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Can you party up with a friend?


A friend of mine was playing the beta and said you weren't able to party up. Is this true?
No you can party up. I think what you have to do is press X at the home screen of the game and then scroll over to your friend and invite him. If I said it wrong you can also look on YouTube. I'm pretty sure there is a tutorial on there.
I believe you are able to party up by double tapping the Xbox guide button and sending and invite through there
Inviting to game from the friend list worked for my buddy and I.
Awesome, thanks for the info guys.
Halo wars 2 is not good to me needs plenty of work and looks and plays rather dumb I expected better.
Anyone up to play right now? Need a decent teammate ... GT: RS Reaper HV
GG fellas. Now if I could have the game not crash on me once I send the invite that'd be great