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HALO WARS 10th anniversary

OP tenchosan

HALO WARS 10th anniversary! Congrats!
HW series is the best HALO!

It is 10th anniversary to 2 · 26,
HW 2 is also the 2nd anniversary. I hope to have exciting this year
Happy Anniversary my pack brother.
I hope come many player in hw2
If HW2 coming “Atriox‘s new add on”,I’m so happy.
Halo universe is amazing! I love human and alien’s epic.
thanks 343.
Shoot you're right, the NA release was on March 3rd but it hit shelves earlier in Australia on the 26th of Feb. indeed!
It is now 26th!
It's been 10 years since HALOWARS was released!
It's 10th anniversary! congratulations!
Happy 10 year anniversary to one of my favourite RTS games of all time! Also RIP Ensemble Studios.
Amazing anniversary!

NewMap coming now!!!
10 years, 10 long years, that's the first time we all played Halo Wars.

Anyway hows everyone doing anyone play Fort Jordan yet?
I remember back at the X06 event when Halo Wars was announced and I was super excited, yet nervous that a RTS game could work on a controller and console being a C&C and StarCraft veteran. I was glad those fears were put to rest, the hours I put into it back in the day. Playing it all over again back in 2017 in 1080P with the DE edition was totally worth it, as I type this I totally forgot I haven't even installed Halo Wars 2 yet I've owned it for a full 2 years, thinking I need to change that ASAP.
March-3 is halowars launch day in USA!
2/23 to 3/3 is the days of halowars!
I like to use Covenant and Banished.
They enrich the universe.
Just played through it on PC. Still holds up. Great game.