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[Locked] Halo Wars 2 – Season 13 Rollout

OP Postums

Good Morning Friends,

Today, Halo Wars 2 is rolling out Season 13 for matchmaking. There is not a balance update with this change, but we are actively working on one as part of a future build update. This would include various code required balance changes to the game, fixes to the map Fort Jordan, and the goal to bring it into matchmaking!

To be transparent and help set expectations regarding updates for Halo Wars 2, the team that supports these is heavily involved in work to bring Halo: Reach into MCC and MCC onto PC. With this being the case, and the required development effort for that project being a higher priority, we do not yet have a firm date of when these updates will happen. They are something we are working on and will continue to be transparent with you.

We are still actively listening for feedback, discussing changes with the community and continuing support for Halo Wars 2. Once we have better optics on the above changes, we will make sure to inform you.

Thank you for your patience and continued insight on what you would like us to improve. As always, we will see you online!