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[Locked] Cheater be on look out

OP LT Col Shepperd

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Look's more like the game just displayed the wrong leader for some reason and [Redacted] was playing colony despite it showing trox. Could've seen atriox's leader powers being used by [Redacted] and colony's power's being used by [Redacted]. I do recall one game a long long while back where the game displayed the wrong leader for my opponent. It was in 1s though so after a little confusion it was clear they just were using someone else and didn't have two sets of powers or something. Regardless weird bug that hopefully catches the attention of a dev. But just based on the waypoint game history, it seems more likely that it was a leader display error rather than someone wielding the leader wheels and unique units of two leader's at once. Unless you were seeing two bulwarks or eradications etc coming down at the same time along with colony's powers. But I don't see any of atriox's units in [Redacted]'s build (chosen or jpb) while I am seeing colony specific units (hunter cap, goliath, skitters).