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Firebase Expansion

OP King Duvet

Assuming most people go for as many mini bases as possible before firebase? Understand it depends on the leader but what's the general consensus on when to buy the first firebase expansion?
Most people grab minibases first then grab a second base 5+ mins in after making an army. If you play as atriox or pavium then usually make one sooner because of cheaper bases/better eco at start.
My rule is to by the expansion when:
1) Im capable of building on its empty slots( if i have empty slots in my main base - then its too early )
2) If i have a decent army so that i can defend the expansion.
2) ... or if i see that my opponent is building expansion bases and i dont want to go on an offensive.

Many noob'is players build their second base before having any units at all - so they finish the base build and ... watch how it gets destroyed and can do nothing about it.
Most high level players in a majority of situations get minis first and then expand when it's feasible to do so. This usually involves map control to some extent. 500-200 for a new base is a pretty big investment early game and if you can't protect it and won't get a return on that then there's no point in doing it.