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Favorite Hero Units?

OP Sgt Paloogoo

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In terms of efficiency, its Atriox's Chosen.
1 Douglas. Gota love a late game 3 star rocket to one hit a banshee and splash damage the ones near it to red health. Probably the strongest most versatile leader next to chosen and Alice. (Not Jerome the spartan laser sucks)

2 Warlord. There's nothing like moving the enemy units for them. I don't know why he can still hammer pull and stun scarabs but 343 doesn't care so I'll take it.

3 Arbiter. I like how Forge can't outrun him so he can get his revenge from the last game. Not so tough without Red team guarding you are ya? And then he's fast enough to escape with a sliver of health and regenerate.
1: Decimus!

2: The Goblin Brothers!

3: The Hunter Captain!

-Yoink-, my buddy was right,
I really do hate UNSC...
Man... i was going to say "FOR THE UGGOUY" but got a post directly above. Right now UNSC are all OP if compared to the Banished. Unless you play arby, you don't really have a chance but a Colony can sure prevent a no skill Hog rush. Hell with it,"FOR THE UGGOUY".
I don't need 3, Honor Guard all the way. Speed demon is an early game monster, you can't fight him.
UNSC for the win!
  1. Forge’s Warthog
  2. Sergeant Johnson
  3. Commander Jerome
I don't need 3, Honor Guard all the way. Speed demon is an early game monster, you can't fight him.
Wort wort wort!
Heres my 4 5 & 6 favorite hero units

4. Pavium

5. Forge's hog

6. Warlord
My 3 favorite UNSC hero units in order from favorite to least favorite:
1. Jerome (I love that Hydra launcher, and the command Mantis isn't horrible) As a commander, he could have much worse abilities. The inspire mechanic is interesting, and useful. I hope it works on a teammates units. Imagine a group of inspired veteran Grizzlies.
2. Sergeant Forge (Forge-Hog is interesting, more mobile than most hero units) As a commander, Grizzlies are amazing.
3. Sergeant Johnson (In his suit, he's pretty versatile. Admittedly, he does suffer from the condition known as "Jack of all trades, master of none") As a commander, Mantises and Colossi are nice when used in concert with Mech Overcharge and EMP MAC Blast.

Now for my 3 favorite Banished hero units. Again, in order from favorite to least favorite:
1. Atriox's Chosen (That Brute Shot. That's it. Enough said)
2, The Arbiter (Arbiters Rage? Yes please.)
3. Pavium (That mortar gun is nice, especially with the target painting upgrade)
1. Sergeant Forge Warthog
2. Condor
3. Alice 1-3-0
1. Honor Guard - Speed demon, good damage and can solo bases if the enemy is ignorant. (Also, those brutal kill animations on other units. Spartans especially.)
2. Alice 130 - Machine gun + Vet 3 = Dead bodies everywhere.
3. Chosen - Better than Alice early on but outclassed in late game in my experience, especially if Alice gets any amount of Vet.
Honorable Mention: Warlord - Only reason he didn't make it is because I loathe Decimus. He just isn't fun to play at all for me.
1. Captain Huner
2. Kinsano
3. Cutter ODST Squad? Sniff...
Voridus is easily my favorite hero.

Kinsano is the runner up.

Honor Guard isn't so bad either.
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