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Deleted 'Welcome to the Ark' by accident

OP ancient wolf75

So I was just recently cleaning up my Xbox One hard drive and realised I still had the HW2 Blitz beta installed, so I selected manage game and went to delete it. However as I hit deleted, 2 extra things loaded into the installed section, Welcome to the Ark, and another which I assume it was a leader dlc maybe? However, whilst checking in game, and under HW2's manage game section, I've got all the leaders, but no Welcome to the Ark dlc, and it's not in the ready to install section either.

I never really got a clear understanding on what Welcome to the Ark was, so I'm wondering if by deleting Welcome to the Ark, I might have managed to mess something up somewhere? I remember reading somewhere that it was needed for entitlement for dlc or something along those lines, but I've honestly got no idea about it, or why it was saved under the beta and not the game. Was it made redundant at some point?
I honestly have no idea what Welcome to The Ark was. Is your game running properly?
Yup the game is running fine, I remember Welcome to the Ark being a thing for preordering? I kinda remember it's description being along the lines of 'experience the first fights/contacts between the UNSC and the Banished? The wording made it seem like a thing for dlc, but I don't think anything ever really came from it, so I never had any really idea what it was for, and all the Dlc and Leaders from the Season Pass are still there.

Searching for WttA on the Xbox Store leads to nothing at all, so I'm kinda assuming an update made it redundant and removed it, but since I had a version saved under the beta for some reason it was never updated and removed? I honestly have no clue, but things seem to be the same, so far anyway.
Perchance did you purchase the Ultimate Edition? It *might* have been what gave you early access. But I'm not 100% sure.
I did! That would actually explain the who 'experience the first fights' part of the description I remember. I assume it should be fine that I accidentally uninstalled it? Seeing as I never actually uninstalled it from the HW2 section, but the Beta one. So I can only assume WttA was deleted by a patch at some point? Thank you for the prompt replies by the way!
From what I recall this isn't anything to worry about, it's related to entitlement for some content. It's not actual in-game content
Ah gotcha, it's reassuring to know it's a non issue, thanks for all the help both of you!