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[Locked] Colony - Temporary Hot Fix - 12/7

OP ske7ch

Hey folks - We know that the Colony issue has been impacting many of you and frankly just isn't fun to go up against in online play. The team has been working on a proper fix to this but unfortunately it's going to require a full game patch to address this particular issue. That patch is still being worked on but has run into a few development delays that have pushed out the public release.

We don't have an ETA on the patch yet - we've had a few minor setbacks and it's still in the testing process and then will need to go through Microsoft certification. The team's goal is still ASAP for that release but since this could still take some time to sort out, the team has come up with a temporary stopgap solution to mitigate the Colony exploit.

Later today, a server-side change will be implemented to drastically increase the cost of Living Barrier to make it far less exploitable in the early game. To reiterate, this is just a temporary change to address this issue while we're waiting on the patch with a proper fix (at which point this change in cost will be reverted back to its original value).

Today's change will increase Living Barrier's cost as follows:
  • Supplies: 0 -> 1000
  • Power: 0 -> 1000
As soon as we have an update on the patch timing I'll be sure to let you know. Additionally, there will be a few minor balance adjustments to other Leaders/units rolling out at the same time as that patch.