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[Locked] Design Feedback : Blitz

OP ske7ch

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Played one Blitz match and almost the first thing we see is a lvl 5 Grizzly.. And a cople of other higher level units. We won though.

However, I think that instead of the units spawning in at the Card level. It should either be the max Veterancy that type of unit can achieve.
So, a lvl 1 card unit gain no veterancy while a lvl 4 card unit can go up to veterancy 4.

Alternatively allow all units to gain veterancy, but it is gained faster as long as the unit is below card level in veterancy. After being the veterancy of the card level, gaining veterancy goes back to normal.

Any P2W aspect that may exist is decreased, I'd say.
Blitz PVP - 3v3
If the score wont be increased then increase the energy drops and the amount of energy you get for losing units.
It is supposed to be a fast, all out warfare game but if you lose your army at the start it puts you at a major disadvantage as it takes a while to rebuild with decent units.

More maps would be nice as playing the same map leads to people mastering the distances and areas.
Most games I have played are just a fight for the ridge between B&C.

A is usually held by the guy who lost his army in the initial engagements and is slowly rebuilding.

Unit prices are in line with energy levels.
Some of the leader powers are devastating though such as suicide grunts and Eradication, they may need to be tweaked or the energy levels changed.

Blitz firefight
By far my favourite of the the two modes, lot of fun and action, nightmare mode is how I imagined blitz PVP to be.
No rewards though.
I got the achievments and have no reason to invest time into firefight as there is no incentive.
I could play it for fun but in the early stages of the game I would rather focus on the Legendary campaign and standard mutliplayer and their rewards. (Achievments and XP)

Energy once again plays a factor here as it is a war of attrition.
Healer units dont come up very often so you are mainly relying on keeping your army alive as it is slow to build energy.
If you lose key units early on this creates long term problems as you are trying to replace units instead of growing your army to match the growing difficulty.
Leader power: teleport

That ability, kill all units with no chance of defense its very overpower and cheap,becouse are instantly kill.
Blitz Mode feels less competitive and strategic because you always know which units your opponent has even if you have no line of sight on them. I understand that perhaps Blitz is supposed to be more casual, but that is a bad move as Blitz as its own mode is fun and competitive players could become bored of always knowing what your opponent is doing because the game tells you. It may even reduce the mode's population because it has less strategy. This makes scout units just fast capture units and not at all scouts. There is a reason units will not attack enemies after a certain distance or obstacle is between them. This is because there is no line of sight, so why should players know which units are on the field everywhere? This also gives an unfair advantage for players who lost most of their army and now the opponent can just stack their army with stuff that will kill those players' incoming units. Making line of sight matter as it does in other modes could also lengthen the match times as some players wish since it allows players who are on the verge of a major come back a chance to capitalize on that turning point. Perhaps offer two versions of Blitz?
Blitz PvP feedback:
- Needs 1-2 additional maps to keep things fresh. At the very least proving grounds should have different terrain (desert, temperate, snow) just so you don't see the same thing every time.

- Player skill level needs to be visible. More than once other players have quit during because they saw the rank, not realizing there's a hidden skill for matchmaking.

Blitz Firefight
-There needs to be some form of reward. There just needs to be. Either just gain general experience (naturally at a lower rate than PvP) or gain experience just for completing various waves.
Pay to win- is breaking the game.
Level 6 cards can basically ignore combat fatigue.
There needs to be more maps, more types of cards and a longer game mode were your able to spawn in more units
Blitz firefight is a lot of fun but needs some kind of reward.

Something, Anything
On the blue (right) side of Proving Grounds there is a choke point on the path from the energy drop near the middle of the map (on the right) to the path between the starting zone and point B which is not on the other side of the map. I had two marauders trying to navigate this path and they struggled to move side-by-side along this path because it is too narrow.
Like many people have said, locusts are far too powerful in blitz. Their insane line of sight and damage output makes them very difficult, if not damn near impossible to counter. They are building killers yet they are able to burst down heavy tanks in seconds.

