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Future HW2 Maps

OP GhosT ChieF II

Personally I would like to see the original 3v3 maps remastered. Enlarge them too, so that they can be played better on the new game. I also figured we could debate this now, rather than later after the developers make crappy maps and sell them all to us for 5$ each.
Knowing how 343 has been making tiny maps for Halo 5, and only using community forge maps BTB size, I personally don't want to see mass production of crappy maps for profit on Halo wars 2.
I want to see Fort Deen, Frozen Valley, and Glacial Ravine remastered for Halo wars 2.
I wouldn't mind seeing the original maps as free dlc for people who have halo wars or the LE of halo wars 2.

But what i would really like more than that, is to be able to create my own maps, Wouldn't even have to be crazy, I wouldn't even mind if it was just changing things on existing maps.
I'd like the maps to be generally bigger than the old ones but, most importantly, LESS SNOW please.
Exile could be nasty with the new artillery
zeeman26 wrote:
Exile could be nasty with the new artillery
Exile was not my favorite. But yeah it would be.