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Blitz Deck Builds

OP Robster80

Are there any posts here about building decks for all the Leaders in Blitz? I've found a few on YouTube but I'd like to broaden my horizons if you get my drift.
I don't play Blitz but I've heard that Colony is very good. All I can tell you in regards to cards is gets Skits bc they're what makes him good.
Depends what leader you want to main. But with pretty much every deck you will need a chopper/jackrabbit for energy grab. Most decks consist of basic units like hunters/cyclops, elite rangers/snipers/hellbringers, reavers/wolverines and engineer/nightingales. You'll also want to make your deck as versatile as possible to deal with different leaders. Top 5 leaders right now I would say are Ship, Atriox, Kisano, Jerome and Johnson. either one of those leaders would be a good choice to use. I mainly use shipmaster just for his spirit assault. Ill give you the deck I use for him. Most of the cards in this deck are cards you're gonna want to put in pretty any banish leader.

jump pack brute
elite rangers
assault elites
grunt mob
locust or bloodfuel
spirit assault