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Creating your own custom army

OP BroodGuitar3757

This post is about creating your own units and abilities for your army either by choosing existing units or by creating new ones. I wish we could do our own custom armies in halo wars picking and choosing our own vehicles to create our own personal army. My personal army is the unsc i largely prefer the hightec unsc stuff its nice yo feel like fighting 26 century. Can do your own but this is my personal favourite ones. My army for ground units. For infantry i would have 1.hell bringers both cryo and flamers
2. standard marines with ma5d with shredder rounds and sonic grenades.
3.Snipers with stanchions or sound rifles.
4.Rocket men for vehicles.
5.Cyclops with laser cannons and shock round type. 6.The green machine mech suit that sargent johnson wore for a squad.
7.Spartans all armed eith spartan lasers, railguns and hydras.
8. ODSTs with shotguns
1.Jack rabbits
2. M68 gauss warthogs including a platoon of sargent forges type
3. Hannibal mantis
4. Coloasus
5. Gremlin
6. Hannible scorpion
7. Jeromes mantis so you can make platoon of them.
9. MLR
10. Mammoth
11.rhino plasma tank
12 Grizzly tanks.
13. Frost bison
2.hannible wasp
3.79 gunship pelican
4. Vulture gunship
5. Frost raven.
6. Condor gunship
7. Nighting gale.
Special abilities. All serinas, jeromes laser barrage and MAC cannon both the normal and the emp one. And also add fury tactical nuke the one with 1 megaton blast and a 1.3 kilometer blast radius
Decimus drop with the original chicken sandwich from burger king.
Atrioxes chosen with two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.
The Honor guard with some cheap chilupes from taco bell, and 3 tickets to see the Joker.
Joaquin Phoenix in full joker form (3 star veteran), with some glutton free garbage. He also has his signature catch phrase "I'm the joker baby".
Sargent Johnson during his days when he was actually kanye West.
He got chic filet for religious reasons.
Ander's during her community college days when she was a failed instagram model.
(Could only squat 40 pounds pff)
And lastly serina when she was just the windows vista operating system.

Yap yap manages the team, as he is a pro gamer and makes over 25000 dollars a year streaming
hearthstone, and has sweet pad in his moms basement.
Might be idea replace yosur cover photo with a clown. Im trying to create a productive thread and try to help generate ideas