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Flood Vs. Forerunner

OP W3althierpig

I have seen the people wants flood as leader and I got ideas to make this dream comes true. The mode Forerunner Vs. Flood. This two armies are the most powerful of the universe of halo wars and it would help the people who wants one of this leaders. I want to hear you opinion and like if you agree with this. If you want to learn more visit the Halo Wars 2 Updates.
I mean this would have to be non canonical. And i think it just wouldn't fit you know?
I like the idea. I've already got an idea for two Flood Leaders and one Forerunner Leader. The Forerunner Leader would be 2401 Penitent Tangent from Halo 2. His units & buildings would be mostly Sentinel-based and include the iconic Aggressors, the Enforcers & scrapped Forerunner Tank from Halo 2, the Super & Protector Sentinels from Halo Wars 1 along with the Sentinel Factory building, Armiger infantry, the Forerunner Aardvark from the cancelled Halo: Titan MMO, and the Controller & Retriever from Halo Wars 2 as the Hero & Super Unit respectively along with the Sentinel Turret. I originally envisioned him as a UNSC Leader so he'd also have access to some of their assets.

The Flood Leaders would be composed of two "strains" as I call them: UNSC & Banished. As you can guess they would be mostly composed of infected units & buildings from the two main factions of Halo Wars 2 while also coming with some unique assets of their own. The UNSC Strain would include the Infected Spartan Hero Unit and the Flood Egg resource building while the Banished Strain would come with the Thrasher Hero Unit and the Carrier Form unit. Both however would make use of Flood Stalks. Flood Roots, & Flood Launcher buildings as well as Spore Mounds from mini-bases. They'd also share the Abomination as their Super Unit along with several of the Flood units introduced in Awakening the Nightmare. As for the Swarm & Bomber forms from Halo Wars 1, they'd become Leader Powers for the two strains.
Well I think your idea is very good and I would like to see it on Halo Wars 2, because it would make all the teams have a real NEMESIS for example Flood vs. Forerunner or Captain Cutter vs. Atriox. These is a thing a lot of people wants (including me) but the only thing we can do is to wait for this updates or a Halo Wars 3
Just think in something "It would be possible to make a Flood or Forerunner?" I save seen many forums finding the same things all people votes for Forerunner and I do too cause it's easier to be done but with your idea Beastgun360 I think we could put the forerunner as UNSA and Flood as Banished. Just imagine a 3Vs.3 game and you see how the big troops of Forerunners and Floods fall like ashes to the ground at the same time. They would be nemesis just as other lead res of UNSA and Banished
how about cortana as a new leader with forerunner units? 🤔
You boys are on drugs if you think dev money is going into a game like hw2....let’s start w a lag free session before asking for leaders?
This has been said for the last 13 years. Even before Halo Wars originally came out. Ensemble was going to do a DLC for flood, but MS shut down their studio. Not sure why the flood hasn't been a playable faction OR the Forerunners lol. Huge lost opportunity. Hope 343 is learning from their mistakes finally and actually listening to the Halo fans that been here since day 1.
Modding is a thing in hw2, go grab a flood mod, I am 99% sure no new factions will be added to hw2. Balance and the time it would take would be insane.
We almost got a Forerunner faction of a sort. As you all may (or may not) know, the Prometheans were set to appear in a DLC campaign but were ultimately replaced by the Flood for the Awakening the Nightmare campaign. I would love to see 343/Creative Assembly revisit that idea for Halo Wars 3 if it ever comes into existence.
mods can get the job done lmao
Here are a few ideas I had for a Flood faction for Halo Wars 2. Similar to the eight Leaders each of the UNSC & Banished, there would be eight playable "strains" of Flood to play as. I've already mentioned two of them before but I'll recap them anyway along with the other six:

1. UNSC Strain: Uses infected Spirit of Fire units & structures.
2. Banished Strain: Uses infected Banished units & structures.
3. Pure Strain: Uses original Flood units & structures including several deleted forms from Halo 3 & Halo Titan.

The next five are all guest Strains from other games both for fun and to help even out the roster:

4. Zerg Strain (StarCraft)
5. Necromorph Strain (Dead Space)
6. Typhon Strain (Prey)
7. Hellspawn Strain (DOOM)
8. Xenomorph Strain (Alien & Prometheus)
Flood would be cool, but it would be tough making all the units look unique enough. Leader powers would have to be mostly passive. Unless they have flood-possessed aircraft to drop units. 12o'clock leader power could be dropping High Charity on a location.

I always thought adding Cortana as a Leader would be cool. Her unique units would be Promethean units. Knights instead of Hunters. Crawlers instead of grunts. Watchers instead of Engineers. Soldiers instead of Elite snipers. But seeing as her Created army also has Covenant remnants, you could get away with using those vehicles. Unless you wanted to make up new ones or bring in Phaetons in place of Banshees.

Crossing fingers for Wars3.