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Blitz Firefight squad!


Hi all, recently I've been getting invested in Blitz Firefight (NOT Terminus) again, and wanted to try at it again. Running it several times with friends a couple of months ago, we had made it to wave 50, give or take, but that's only because halfway through everytime one of our team would disconnect/have to go offline, so I've never managed to see if our established strategy actually has the potential to make it to over a hundred waves, maybe even set a record? Currently, I've been focused on running it again, but sadly my friends have pretty much lost their interest in the game mode.

Therefore, I'm posting this question out to all of you; are any of you guys interested in helping me out with Blitz Firefight? Keep in mind that I'm talking about being able to set aside some time for it without having to quit halfway through, and also following my specific instructions as to what to do and how to play, unless you would like to test out some strategies of your own, in which case I would most likely be glad to try them out with you.

Hopefully I'll be able to find willing members for my team. If you're up for this, just post down below, and I'll add you. Also, it is strongly recommended that you own the DLC leaders, and have a mic as a way of communication. Any day that you're free and I'm online, we could give it a go!