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What's up dudes.

I used to to be an avid hw1 1v1 player and occasionally slip into some 2s. Back in the day I had quite a few friends on here. We'd chat/discuss strats, work on new builds and play customs to 'git gud'. I was decent and only rarely lost to the top top dudes in 1v1. Basically I miss the whole 'community vibe'. I need some 'bros' so I can get back on the competitive scene again. It's just great when you've got a circle of players that you can spar with and then hit ranked. I was praying for another HW game and although I dislike the HUGE emphasis on leader powers I'm buzzed for this game!

If anyone wants to play some games and shoot the -Yoink- then gimme a holla.

Gt - King Nath (couldn't log into my old account hence the weird name)
add me gt is name
add me gt is name
Sure man