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Campaign Blur Studios Movie Mode

OP SullenBug36

Should Halo Wars 2 have an option to view the Blur Studios cutscenes on their own after completing the campaign? This has been done in games such as The Force Unleashed 2 although I would love to see HW2 add a feature allowing you to play the Blur Studios cutscenes back-to-back. This is something I'm very much hoping for as it would add another cinematic option to the game. I'd love to hear what all of you think!
Well it's no sweat off my back if it's done.
Halo Wars 1 had this feature, hopefully CA decides to bring it back.
I'm really loving the blur studios cutscenes, they are soo good, meaning I'm gonna download the cutscenes and watch them like a movie!! can't wait. The Halo wars 2 hype is real.