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[Locked] Design Feedback : Campaign

OP ske7ch

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2. The third cut scene with Atriox's backstory has some weird frame rate changes. I feel that this might be intentional to give some slow motion effect but it's jarring. I don't know if it's even fixable given that it's a pre rendered cutscene and blur may need to redo it but if there's any way to fix it that would be nice.
In HW2 launch trailer, that scenes look like natural. Because each scene was very short.
I think those scenes were made for only trailer, therefore that would not have required a high frame rate.
So on mission five I got to the point of reaching the main Banished base and it had a 'shield generator' building that made it totally invulnerable, seemingly. Nothing worked, not leader powers, not even having my units inside the shield. There were no voice cues that I heard explaining what I was supposed to do, so I just walked my units around it to the tower. If that wasn't a glitch, there really should be some sort of cue explaining what's going on there.
Back to the basics! This is Halo and it is awesome to be back. The Spartans act like Spartans, the Brutes are brutal, the Elites are sleek and graceful not some sort of brute-elite hybrid. Halo 5 made me feel a great disconnect from the universe I've spent most of my life in, but Halowars 2 has reeled me back in! Gameplay feels perfect for me. The original Halowars is one of my favorite games and this game definitely feels like a well designed continuation. I love the log entries as well, much more in depth than the original games timeline entries.
The first Halowars had 15 missions and a cutscene for each. The theatre even had a playall feature and it felt like I was watching a movie. Halowars 2 has less than half of the cutscenes as the original, and if I played them in order without the missions in between it would be a disjointed mess. Now don't get me wrong, the game is really fun. The scenes by Blur are incredible. There just isn't enough of them. Sequel should have attempted to surpass the original. Add more cutscenes with the season pass. Show Cutter feels his crew is family by visiting Douglas and other marines in a medbay. Show a Spartan alone or with a handful of marines doing some sneaky guerrilla warfare. And show more Atriox! The Arbiter in Halowars 1 gets way more screen time and I never even knew his name!

For those who say the forerunner tech shouldn't have changed, i partially agree. However seeing as the ark was heavily damaged in Halo 3 it can be argued that the new designs were updates done during the repair process so this doesn't really bother me.
Is it just me or is it extremely satisfying beating a mission that you've failed a couple times, and is it equally satisfying destroying a scarab
In all of the strategy games I've played, and I like to think I have a good amount of experience playing them (Starcraft: Brood War, Starcraft 2, Age of Empires [1,2,3], Warcraft, a bit of Command and Conquer, Halo Wars 1) have I seen such a heavy penalization of actually playing the game correctly and getting a sizable force. I just played the campaign mission "Under the Dark" and I was pretty close to max pop and I sent my force in to fight of a force I should beat, but the AI were able to call down the Glassing Beam twice within 30 seconds and the stun ball twice within 1 minute.

Look, I've played strategy games all my life but when you implement something like the Glassing Beam at max level and call it down twice then send another ability and use that one twice, you get a broken game. You remove the skill from the game and replace it with players taking longer on missions that should take relatively close to par time and end up having long, drawn out 45 minute + long missions.

I want to make this very clear, I don't want the AI's difficulty reduced, but I would prefer that they get to play with the same rules as everyone else and that does mean having to endure Leader Power Cooldowns. I have no problem with the enemies tech level as it requires you to either have a larger force than your opponent or have them upgraded equal to or more than the enemy, but the ability to spam leader powers needs to follow the rules like everyone else does.

Leader Powers MUST be subject to a nerf to create balance. Whatever the normal cooldowns for those abilities, make them that for Legendary AI or, if you still want to make it challenging just give them a 1.10x-1.25x cooldown reduction but after that, they don't get to use it for that cooldown period AT ALL.

I hope this gets patched as it ruins it for the RTS game enthusiast and creates an unnecessarily high factor of luck that shouldn't be present in strategy games. I hope people can get behind this change as it is difficult to do something right when the game is punishing you for it.

EDIT: The only issue I have is with Leader Powers. Units having better tech'ed units and better base building, has always been a thing in a plethora of strategy games such as SC2. If you guys patch the Leader Powers, then this game will get immensely more skilled rather than "SPAM LEADER POWER TO WIN".
In the campaign, I often hear the scream of Atriox(or Decimus).
Does this mean that the enemy's leader has finished cool down?

