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Blitz Firefight could use some changes.

OP Sergeant Braken

Blitz Firefight could use some work/love. That way, people who have no interest in PvP can at least have fun with the Blitz cards they earn, instead of having them just waste away.

I just played a solo round as Anders, and ended up with no ground units until after I spent my energy on powers/air units. And since my starting army was all Sentinels, I had no units able to pick up energy drops. Even worse, the energy refund on death wasn't enough to deploy the only ground unit I had available, which was Douglas. I know I can spend energy to cycle my cards, but that doesn't guarantee I'll get a cheap enough ground unit.

Therefore, either energy should work like it does in regular Blitz, where energy is passively generated, and picking up energy crates just increases your energy generation rate, or Air units should be allowed to pick up energy crates.

Also, Blitz Firefight should count for daily/weekly challenges that need Blitz game completion. I find it weird that pretty much all other challenges can be completed through Skirmish, yet Blitz ones can't be completed through Firefight. All challenges should be completable by playing against bots, so that those who don't like PvP can still progress.
I would like to see DLC units in Blitz firefight.
Hey a fellow Sergeant!
I think adding dlc units could definitely work its not like you need to add new programs to the game, they already exist!
Its plenty fun and there are cool strats to run. What kills me about this mode is that they can drop in Decimus himself! Why don't we have a decimus card?