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Every time i think I'm sick of this game

OP xz Assassino zx

I play a match where my teammate gets banshee rushed by all three opponents and loses all his bases, but i build just enough AA to protect my teammate as he rebuilds and counter their every move since they don't seem to understand the concept of switching tactics. I ended up sweeping their bases with vultures. It was a great game.
Thanks for sharing!
Nice, that would be soo satisfying lol
2 versus 3 comebacks are the tales that I'll regale my young'uns with. Unimaginably large armies being felled by inferior numbers but superior tactics.

And as I prattle on, I'll wipe a stray tear as I remember all the poor souls that met their early demise in order to sway the tide of a seemingly unwinnable battle. Their sacrifice was my glory.
"They outnumber us, 3 to 1"
"Then it is an even fight"