When I'm playing "Warhammer40k Dawn of war", some bosses use their unique skills and that wiped out my army with one shot.
Decimus uses a lot of Glassing Beam at 6th mission "Light out".
That leader power shows the boss more strong.I like it.
All I have to say here is that we need a Banished campaing, or any way that Atriox could prove to be a great tactician, let's be honest, the Banished only got wrecked on the campaing.
I too must say that the Banished Leader Powers are way too powerful in the campaign. The problems come from the following:
  1. Way too little cooldown - I'm in the process of trying to get through Under The Dark, and it's taking forever because my entire army gets repeatedly wiped out; I'll get hit three consecutive leader powers, all but wiping me out, and then I'm hit again before I'm even back to full strength.
  2. They're unstoppable. In the original Halo Wars, there were two ways to counter the Leader Powers; by either a) dropping a disruption bomb, or b) killing the enemy Leader Unit or at least damaging it enough that it is forced to retreat. In this game, as long as your units are within sight of a single enemy, the AI can rain death down upon your units and (especially on higher difficulties) wipe them out in seconds. So unless you're only facing a couple of units, your only option is to run, and hope to get out of range. Unfortunately, that's made damn near impossible, thanks to...
  3. They're often unavoidable. The Brute vortex attack holds them in place, preventing your units from moving. Since this ability is so often immediately followed by one or both of the others, there's literally nothing you can do to save your units.
I'm not saying they need to be left out of the campaign altogether like they did in the original game. They just have to not be so devastating.
I want a playable Banished campaign. It would be awesome to have a Halo game where the UNSC are the bad guys.

Halo 2 was great because it let you play as a covie but it was just fighting other elites and brutes, only once in the whole campaign the game allowed you to fight humans and not many people know about it.

So yeah, a Banished campaign would work wonders.
I think a prequel to the Banished would be better where they are fighting the Covenant during the Covenant-Human war. I would give Atriox more back story and show us some of what he has been through. Would be able to get the Flood in there too and maybe get a Flood/Covenant leader.
Stars715 wrote:
Mission Under The Dark: This mission needs the banished leader powers/abilities massively reduced due to having very limited resources to began with. Massive armies are destroyed in the matter of seconds against the max level beam! This is on higher difficulties (Heroic/Legendary).
- Reduce engineer count/spawn rate (Under The Dark)
Other then that, the mission is overall balanced!

- Mission The Halo
- Reduce Sentinel repair rate slightly (5-10%), small decrease in repair will allow for more time to get more units deployed
- Reduce enemy leader abilities/powers (Heroic/Legendary) (Damage and/or rate), losing your entire army while trying to defend 3 points is not fun!
- Increase time before enemy hordes attack A-B-C slightly (Heroic/Legendary)

- Global Feedback:
- Skulls should only effect UNSC Players and not Banished via Campaign
- "Moderately" reducing leader powers on all campaign missions is the main balance the campaign needs to be perfect!
I completely agree with this post + an objective tracker is welcome.
My only complaint is the shackling of player build and unit production freedom. With regards to dlc please do not artificially create difficulty by means of restricting our ability to produce our units of choice as it makes for stale pacing and or gameplay.
First of all: Congratulations on releasing the game.