I know they were nerfed prior to launch but they need to be nerfed again. Their damage to vehicles and infantry should be miniscule at best. This problem even carries over to normal pvp with locust acting as extremely long range anti everything platforms.
Add a visual marker on the map and minimap when a ping is placed on the map for both the sender and all the allied players, similar to flares in Age of Empires II HD. When I click to place a ping on the map, I hear the sound but there is not visual confirmation that the ping was placed either on the map or the minimap. By adding a visual representation of pings on the map and minimap, it will improve sight of pings and improve communication between allied players.
i like blitz and it will be a great game type for years to come
you should also to be able to start with what level units you have. for ex: if you have level 2 stealth marauders as shipmaster both your marauders start as level 2
There should be a discription for the units in Blitz, that gives a general summary of the unit, for instance "Scorpion: this armor clad tank can tear through almost anything that comes it's way. It's main cannon is great for ground units, but it only has a machine gun for anti air." Something like that, which gives a summary of the abilities of the unit, what it's good at etc.
Firefight not having a matchmaking queue or give experience/cards is terrible.
Please add matchmaking for Firefight.
make blitz matchmaking not pay to win thanks
yea buying packs is too much maybe like 1 to 3 packs not 27+ cause that kills players who don't buy and makes it no fun if people are just going to buy.
In general I like the Blitz format, it's fast and easy to play but has enough going on to make it interesting. Been mostly playing 2v2 and 3v3. A few suggestions:

  1. I'm generally uncomfortable with the leveling aspect of the cards and how a 20 point unit in one player's deck can be better than the same 20 point card in another's. Other digital CCGs (ex. Plants vs. Zombies Heroes and Duelyst) have options to recycle extra and unwanted cards for new packs that is preferable to powering up cards.

  2. I like the variety in the commanders and their Commander-specific card give them all a nice splash of flavor.

  3. Power and unit stats are not explained enough to make informed decisions. The Green/Yellow/Red indicators are not sufficient. How much health does Vehicle A vs Vehicle B have? What's the difference between a Level 1 Cyclops and a Level 2? How do I use the Banished commander's "wave" power (forgot name offhand)? All of this stuff needs to be figured out via trial and error.

  4. More cards are needed! It doesn't feel like there's enough cards in the initial sets to make too much variety in decks beyond the Commander-specific cards. For example, there aren't enough Air unit choices outside of Anders and the healer units are all airborne. I'd like to be making more difficult choices in deck construction and more distinct decks.

  5. I agree with some of the others that cycling cards, while a good mechanic, feels a little too cheap and easy to "fish" your deck. I'd suggest either a cooldown or an increasing cost until you play a unit (ex. first card cycled is 5, next is 10 and increases until you play a card, then resets to 5).

  6. I don't feel I've played enough to comment too much on unit balance. I haven't felt that anything is useless. Locust were definitely OP in the beta and feel like you pushed them in the right direction...

  7. More maps are a must!

  8. I'd like to see more variety in new powers rather than Bomb, Heal or Teleport varieties available now.
Thank you for your attention and please continue improving this game mode....
Locusts are still too powerful considering if you have both locust cards you can make 2 per cycle. They need a better counter, more vulnerable to air units.
I agree if they were Nerfed then they need to make them more expensive so that way they cant get into the game so early like 70 for normal a locus since it can shoot at such a long range.
I don't want to sound mean to the team, but honestly speaking, almost all of the things people have reported in this thread were reported by the many of us that Beta tested the mode when it was available. I am honestly wondering what the point of gathering the feedback if nothing is being done about it. The issues that this mode has were brought up in very good detail by many users and here we are at the official launch and all those same issues are present in the game.

I think it is great to ask the community to provide feedback and practically "beta" the test the game for the team, but if nothing is being done with the information users provide, I just don't understand why they are asking for it. Many people put a lot of time to post stuff to help the game and it seems based on the amount of feedback during the beta time that nothing that people brought up were corrected.
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