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[Locked] Blitz Beta – Bug Report Thread - CLOSED

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----xbox one ----

Bug on marauders when using the shipmaster leader that freezes them in place, you can still select them but they no longer move, appears to happen most when having a banshee selected with the marauder. This might be across all units, but have recognized most with marauder
Bug when deck selecting that sometimes doesn't always use the deck for the leader you selected, no idea how to simulate it
Option to pick leader/deck does not always show up in game and it just auto picks a deck for you
level up screen shows up for roughly up to 10 games after you leveled up automatically, even if you have already acknowledged it
the scroll through individual units using RT is really slow, like once per 1.5/2 seconds
If you all/local unit move troops, then try to individually select a troop/troops afterwards, it does not over ride the all/local units move majority of the time
Unit pathing as a whole is worse than Halo Wars 1, which the lone guy that developed it personally said he did it in less than 3 days.

Sure there will be more to come
I have a glitch that has happened to me frequently I have lost hundreds of experience sometimes so like I see I need 100 xp for a level up then I get a victory and all of the sudden I need 600.
I can open up the shop. But i cant seem to download the actual beta of halo wars 2. Please help.
I've been having nothing but disconnect due to out of sync errors today so that's an issue clearly.
same that was happening to me last night,
as well deck in stuck in default position wont show the entire cards,(only happened once)
units randomly freezing and not being able to move them both air and ground units.(happens pretty regularly )
when i come back into the lobby ive been getting disconnected from the halowars online( happened twice today so far.)im still signed in to Xbox live so its not on my end( fix was quitting game then opening it back up)
Both issues are on Xbox One
1) Had an issue where I tried ramming some marines with warthogs. The flew by them and right off the map. I could still select them, but couldn't issue any commands.

2) Opened a pack and couldn't select any of the cards to reveal them. Had to skip.
I've noticed sometimes when a warthog alone attacks an energy thing and picks up all three it won't move anymore. It'll still say voice lines when commanded but it wont move at all.
Stuck at the "press any button" screen, like many have complained about before me, where it asks me to choose a profile over and over again. I do have a profile, connected via the Xbox app, but when it is chosen it just keeps repeating endlessly through the "choose a profile" screens over and over again.
My screen occaisonally freezes and then reverts back to normal, but it is a serious issue especially online, because in those 5-10 seconds of blindness, i've had scarabs called on my army, and I get recked cuz of it. I play on an Xbox 1 S, and it is fairly new, having gotten it Christmas 2016
I'm using Xbox one and I can't even start a match it just gives the option of which game type then after pressing A nothing happens
Hello, when playing I can play my cards, but while pressing LT they don't pop up. They just stay in the down area of the screen, and when I play them I can see kind of a particle or UI effect of wind coming up from the card I select. It didn't affect the gameplay so far. Just a UI problem I think.

I play on Xbox One S. Thanks!
So me and my friend want to play but whenever he attempts to start the game he is hit with the your computer is not within the minimum requirements and we've looked through everything and it should be within the requirements and i have also noticed this with others that have a titan X in the Halo 5: forge mode on pc this is on windows 10
I've got a few issues I'll do my best to explain.

One issue with the screen at random times a black ribbon will project from were ever I'm looking and black out the screen. Sometimes whole screen sometimes just half only happens for a few moments.

Other issues that's happened more than once and seems to only effect the Wraith. But upon dropping the unit it just freezes and I cannot comand it or will it fire at a posing units.

Other than that game is fantastic I can't wait for the full game. Everything looks beautiful has me excited for Halo 6 info
I don't know if this has come up yet but today I got on, got into a 3 v 3 match and when the game screen was black. I could see the mini-map, the indicators above my units and my card hand and that was it. I could not see the terrain or the units themselves just a black screen with some HUD overlay. Somehow team still won the game.
I play from Xbox one and I have gotten some units stuck while deploying in the battlefield.
So far it was a warthog an two odst units, once they are stuck they wont move, maybe shoot from once in a while. (Blitz beta)
When I load the halo wars beta blitz. For last 2 days all I get is a battle scene. And that's it. No loading blue weird thing. No nothing No Matter how long it sits
3 Matches in a row, black screen upon match beginning. Nearly completely black except for UI stuff like HP bars and the mini map, but otherwise unable to see anything. It's just solid black.

EDIT: On Xbox One in 2v2 Standard
1. random crashes to desktop several time's in a row on windows 10. and than its fine for hours.
2. while being in a party with someone via xbox app they aren't getting my invite to join me in game, nor am i receiving their invites. very frustrating and lonely on pc :(.
3. unable to mute people in certain screens, have no idea how to mute in game if i dont do it before the match starts. and my mic is on all the time as well, would very much like/need push to talk feature.
Zero3nd wrote:
The games CPU usage is constantly dipping which is causing the game to freeze up every 7 seconds whether its in the menu, the tutorial or even the tutorial video, it just makes it unplayable


Windows 10 64Bit
i7 2600 3.4GHz
8GB DDR3 1333MHz
250GB SSD (OS)
1TB HDD (This is where Halo Wars 2 Blitz is installed)
I have this same problem
Windwos 10 64Bit
i5 6500 3.4Ghz
16GB DDR4 2666Mhz

Maybe the problem is with the graphics card? Game is unplayable WE NEED HELP
Maybe you need more VRAM? Dont think the 1060 has not enough power, so i could imagine 3GB VRAM are the bottleneck?
Was in the middle of a match (80% through a close 2 v 2 match) and the game kicked me out. It said my game was "Out of Sync". Wasn't able to join back on my friend. Quite lame. Lost the match because of it. I don't know why it kicked me out, my internet connection was stable, but even then, I should be able to join the session in progress.

On PC also.
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