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Firefight: Are Bunker Barricades worth it?

OP runty grunty

I've come to start using Bunker Barricades loaded with combinations of various infantry, but I have to wonder whether or not they're really worth it. Should one even bother with them in early-game, or should the population be used for more artillery and/or air power?

I personally find them very useful in early-to-mid game when you put upgraded Marines into them. Just don't use them as a full wall-off (i.e. use electric traps or mines instead of barricades in some parts of the corridor and "allow" the enemy a ground route to your base) and the enemy will ignore them for a limited time. Those Marines will then get a load of free kills.

Late-game, however, when you're up against loads of heavy air and tanks, they can definitely struggle.
dont be bothered with bunkers i tried it
I use them but not for the garrisoning