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Favorite leader?

OP VintageGameGuy

Who is your favorite leader to use in the Halo Wars series and why?
Out of both games, my favourite is Colony. I love being right up in the fight where all the shooting and mayhem is, and Colony's leadership style works for exactly that purpose. Plus, his Goliaths are just awesome, and Devastating Host can be a real game-changer in the middle of a fight. Not to mention Colony is one of only 2 Banished leaders with a straight-forward battlefield healing ability. Finally, the Hunter Captain is just awesome with his Taunt ability.
I enjoy the original chicken sandwich from burger king, but the quarter pounder with cheese from McDonalds is a close second.
Captain Cutter is the greatest leader in Halo Wars. He makes people rain from the skies. He has stimpak marines which makes them move faster. He tells other people what to do. He wears a hat and smokes a cigar. Mustache. His people do what he tells them to do because he is the captain and wears a hat.
Commander Jerome; his inspire definitely helps early-game and his command mantis can change the tide of battle instantly. You get an almost invincible army comp at the price of speed with the Mastodon ball. 4 Heroes total and Spartan Morale!? Insane!
Who is your favorite leader to use in the Halo Wars series and why?
Sgt Johnson becaus is the iconic hero of the saga :)
forge just i like the word grizzly and tank in the same sentance