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[Locked] Halo Wars 2 - Fort Jordan Feedback Thread

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I played with my friends immediately.

It was a nostalgic map. Because the gimmick is different from the past one, I felt the play feel was different.
But I appreciate that you are still working. Thank you Jordan !!
Any way to make the shield walls function as they did in Halo Wars 1 as being able to deactivate the shield from the opposing side makes them pointless. Also any chance to add sentinels that guard the Teleporters and add resources for killing them like in HW1?

Just a few small things but overall, amazing and loving it!
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I enjoyed it, "The Docks" next?
Any chance of a Frozen Valley remake?
Well done 100% great idea for dlc and very much appreciated hard work! Just one idea would be a ranked playlist of classic mode with no power nodes to incorporate both games into the new character and units. Again Fort Jordan definitely hit a nostalgic factor with the original halo wars experience.
Thanks for the new map!!
This is an amazing day. Hopefully in the future if they can't do maps from scratch they can rework some older maps over time. Can't leave the map count on an odd number now can we ;)
Played 2 skirmish games so far, a 1v1 as Shipmaster vs YapYap.. I'm not so sure I enjoyed this as a 1v1 map, a little too vast and seemed somewhat empty.. but played fine.

2nd game was a 2v2 as Johnson, allied with Jerome vs 2 Cutters... This one was enjoyable, however Johnson's bunkers were completely blacked out and it seems after I dropped the first bunker, he also turned completely black. Like a silhouette. Didn't encounter any other issues. I'll try a 3v3 and other leaders and update when I get a chance later on. I really like the map and look forward to it hitting matchmaking. I also like it's loading screen.

Just played a 2 hour 3v3 skirmish as Jerome allied with Cutter & Johnson vs YapYap, Atriox & Colony. Jerome's mech blacked out like before with Johnson, out of the mech, Jerome went back to his normal color but his pack was blacked out too. Johnson's mechs were also all blacked out.
There's no music. In each of the 3 games I've played, at the start of the match, it's announced the enemy doesn't have a base. There are places near the base side where I've had sight or camera issues with both Condors & Vultures, where I may not be able to actually see them or they are above or at the maximum camera height.

I wouldn't mind some more garrisons in the middle of the map. This is gonna be a fun map in matchmaking.
All the grass on that map is black and the lighting changes whenever I swap bases using the d-pad.
I've played 3 games and this is how it's been everytime
Only problem ive noticed is that the legendary ai sends troops through the portal by they're base and the immediately orders them to go back to base and go through again, And it just keeps repeating
You should make more maps on Halo Wars 2 that have relevance to the other halo games like Reach maps and New Mombasa maps ect
currently the most fun map in the map pool.(ive actually never had any fun playing this game until this map came out).
just add 2 power cylinders in the middle to fight for and the map is done.(or 1 of each can be placed on the outsides next to the walls)
If this is going to be added to 1s, there are some glaring issues. JPB with the teleporter are going to be nuts, its so large that my army won't be able to move fast enough to defend my minis or expos. Maybe another teleporter between the 2 expos (on the same side) would work? Overall a very fun map.
Wonderful! I love the map! Great job 343.
Bravo. Played it in skirmish. Not just a new map but an indication that, like the MCC, there's an effort to keep the game a bit fresh. In fact, I think that gesture means more than the actual map.

Keep up the good work!

Love the map, found a few bugs when playing in customs.
(MOST of these were found using the Scarab)

- when using the Scarab, it will clip very heavily into the rock wall side of the map when scaling the cliffs. In some areas the whole scarab will be clipped into the map geometry
- The overhead bridge on the cliff side of the map does not have solid geometry for the Scarab to traverse it. (I'm assuming it's meant to be able to)
- The Scarab can scale over the wall at the enemy team that has the 'dirt'. This makes it unfair as the Scarab can't scale the 'concrete' team's wall, leading to unfair wins
- On the lower bases, closest to the middle of the map and where the 'pit' is located, there is major clipping with units on the Forerunner Strut accent pieces

-The Middle shields are missing, they are vital to the feel of Fort Deen
- the garrisons at the teleporters should be replaced with sniper towers

Small aesthetic changes that will help the map
- The ground texture around the 'Concrete' teams bases is very repetitive, causing the area to look 'unfinished'. Some variety would be nice
- The overall grass texture could do with a bit of variation too. It seems to be one flat texture. Add some taller bushes around, large puddles, small river leading to the 'pit' section. Things of that nature

Other than those issues, I love the map and will support this game no matter what

(Side note: please give the Lich as a super unit to Pavium, it would make so much sense)
I've read that music does not work on this map currently....How about adding the classic music to it ;)
So, first of all, I believe that this was an AWESOME idea, bringing back Fort Deen. (I want Frozen Valley next.) I REALLY WANT THIS MAP TO MAKE IT INTO MATCHMAKING. I've complied several games of game play on the map. Each leader has a full game linked.

DISCLAIMER: You don't have to look into any of these links (I hope I got them right), no self promotion. All footage is intended for the Devs and FEEDBACK PURPOSES ONLY. All of these statements are just my opinion. All games I have are for feedback and recorded were on 1v1 against Heroic A.I. Cutter.

I have hundreds of hours and games in Halo Wars 1 and 2. If you doubt that, feel free to examine my service record.

>Overall map feeling:
-Way too much supplies of map, not enough power piles.
-No variation of the supply/power piles in different places. (Location variance)
-Felt a little too wide open, especially going towards mid, adding some hills and bushes, maybe even trees.
-The map overall is great. Has a real HW1 feel to it.
-Air units feel like a necessity sometimes cause the map is kind of big.
> This is how I felt about the six main leaders. (I didn't get to play with all 19 leaders, I don't own Voridus or Pavium).
> Cutter:
-Just like HW1, Cutter being able to drop effective infantry right into the choke points to control the garrison-able towers is super helpful also hot dropping leader ability armies on the center base is very useful indeed.
-Weakest leader for sure. No noticeable synergy with the map with abilities or special units
-Anders is a hit or miss leader for me. Artillery control with the sentinel beacon ability is insanely useful. I'd go as far as to say that it's kind OP with the high ground positioning. She can pump out quick air units with the sentinels from the base, so that's good.
-Being the best rush leader, being able to use the teleporters effectively for quick rush with the jump pack brutes is insanely good.
-Nothing really standoutish about him when it comes to mind.
-However, the permanent speed boost is something very helpful considering the larger size of the map.
-Teleporting armies is always a challenging obstacle to outplay.
-Also fast moving troops for early game and fast cap on power nodes.
-I'd say he is one of, if not, the best Covie leader for this map.

- The start up of the game, every leader announces that the enemy has lost all their bases.>
- Ice effects on Serina's Bison are wonky and the shadow textures on the Ice Barriers are completely blacked out.>
- Shaded textures on Kinsano's Mech and Flamehogs are blacked out.>
- This isn't nearly as thorough as I wanted it to be. I didn't get the chance to try absolutely everything I wanted to. And I'm sure I missed some bugs or other things. Let me know what you guys think. Hopefully this feedback catches the attention of the devs. I hope it helps.
P.S. If any of the links are wrong PLEASE let me know. I had way too much time today...
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