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This disconnect issue seems to happen mostly to Xbox players.
The crappy part is that when a guy in your team disconnects...then you have to play alone vs 2 players and its nearly impossible to win. But...after you lose that 1v2 game, you still lose your rank...and sometimes a lot of it(50%+).

I kind of agree with Xbox vs pc matches being unfair. I can't really imagine playing on Xbox using a controller.
Its "sad" whenever I see my teammate slowly "scroll/pan" from one side of the map to the other side, just to see where his units are and then pan the camera back to base to build some units/buildings, then scroll all the way across the map again, back to his units. Even funnier is when I ping a location and he tries to look what I'm showing...and scrolls over the ping location...then back again.
With a mouse, it takes less than a second to jump between locations on the minimap.

Also, i wonder if xbox even has control groups that are easy to use.
We do have control groups, but they are impossible to use consistently. Console needs unit type control groups.

We do also have the advanced controls, such as "hold": On Xbox,If you go to Options -> Controls -> Controller Layout (A) -> RB tab to Advanced Controls.
You can then see all the Advanced Controls.

Hold is RT + Double Tab LB
If you have LT/LB Swap enabled, then it is RT + Double Tap LT

I do use that one from time to time. Its nice to send a unit to a far location and not worry about selecting "all units" to redirect him. Or if you want to keep some AA units at your base.