happened once. I recorded it on the xbox. Otherwise, great game.
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