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OP Omega Ivanovic

Anyone has an estimate of how many players are still playing the game? I've read comments of new incomers but can't be that many.
Hmm. It probably isn't that many. But i think the new update definitely brought in some new and old players.
There is an API crawler project called Didact that uses the official API to regularly scan the match histories of all known gamertags that ever joined a known HW2 match.
From this crawler we know that at least 118k gamertags played at least a single match over the last 90 days.
The population is not comparable to super popular titles but it's also very far away from "It probably isn't that many".

Edit 1: I'm the author of this crawler.
Edit 2: You can find the crawler in several discord servers (L1am Wh1tes, Nakamuras, and HWTC).