Now for the feedback. I finished the campaign on normal without too many issues. The ending came out of nowhere for me though, it felt a bit too short. A couple of freezes during the Ascension mission and on the Halo one, which required me to restart the game. Next I tried Heroic and was doing fine until the Hold the Line mission, which suddenly becomes quite hard due to the enemy's unit spamming. I was able to beat it with maxed out anti personel and vehicle turrets (because I knew where they were coming from on normal) and an army of nothing but Hornets and a few Nightingales. I was able to beat the campaign on Legendary until there quite easily.
After that mission, I just hit a roadblock. It becomes completely unfair due to leader power spam by the enemy and even with the more precise controls on the PC (I play mostly on the console) is more a question of luck than skill. I had the same cleansing beam ping pong experience as others in Under the Dark and was only able to defeat the base due to the enemy recapturing the power node near my first base and at some point shifting its entitre army to it by taking the low road and ignoring my base on the high ground (and the Kodiak somehow). I quickly shifted everything that I had there to the enemy base and positioned them at the edge around it in the hopes of not being noticed too much. A cleansing beam attack wiped out two thirds of my army before I got there but I was able to destroy the base with the few units I had left. Thank God I wasn't noticed by the swarm of Engineers hanging above the third deployment spot. Funny that I can't build air units there when the enemy can have Engineers...ahem.
The Foundry wasn't that hard on Legendary due to the Nightingale ability. Build enough and an army of Hornets and a couple of Vultures around the Scarab and you're good to go, even on Legendary. The first time I did this mission (on normal), the timer in the top right wasn't showing and the mission ended just as I was destroying the enemy base. You owe me a controller Creative Assembly ;).
I'm doing the Halo on Heroic now and it's the same get lucky nonsense as Under the Dark. There's massive amounts of Engineers around healing everything and the enemy has all the energy points at the start and control points in no time. Provided I get lucky and the Retriever doesn't destroy my base at the start, I get lucky recapturing Bravo base, I get lucky the cleansing beam doesn't wipe out my forces I'm currently building, I can't build forces fast enough to capture all 3 points in time. It's crazy, when I was easily able to defeat the enemy base on my normal run!
I'm not looking forward to finishing the last one with the pain I'm going through now, that's for sure.

I'm really looking forward to campaign DLC to expand the story and seeing this art style return in other Halo games.
There's a few issues with a couple of side objectives not registering, but otherwise the amount of bugs I've encountered hasn't been that much apart from what I described.
Shame about there not being a Blur cutscene after every mission, but the loading screen communication is OK. It only becomes annoying when you have to do missions over and over again because you can't mute or skip it. I'm OK with the new look of Anders and Cutter but did he trim his mustache before going into cryo? ;)
I really liked how the objectives varied significantly throughout the campaign.

There were points in my playthrough where I literally said

"Hey, this part reminds me of Domination"
"Hey, this level is modelled after a tower defense"

I really enjoyed adapting to the different challenges which each level brought.

8/8 would play again (maybe not on Easy this time...)
Mission 9 "Under the Dark" is too hard on legendary. When you have to deploy the kodiaks a huge banished swarm demolishes your whole squad when it comes. The enemy leader powers also do too mush damage.
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BeetleLuke wrote:
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Wow you are a real scum bag you know that... I would like to see you make Halo CE, 2, 3, 4, Reach, ODST, 5, Wars, and Wars 2 better, I don't care that they weren't all made by 343, you're a sexist -Yoink- "femenism killed halo, WTF does that mean" and maybe you shouldn't even bother playing the games if all your going to do is insult the company and the game
I felt that the campaign forced me to a play a certain way for each mission. I'd like to be able to build all units in the campaign, and not restricted to a few. I think that would greatly improve replayability.
This is exactly how I feel.

Throughout the campaign, I couldn't help but get the feeling that each mission was designed to force the player into a different play style in preparation for multiplayer. (Which I will never play.) Whether it was rushing, defending waves early, researching tech levels, or capturing and defending points on the map, I always finished each mission with a sense of emptiness and lack of accomplishment.

There are many players out there who prefer to play at their own slower pace and research all tech and upgrades whilst exploring the entire map. This is almost never possible in multiplayer matches, and so the campaign is the only option for this play style. But alas, the design of each mission made it impossible to achieve a sense of fulfilment.

I also felt that the goals in some missions were very much the same as the original Halo Wars.

For example, in Halo Wars, there was a mission where the player had to protect and deploy Rhinos at strategic locations around the map in order to simultaneously fire on a Covenant shield. In Halo Wars 2, the Rhinos were replaced with Kodiaks, and the shield replaced with turrets.

The overall goal in the game was also similar: follow the enemy ever deeper into the installation to stop them gaining control.
Not long enough, the voice acting was inferior to the original, the writing was inferior to the original, the gameplay was severely dumbed down, the colors seemed way too bright and over saturated. Severe framerate drops and momentary screen freezes during cinematics.

Basically the only good thing I could really find about this game was that it had awesome looking Brutes characters. That's about it.
A little bit extra Achievement is glitched ?

I completed all the campaign's optional and bonus objectives 2 or 3 times each one and the achievement progrese bar "A little bit extra" gets stuck at 79% and it's a little tired to be playing each mission over and over again so the Progress bar does not advance (although in the missions tab all the objectives are marked complete [bonus and optional]) and i do not get the achievement.

Does anyone else have this problem ?
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