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[Locked] Halo Wars 2 - Patch Notes (UPDATED SEP 12, 2018)

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Halo Wars 2 Official Patch Notes Archive
In order to accommodate a growing list of patch notes we've changed the formatting for how the patch notes are archived here on Waypoint. All current and past patch notes can be found within this thread or accessed via the links below.

MOST RECENT - Oct 30, 2018
Read the details of the October 30 balance update HERE.

Halo Wars 2 Older Patch Notes:
UPDATE: APRIL 27, 2017

Alongside the release of Colony, the latest Halo Wars 2 DLC Leader, the team has implemented a host of various updates, general tweaks, and bug-fixes to improve your Halo Wars 2 experience. Check out a detailed overview of these changes below.

Core systems:
-Made various stability improvements
-Fixed some secondary objectives not triggering after loading from a save
-Fixed some more cases that could cause infinite loading
-Fixed a performance issue on Banished buildings caused by some audio looping inappropriately
-Fixed an issue causing desync for some players
Leader Powers:
-Archer Missiles now interact with Fog of War appropriately
-Fixed an issue with players being able to build toward the pop cap of temporarily stolen units with Isabel’s Ghost in the Machine
-Fixed an issue where a shield generator wouldn’t spin up if the main base was damaged during construction
-Fixed an issue where Isabel’s ‘The Best Offense’ passive power would render Scorpions unresponsive
-Ark Defense spawns the correct number of Sentinels in Blitz, for all interactions with line of sight
-Grunt Mob returns the correct amount of energy on death in Blitz
-Fixed an issue with audio corruption in longer games of Blitz Firefight
-Grunts no longer shoot each other in the back, reducing their damage output
-The campaign log "Beyond the Edge" is now unlocked when completing campaign mission “The Halo”
-Neutral marines in the tutorial no longer attack and kill the player’s units, preventing them from completing the mission
-Strongholds custom game setting for “starting population count” now works as expected
-Fixed it so “Minibases count as HQ” enabled now prevents the game from ending when the player has no units and only minibases
-Added some Sentinels to capture points on Sentry and Badlands
-Marines’ grenade throw is more responsive
-Deployed Blisterbacks are now attackable by all units, not just anti-air
-Hunter upgrade no longer renders Hunters unresponsive
-Fixed an issue where Holo-decoy units under the effects of the Hellcharge ability would do damage to enemy units
-Global unit upgrades now apply to the Scorpion
-Fixed text on Forge’s Rolling Economy text to match the changes that were applied in the previous update
-Aligned Kinsano’s flame VFX for her Flamewall power with the area in which it does damage
-Fixed several translation errors in Russian, Polish and Japanese
-Fixed some instances of debug strings showing up as UI text in a few locations
AI Fixes:
-Shipmaster AI can no longer teleport units into the void
-Changed the way AI uses and reacts to Nightingale smoke ability
-Fixed an issue that allowed the AI to control a jackrabbit drone
-AI players are now more aware of cloaked bases
-AI players will retake power nodes which were reclaimed by Sentinels
-An AI will no longer kill its own units by disabling a Lightbridge while they're on it… RIP
-Fixed “Two Heads are Better than None” achievement

-Fixed audio with several leader powers
-Fixed several issues with units not having appropriate audio on destruction
-Fixed several instances in campaign when background music could be heard in cutscenes or ingame cinematics
-Adjusted some leader powers' audio
-Synced some audio with animations for Kinsano’s Cyclops
-Fixed an issue with audio events getting spammed when interacting with Fog of War or Cloaking ability
-Fixed an issue with large scale battles causing some audio corruption
-Fixed death visual effects on the Veteran Flame ‘Hog in Blitz
-Fixed some particle issues with the Flame Warthog incendiary grenade
-Fixed Guard units generating noise endlessly in Blitz
-Douglas’s taunt is no longer heard globally
And now for something completely different:
-Fixed an issue where Grunt Squads turn into Grizzlies after the player kills them in any mission when loading a save file with the skull “Grunt Birthday Party” active from a previous release
UPDATE: April 4, 2017
This week another small patch will be released for Halo Wars 2 that addresses a saved-game issue that was introduced with the Kinsano update in addition to a few smaller fixes. Please see below for the full details:

Crashes / Errors / Performance
  • Fixed an issue where campaign save files from previous versions/patches were crashing on load. The save files now load successfully.
  • Fixed an issue where watchtowers and motion sensors did not detect cloaked units
  • Fixed an issue where cloaking generators would stop cloaking after 15 seconds if the advanced cloaking leader power was fully unlocked/upgraded
  • Fixed an issue where Forge’s warthog was not displaying aura VFX and his upgrades were not working.
  • Updated text for Forge’s “Rolling Economy” Leader Power to match balance changes made in the Kinsano update (removed text referring to reduced building cost)
The next Halo Wars 2 update is underway and is currently scheduled for release in conjunction with the new leader launch later this month. More details to come!
UPDATE: MARCH 20, 2017
The latest update for Halo Wars 2 is rolling out today for Xbox One & Windows 10 and includes more fixes, improvements, a number of balance changes, and paves the way for our first new leader, Kinsano!

Crashes / Errors / Performance
  • Fixed a crash that occurred in Skirmish against AI opponents
  • Fixed some error handling with Xbox live service messages
  • Fixed a crash that can occur in a LASO play through
  • Fixed a hardlock that could occur when loading into “Lights Out”
  • Fixed a desync that could be hit in Firefight
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while watching the prologue cinematic
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while a user signs out while loading into a certain game mode
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when transporting newly deployed units
  • Fixed an Win 10 specific issue with the game hanging sometimes when restarting a mission
  • Fixed some suspend/idle issues that caused infinite loads
  • Fixed some Intel Iris Graphics 520 issues that could cause a crash
  • Improved performance when running on various Intel integrated GPUs
  • Fixed some improper localization strings in controller layout while playing the Basic Tutorial
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when a Wolverine is destroyed by a Lightbridge toggling off while it was on it
  • Improved stability by fixing a large variety of one-off crashes
  • Fixed some performance hitches in Campaign that were caused by scripted events triggering
  • Fixed an issue where players were sometimes able to quickly assign one Leader Power point to two different Leader Powers
  • AI now garrisons a bit more often in Legendary when low on health
  • Nightingale Smoke bombs now stop Turrets shooting outside of the smoke, identical to how units behave
  • Damage against Bases show as soon as it happens
  • Fixed an issue with Hornets sometimes not responding to Banished unit attacks
  • Fixed an issue with pressing the ‘Q’ key twice did not select all units, if there were no units on the screen
  • Fixed an issue with Challenges sometimes not progressing in Solo/Team War or Team Objective Playlists
  • Fixed Shift-Right-clicking to set multiple waypoints not working in some cases
  • Fixed an issue with AI ignoring Sentinel recaptured Control Points
  • Fixed some units getting stuck on the campaign mission “The Halo”
  • Fixed a bug where the enemy AI retreats too often on Normal
  • Fixed an issue where the AI would sometimes kill its own units by toggling a Lightbridge
  • Fixed an issue with units doing no damage in a specific scenario
  • Fixed an issue with “Departures” video being unlocked after completing “The Halo”
  • Fixed a bug with “Just the Facts” and “The full story” achievements not triggering properly
  • Fixed an issue where players would get their Favorite Leader instead of the one picked
  • Various unit animation fixes
  • Added three new achievements unique to the upcoming “Kinsano” leader DLC
  • Fixed some text truncation that could occur in some Campaign missions
  • Fixed some text in a few Phoenix logs
  • Fixed some UI callouts for failed objectives in a previously played mission showing in a different mission
  • Fixed some cases of audio corruption when multiple sound effects were played at the same time
  • Fixed an issue with vehicle engine audio stuttering when on the edge of battle
  • Fixed an issue with clipping/corruption occurring in higher waves of Blitz Firefight
Design & Balance Changes
Note: Balance changes affect units in standard and Blitz multiplayer modes unless otherwise noted.
For Halo Wars 2 game designer notes and context surrounding these changes, please check out the March 16th Community Update blog.

  • Shipmaster’s Scout mines cannot be dropped on buildings anymore
  • The Banished Cleansing Beam speed slightly reduced
  • ODSTs cost increased from 600 to 800, HP slightly decreased
  • Adjusted the Supply income curve to give less of a bonus income on the first few Supply Pads/Warehouses, but less limiting as player’s build additional pads.
  • Sgt. Forge: Removed the discount on Supply Pads and Reactors in the “Rolling Economy” leader power
  • Sgt. Forge: Accelerated Assembly and Lotus mines swapped places
  • Jump Pack Brutes:
o Increased HP
o Incased basic DPS
o Slight increase to move speed
  • Hellbringers:
o Significant increase to HP
o Significant increase to fire damage dealt to basic infantry units
o Move speed slightly increased
o Cost reduced from 80/50 to 80/40
o Reduced pre-attack and post-attack cooldown to improve responsiveness
  • Suicide Grunts (NOT Blitz Suicide Grunts)
o Increased HP
o Base damage decreased
o Base AOE range increased
o Move speed slightly increased
o Charge distance increased
o Charge speed decreased
o Cost reduced from 100/25 to 100/20
  • Elite Rangers
o Significantly increased HP
o Armor type changed to be more resistant to small arms fire from Marine & Grunt squads
o Cost reworked from 80/110 to 125/90
o DPS increased
  • Jackrabbit
o Cost reduced from 220/15 to 200/12
  • Ghost
o Cost reduced from 265/20 to 230/15
  • Chopper
o Cost reduced from 280/20 to 245/15
  • Hunters
o Cost reduced from 150/200 to 160/160
o DPS reduced
  • Cyclops
o Cost reduced from 120/150 to 120/120
o DPS reduced
  • Wraiths
o HP significantly increased
o Shields significantly increased
o Build time reduced
o Cost changed from 550/40 to 525/70
o Plasma Cannon DPS increased
o Plasma Mortar DPS increased
o Plasma Mortar Fire rate increased
o Y ability initial damage increased significantly
o Incoming healing reduced
  • Scorpion
o HP increased
o Cost changed from 650/50 to 600/90
o Machinegun DPS increased
o Cannon DPS increased
o Cannon AOE size decreased
o Canister shell DPS increased
o Canister shell AOE size increased
o Incoming healing reduced
  • Grizzly
o HP increased
o Machinegun DPS increased
o Missile pod DPS increased
o Cannon DPS increased
o Missile Barrage ability damage increased
  • Grunts
o Grunt squad build time reduced
o Overall DPS increased for basic and mine-upgrade squads
o Overall DPS increased for pack brother upgrade squads
  • Marines
o Grenade DPS decreased significantly
o Grenade large AOE size reduced
  • Anders’ Sentinels
o Move speed decreased
o No longer has a huge damage bonus vs. buildings
o General DPS decreased
o Lockdown Bolt damage decreased significantly
  • Banshees
o Banshee Plasma Torpedo damage reduced
  • Locusts
o Basic DPS slightly reduced
o Line of sight range reduced
o Weapon range reduced
  • Base Turrets
o UNSC and Banished upgraded turrets DPS increased
o Banished turrets HP increased
o UNSC turrets build time reduced
o Banished turret build time reduced

  • UNSC and Banished HQ HP increased to a constant, high HP amount across all tech tiers
Updated March 7 - 9:00AM
A major patch for Halo Wars 2 is now available for Xbox One. The team is working to get the Windows 10 patch out as soon as possible and the current ETA is ideally within the next 24-48 hours. While we regret that PC players have to wait a bit longer, the team didn't want to delay Xbox One solely on account of the Windows 10 release. Due to the much more complex nature of the PC platform everything just takes a little bit longer (certification pass, testing, etc...). We will provide updates as new information becomes available.

Please note this patch is a 9.9GB download.
Here are the top issues being addressed in this latest patch:


  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck on the loading screen
  • Fixed an issue that caused some PC players to see a black screen on startup
  • Several "desync" fixes, one of which covered most of the tracked occurrences
  • Fixed a variety of PC crashes that were hardware-dependent
  • Fixed a Network Error on opening Blitz Packs
  • Fixed some AI issues in Skirmish that could cause performance hits
  • Fixed some performance hitches in Cooperative Campaign
  • Made performance improvements on various hardware
  • Overall multiplayer performance improvements
  • Fixed some crashes that could occur when loading a saved game
  • Fixed an issue that would cause a Campaign mission to get stuck after loading a save
  • Fixed a bug with joining a party and getting a network error
  • Added a driver check on PC to alert users to the presence of old drivers
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to disconnect from multiplayer games at the beginning of the match

  • Fixed issue with ‘Detect’ on some starting units not working properly
  • Fixed an issue with getting the Palmer’s Pure Gold Achievement
  • Fixed some bugs with Kodiaks in Campaign
  • Fixed a bug with garrisoned Snipers not getting additional stats
  • Fixed issue with squads getting stuck trying to garrison if another squad beats them to it
  • Gold medal can now be more easily attained in ‘Hold the Line’
  • Fixed a Cyclops and Reaver pathing bug where they would sometimes stop moving
  • Fixed an issue with units getting stuck in bases after being made
  • Fixed various skull functionality not working on some units or abilities
  • Fixed some cross-skull interactions between Annihilation and Pestilence
  • Fixed some Locust pathing issues in Blitz (even though they’re driven by Grunts)
  • Fixed an issue with units becoming unresponsive in Blitz
  • Fixed an issue in Blitz with units getting a x4 speed boost in a specific situation
  • Fixed a conflict created by swapping d-pad functionality in Blitz
  • Fixed an issue with the Blisterback not recovering from damage in Blitz
  • Fixed behavior of Marines sometimes failing to get new targets after throwing a grenade
  • Friendly cloaked units now appear on the minimap
  • Made some adjustments to Scarab creation
  • Tweaks to Grunt Mob, Bloodfuel Grunts, and Bloodfuel Locust
  • Holo Decoy can no longer be used on Pelicans or Spirits
  • Fixed card level of units affected by Holo Decoy not showing over clones
  • Glassing beam always creates vision now in Blitz
  • Adjusted AI to make better use of Healing and Cloaking fields
  • Skirmish AI now uses Extraction and Teleport
  • AIs have been practicing their Domination game

  • Fixed a bug where parties were always assigned to Team 1
  • Fixed a rare issue with users not actually getting to play the leader they selected in Blitz
  • “Halt” cinematic should no longer be unlocked early in theater
  • Fixed some daily/weekly challenge issues where they were not tracked in some playlists
  • PC players can no longer tab target to whisper to themselves
  • Phoenix Log page adjustments
  • Pause menu adjustments
  • Set default difficulty of AI to normal from easy

  • Cleaned up some language localizations
  • Fixed a bug with UI textures failing to load
  • Fixed some minimap graphical issues
  • Fixed a PC issue with starting army text overlapping some UI
  • Fixed some issues with individual card pack opening animations
  • Fixed an issue with a terminal for a red barrier not having a display string
  • Fixed a Domination icon issue, where it would rotate briefly when being recaptured
  • Fixed an issue with Health bars getting stuck on the screen
  • Fixed some issues with particles randomly shooting across the maps for various objects
  • Adjusted transparency on locked skulls in the side panel
  • Radial menu has been cleaned up a bit
  • Added extra visual indicator to aid players when they are selecting cards
  • Made some enhancements to the leader selection carousel

  • Fixed an issue with the announcer constantly reporting Zone B is contested when it’s not
  • Fixed an issue with the Condor being able to be heard through fog of war
  • Fixed incorrect audio playing on some units when damaged
  • Fixed some issues with units calling out the wrong attackers
  • Fixed an issue with using right trigger or mouse wheel would cause audio spam
  • Added audio to Plasma Mines deploy
  • Added a variety of sound effects, and adjusted timing on some existing ones
Last, But Not Least

  • Under-the-hood preparation for future ranked multiplayer
Known Issues
In addition to these fixes, the teams are continuing to investigate and track various issues being reported by some players. A few known issues that are not fixed in this patch but are being worked on include:

  • We are still working on a fix for a known issue where a game can sometimes freeze or result in a very low frame rate
  • Investigating reports of the "Short Term Commitment" achievement not registering as intended
  • Investigating some reports of performance issues with cinematics
  • Investigating reports of the mini-map occasionally being unresponsive on PC
  • Occasional infinite loading screen when loading into consecutive missions in co-op
  • Game can sometimes hang indefinitely when restarting a mission
  • Unit balance feedback and assessment is ongoing by the design team
This is not a full list of in-progress fixes, the team has a number of player-reported bugs at various stages of investigation/fixing. As always we appreciate your feedback here in the Waypoint forums and we'll provide more details and updates as we have them. Thank you!

Design & Balance Change Details
The unit balance adjustments included in this patch pre-date the release of the game and as such are not in specific response to game data and player feedback since launch.


  • Scout Vehicles now take increased damage from Turrets, Leader Powers, Basic infantry weaponry, Marine grenades and Grunt squad Mines.
  • Scout Vehicles deal reduced damage against Non-scout vehicles.
  • Warthogs and Marauders increased damage versus Scout vehicles
  • Ramming Vehicles now take increased reflect damage.
  • Scout Vehicle cost changes: (100/50 = 100 Supply & 50 Power)
    • Banished Brute Chopper – 270/0 to 280/20
    • Banished Ghost – 250/0 to 265/20
    • UNSC Jackrabbit – 210/0 to 220/15
  • Scout Vehicle build time changes:
    • Banished Brute Chopper - 23 to 25 seconds
    • Banished Ghost- 23 to 25 seconds
    • UNSC Jackrabbit – 21 to 24 seconds
  • Grunt squad mines arming delay reduced from 5.0 to 3.0
  • Grunt squad mines damage increased by 13%
  • Marine grenade secondary area of effect damage increased from 30% to 50%
  • Grunt Mob card cost increased from 50 to 60
  • Bloodfuel Grunts card cost increased from 30 to 50
  • Bloodfuel Locust card cost increased from 60 to 80
  • Increased Watchtower’s line of sight from 50 to 90
FEBRUARY 22, 2017
Hello - A game update is rolling out today for Halo Wars 2 on Windows 10. This is essentially a "day one" update that was slightly delayed for PC and while it includes a number of improvements it does not directly address many of the issues reported by some players since the game launched. The team is working on a substantial patch for Xbox One and Windows 10 that is close to being handed off to certification at which point we will share patch notes here in this thread. The team is pushing hard and fast to get these updates into the game as soon as possible. Thank you for your feedback and patience.

Halo Wars 2 Windows 10 Update - Feb. 22
Please note that this same update was released on Xbox One last week.

  • [Campaign] - Optional objective "Complete the mission with under 50% damage" on Mission 1 has been fixed
  • [Campaign] - Mission 11 - Fixed an issue where loading a save created shortly after the
    returns would cause the unit to idle and not correctly path between the Domination points.
  • [Campaign] - Mission 8 will now fail when the Particle Cannon is destroyed
  • [Campaign] - Fixed an issue where completing objectives in a mission, saving and loading, and then completing the mission resulted in the number of completed optional and bonus objectives being misreported on the missions log.
  • [Campaign] - Fixed an issue where "Restart from Checkpoint" and "Load Game" options do not appear on Mission Failed Screen.
  • Scarab minimum range has been adjusted to more effectively engage units that are very close to it
  • Uber Units can no longer be built by the AI in Skirmish on Easy & Normal difficulty
  • Blitz card hand input speed has been increased
  • Fixed an issue where game audio could sometimes be distorted when a lot of units are in play
  • Fixed an issue where pressing Alt+Enter to enter full screen and then again to exit full screen just as the client launches, just prior to the Xbox app displaying, can result in a crash.
  • Fixed an issue where closing the Min. Spec dialog box could result in a crash
  • Join a 2v2 match with your favorite deck for Blitz Quickmatch
KNOWN ISSUES: Please note that with the introduction of this update some players may experience a longer initial black screen during game launch.
Patch Notes: June 28 (Part 1 of 2)
The next game update and patch for Halo Wars 2 is scheduled for release on Wednesday, June 28th.

  • The patch notes contain more content than a single post will allow so please see the next post for the continuation.
  • In addition to the notes below there will be a service-side balance update released after the game patch has been deployed. The details of these additional balance changes are NOT currently included in the notes below. We will update once that information is finalized.
  • Improved selection box to allow for easier selection of units when on the fringe of the unit
  • Selected unit sub-selection now more responsive when using Right Trigger and Y button to cycle through the selection
  • Fog of war made more readable
    • Now lines up more closely with logical sight ranges
    • The visual transition when units emerge from the fog of war is much quicker
  • Improvements to camera scroll speed and feel when playing with a controller – regular scroll is noticeably more responsive, and fast scroll (holding LB) gives a much larger speed boost
    • Changing the Scroll Speed settings in options also has a much greater effect than before, resulting in more control over how scroll speed to feels
    • Speed can be reduced to previous levels by adjusting the Scroll Speed setting in the Options menu
  • Hid player gamertag and rank in the map load screen
  • AI is no longer able to place rally flags in places players are not allowed to place
  • AI no longer knows when the player is beginning to target them with a leader power before they use it
  • Units won’t be aggroed by Suicide Grunts and won’t automatically move towards them to engage (they will stand their ground instead)
  • Supply Pad upgrade time reduced from 25 to 18s
  • Shield Generator stacking reduced per generator from 50% efficiency to 20%
  • Special abilities (Hijack, Slam, Phoenix Missile, Brute Warlord’s Hammer Shockwave, etc.) now gain the benefit from generic damage upgrades
  • Fixed an issue where the Hunter Captain would not be able to attack if its taunt ability was interrupted
  • Hunter Captain no longer receives as much healing from Combat Repair
  • Hunter Captain health lowered
  • Adjusted Locust’s behavior when targeting units in the fog of war
  • Upgrade 3 for Vehicle, Air, and Infantry apply the correct amount of health to appropriate units
  • Skitterer health from Vehicle Upgrade lowered at all levels
  • Skitterer can no longer become useless if the unit it is going to pair with dies before pairing is complete
  • Kodiaks should no longer fail to target an enemy on the other side of a cliff or hill if they have line of sight
  • Cutter’s Jerome Hero unit will no longer get stuck in a vehicle if upgraded while in a vehicle
  • Spartans no longer become unresponsive when slamming a teleport pad
  • Spartans no longer damage the unit they’re hijacking
  • Honor guard will now have more success when attempting to slay a fleeing unit
  • Units grouped with engineers should now be able to use their Y ability when the group is selected
  • Snipers can now be commanded to attack units in garrisons without being grouped with other units who could
  • Units will now auto attack garrisoned units as they walk past
  • Scorpions now have better accuracy when attacking garrisoned units
  • Scorpion can no longer fire two canister shots
  • Chopper can no longer trigger ram animation when selecting an air unit
  • Condors will no longer waste their Y ability when targeting air units
  • Decimus can now use Y ability on buildings
  • Hornets no longer fail to do damage after firing at a target for a prolonged time
  • Blisterbacks shouldn’t be deployed under the surface of the map anymore
  • Veteran Blisterbacks can once again be healed to full
  • Johnson’s heal beacon size and effect now correctly match
  • Johnson can no longer move to cancel his animation and fire additional smart missiles
  • Skitterers now correctly apply full damage from focus beam upgrade
  • Colony’s Living Barrier benefits from base Fortify upgrades
  • Shipmaster’s Grunt squad leaders are now rightfully Sangheili instead of Jiralhanae, and now can be upgraded to cloak instead of having Shrapnel Mines
  • Normalized damage of hijacked vehicles regardless of who made the vehicle
  • Kinsano’s Cyclops Hero unit selection circle should now be more visible when not hovering over it
  • Decimus and Warlord will no longer try to pull units that are already close to them
  • Warlord no longer resets his attack animation when selecting a unit to attack
  • ODST charges will now explode when placed on top of or next to buildings in side plots
  • ODSTs can no longer throw more than 1 charge at a time
  • ODSTs can’t attempt to throw their demo charge at air units
Leader Power:
  • Atriox Fortifications slightly reduced in effectiveness at level 1, and greatly reduced at level 2, and is specifically less beneficial to shield generators
    • Cost reduction on bases, stronghold upgrade, turrets and shield generators changed reduced to 15% per level.
    • Fortifications-altered cost of Fortify upgrades rounded to nearest 5.
    • Upgrade speed buff on stronghold upgrade and turret upgrades reduced to 15% per level.
  • Vehicle Symbiotes power can now target turrets
  • Buffed Vehicle Symbiotes to now apply correct armor and health
  • Scorch Mines can no longer blow each other up on deployment
  • Shipmaster’s Displacement can now affect Protector Sentinels
  • Restoration Drones can now target turrets
  • Scatter Bomb now more correctly aligns with its targeting reticle
  • Vortex Lightning now damages and debuffs units in garrisons
  • Garrisoned units no longer heal faster from leader powers than ungarrisoned units
  • Mech Overcharge and Combat Salvage can now be invoked regardless of whether the reticle is in the fog of war or not
  • Mass Cloaking now removes units from the minimap in Blitz mode
  • Reavers will no longer continue to shoot when hit with EMP Mac Blast while stunned
  • Vehicles stolen by Ghost in the Machine are no longer visible in the Fog of War
  • Ghost in the Machine can no longer permanently increase Isabel’s population cap by using it on units that are teleported
  • EMP Mac Blast now more correctly matches the targeting reticle
  • Graphical settings now defaults to ‘Low’ when using an integrated GPU
  • Fixed an issue with AMD Radeon R9 390 GPU that could cause some graphical corruption in campaign
  • Fixed an issue where the “Graphics Driver out of Date!” message could refer to an incorrect driver version in some cases
  • Idling in the main menu for extended time should no longer permanently disconnect the player from services for that session
  • Players should no longer be able to remove the command point cap earned in a mission by loading a save
  • Loading a save and finishing a previously completed mission should no longer add the complete mission time to time played
  • Fixed a desync that could happen in 3v3 Strongholds
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading saved games
  • Multi-GPU support is now enabled on Windows 10
  • Up to two GPUs are supported
  • This implementation of Multi GPU synchronizes data between the two GPUs. Running at 4K resolution and higher-quality graphics options may exceed the bandwidth available to synchronize the cards, which may cause in-game performance issues.
  • Updating to the Creators Update of Windows 10 is strongly recommended
  • Make sure you’re on the latest graphics driver
The June 28 patch notes are continued in the following forum post.
Patch Notes: June 28 (Part 2 of 2)
The next game update and patch for Halo Wars 2 is scheduled for release on Wednesday, June 28th.

  • The patch notes contain more content than a single post will allow so please see the next post for the continuation.
  • In addition to the notes below there will be a service-side balance update released after the game patch has been deployed. The details of these additional balance changes are NOT currently included in the notes below. We will update once that information is finalized.
  • Fixed graphical corruption that could appear near wraiths in campaign
  • Nightingale’s smoke screen no longer disappears when camera moves view off of it and back
  • Colossus’ legs face the right way when targeting enemies now
  • Vulture’s yellow warning light is now attached to the craft when firing its missile
  • Mantis chaingun effects have been cleaned up
  • Decimus’ Siphon no longer leaves green effects on the units
  • Added some audio to the Cyclops death animation
  • All leaders were missing the voice over callout when the player’s base was destroyed
  • Fixed Chopper’s ramming audio loop
  • Corrected explosion of Lotus Mines to play the appropriate sound effect
  • Anders sentinels will no longer play Grunt audio upon death
  • Johnson’s EMP should no longer cause audio to stutter
Last, but not Least:
  • Players affected by earlier issues with loss of progress will have their progress restored, based on their Service Record
Patch Notes: July 25th
The next game patch for Halo Wars 2 is targeted for release on Tuesday, 7/25 in conjunction with the Serina/Operation Spearbreaker DLC release. Here's a list of fixes and improvements included with this month's patch.

(note - for a list of balance changes coming on 7/25, please see this thread)

  • Fixed incorrect control group UI when changing from PC to Controller inputs.
  • Players are no longer able to see their opponent’s gamertag and rank in Leader Select by opening the friends menu.
  • Clarified wording on the override warning message when the player has chosen to restart from checkpoint.
  • Squad is no longer taken to the Blitz Find Match menu when the Squad Leader navigates into the Blitz main menu.
  • Fixed ‘F’ key radial menu shortcut (PC).
  • Fixed an issue wherein AI strategy was not assigned to AI players in some MP matches.
  • Fixed an issue wherein AI unit building is delayed on 1v1 Strongholds.
  • Build priority for Jackrabbits has been reduced increasing AI build choices
  • