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[Locked] Design Feedback : Multiplayer

OP ske7ch

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I'll have more feedback later, but the number one thing I have to see changed is leader power visual queues and tooltips. For example, Atriox uses his invulnerability, and its way to hard to see when it starts and ends in the middle of combat. I have no idea when units are effected by deaths breath, what kind of window do I need to use the ability in, right before something is about to die, or can I set it up early? The tooltips also need to indicate how long something lasts. Like does siphon from Decimus last 5 seconds, 15, 30... It is way to difficult to see these things, and in a strategy game this is vital information. Other leader powers are similar, they need to be more obvious to avoid, and use correctly.
I can confirm that Dying Breath lasts until the unit dies. So the idea is to just put it on all your units as soon as possible and as regularly as possible.
Once cast on units they retain the buff until it is activated on death.
It would be nice that you do something against the spam of unite specialize and aerial and also against the rush of start of game because in 5 minutes of games not even I already get attacked by a guy who did that marines or Squad grumpy. Hoping you read this and you change it's negative that rotten the game
I believe the sentnels are over powered. They melted my base health in the first 10 minutes of the game before I could get an army out. Make the match unfair. I believe that their damage should be slightly decressed and the cost to build incressed to stop early rushes.
My feedback was too long so I made my own post.
Please make an option to manually set players individual colors for multiplayer matches. Right now it seems to be random. This is a pain when all of your allies are "Blue, Light Blue, Slight Green". Gets confusing of which troops are yours or theirs.

Need to be able to manually set allies to be distinct other colors as when the battle gets intense, its hard to see what is going on and worse when allies are similar colors to yours.
Locust swarms need a nerf.
1. I would like to see more unit abilities is some future content patch. Especially for units without any upgrades. I see why there are less upgrades per unit than HW1, but I would like every unit to have at least two upgrades. Some ideas are damage over time area of effect upgrades for artillery, smoke shells for artillery, missile barrage and extra missiles for the wolverine.

2. Most of my domination games devolve into deathmatch where destroying the enemy base is quicker and easier. I think making the home base tougher would lead to more games where the objective is played for. Perhaps having the home base have turrets and level 3 fortifications from the start. Expansion however will require level 3 fortifications to be researched and turrets to be built.

3. 2v2 playlist for deathmatch. I know more playlists splits the community, but I think death match would be the best mode to have this option, so we can see smaller maps more often.

4. Heroic and Legendary AI playlists. You can do what Halo 5 did and make Legendary a weekend only playlist with an xp bonus.

5.Make AI challenges, specifically rush challenges, able to be completed in custom matches. Maybe add a minimum difficulty and a no skulls requirement.

6. More maps in future content patches. I would also like to see some more creativity in the maps. HW1 maps always had some little gimmick to them, like turrets that can be captured, garrisons that create barriers, etc. Maybe if a ranked mode were to be created in the future, these features could be disabled for it. This would be fun in unranked or skirmish modes. I can already see some of this design in maps with light bridges and healing towers, so keep it up.

7. Get rid of the supply and energy counter in strongholds. We don't need to see it. It may be confusing to someone new. Or put an infinity symbol to make it clear whats happening. It would also be cool if you could get rid of the resource cost of units and replaced it with the production time cost in seconds since that and population cost is what really matters.

8. This goes for all game modes. Please redesign the UI for PC. I don't even play it on the PC, but I would be frustrated if I did. If you really want to entice PC gamers into getting Windows 10 and using the store, you should treat them with more respect. Radial menus are not helpful and a toolbar with good hotkeys are standard on the PC. I would hope CA understands.
Well i came across this review of the game today, and its excellent. Maybe the devs should take a look what said and think about changing some stuff.

Hes right why can't you move your base to a location where you want it to be?
Please for the love of god and all that is holy make it so you can only have one super unit.. All people seem to do it build 2/3 Gondor's or scarabs
  • Needs damage buff
  • Resource reduction (or increase resources for air)
All Anti Air needs a buff, right now they are completely worthless. Also either they need to be reduced in resource cost or Air units need an increase in resource cost. People making Air units only have to manage 1 resource making them an easy spam unit and there is no way to keep up with Anti Air units.

Anders Sentinels
  • Unit is too fast needs to slow down
  • Reduce damage to buildings
Way too strong early game. There is no counter for a early game rush as infantry are too slow to keep up and anti air is too expensive to produce enough to counter a large mass.

Ultimate Units
  • Limit Player to 1
  • Add Tech lvl 4 for Ultimate Units (slow down the rush build)
Having to face 3 of these at once is way too much, added with healing drones makes them pretty unstoppable. If playing 2v2 or 3v3 you could face 6+ at one time.

i'm agree for Anti air and Anders. But ultimate Units ? What ? Seriously guys, what the problem with them ? I play without Ultimate unit and I kill all ultimate units ... My bases can produce quickly the counter units. I destroy 3 scarab with Cyclops ... And I destroy condor with Wolverin ... And not Only cyclop or Wolverin ... Stop playing with just one type of units like HW1 ! If you have juste scorpion or grizzly, it's normal that you lose ... Make an Army with different units

But, I think the game is ... Empty ? Yeah, the anti-infantry of banished is useless (and no improvement), just one improvement for all units ... Lot of units is never play because too weak or just useless ... The scorpion is useless if isn't grizzly ... Where is the improvements of HW 1 ? The hornet is too weak too ... The banshee is very too weak ... The improvement cost is just power and note power and blue ressources. The game is better than HW1, but he is empty ... The maps is all the same, no stakes in the maps (like most pop, spécial units etc). And the base is not occupied by rebels ...
I'm enjoying Halo wars II, but the heroic AI in versus AI is utterly ridiculous. not only do they have what seems like faster train time/resource gathering/etc, but their ability to jackrabbit/hornet/Marine/etc spam before you can even mass your army is abysmal. they shouldn't have any sort of advantage(s) against human players.

the servers need to have a major fix as well. I've played 30 or so games, only won a few because either a friend would get a DC after his screen freezes, or the frames drop. getting disconnected via servers shouldn't count as a loss.

watchtowers need to have a full effect when detecting cloaked units/increasing range. we shouldn't have to place them in harm's way just to find an invisible unit going around.

we, as human players, should be able to vote for normal/heroic/legendary AI players and not be stuck with a full scale army at our base entrance when a turret has just been constructed and our units haven't been trained/built/etc.
This is a small thing that really made a big difference to the first game, and improved teamworking, especially when playing alongside randoms.

In HW1 the mini-map would show where your teammates were looking, it's small but super useful when trying to show teammates where to go and also knowing where their efforts were focused.

Hopefully this gets noticed, and changes can be made.
The 22 feb patch improved alot but the game still lags online
I think the elite rangers could use a buff. They have a difficult time hitting moving infantry while the UNSC sniper team can nail infantry instantly with one shot kills. I thought the elite rangers were supposed to be the Banished's "equivalent" to the UNSC sniper.

I disagree with limiting the ultimate units to 1. They can be dealt with if you get your act together. I think the scarab seems a little weaker than the condor in terms of firepower but I am not sure, I need to play more to test it out.

Maybe add some more rebels/sentinels guarding the empty bases which you must destroy before taking the base (kinda like in the previous game).

Please please PLEASE allow us to pick our colors before starting a custom match online or vs AI. This must be the only RTS that doesn't allow the player to choose their color. Maybe add a separate option for team (either 1, 2, or random).
Make the mini frag upgrade for the jackrabbit require 2 techs instead of one. make the drone upgrade cost 3 techs instead of one. Increase build time and cost of jackrabbits.
Anders: increase cost and train time of sentinels, and move them from the main base to the air pad for purchase.
All: increase hit points for the cyclops,wolverine, and scorpion, they are too weak and incapable of doing their jobs without getting destroyed instantly. Increase train time and cost of marines, they are too easy to spam and rush with.
First of all, Leader powers are way too spammable and effective. Me and my group of friends have had entire armies decimated by one or two Leader Powers.

Leader powers take a power dump on the unit rock, paper, scissor balance. Too many powers, recharge too fast, too deadly and NO disruption bomb.

I've had to turn off leader powers to actually enjoy Skirmishes. Mind you, i played over 1,000 hours of Halo Wars 1 and i never had a problem knowing that the enemy had one strong power that could turn the tide if used correctly. This is just spammy at best and just kills the rock, paper, scissor strategic layer.

On to my reason for playing Halo Wars.

Captain Cutter.

So, SO disappointed with Cutter in this game.

No Elephant means no mobile base to keep pressure.

ODST's only being a Leader Power is just terrible and hopefully gets addressed.

I Tested 1 ODST squad vs 1 Jetpack Brute squad and the Brutes won without issues.
The brutes are built from base.
The brutes don't take 3 minutes to recharge.

Most of those 1,000 hours i played of Halo Wars 1 i played with Captain Cutter. Captain Cutter plays so terribly compared to the first. I Don't want to drop turrets or veteran Cyclops. I want to drop ODST's and not have to wait 3 minutes compared to the 10 seconds of Halo Wars 1.

I would have also loved if he kept his Mac Blast. Thanks for nothing Isabel. Hopefully another 7 years have passed by before Halo Wars 3 and Isabel had to be decommisioned due to rampancy so that Cutter can get the Mac Blast again.
Pretty sure there was quite a bit of feedback in the first beta about suggesting the ODSTs become dropable by Cutter again in HW1 fashion. But this was feedback was never taken forward unfortunately.

Seeing as Cutter is somewhat Halo Wars mascot character I would have thought they would have kept him mostly the same between HW1 and 2, with his MAC Blast and ODST's. Might of helped people get back into the game on known territory and allowing the other leaders to try out new concepts.
The 22 feb patch improved alot but the game still lags online
This is more for the support forums than feedback
Serious design flaw

Units such as cyclops when near structures, will ignore enemy units! Then start attacking structures! Even if the're units around them.

The conditions should be
  1. if units exist > attack
  2. if no units exist > then attack turret
  3. if no unit exist & no turret exist > then attack building
currently units are skipping right to stage 3!
even if you try and correct them and target a unit! Yes they will kill that one single unit, but then skip straight to stage 3 again ignoring all units!!

This is a huge design flaw!!

P.s Loving the beta, keep up the good work
After playing a few games pretty much a little bit of everything I've noticed that the Marauder is quite powerful especially in groups very difficult to even take out one it seems like it has a lot of health for something that is the first unit you get of The Foundry I get killed pretty much every time when the AI uses it as a rush tactic in Player vs AI multiplayer playlist.
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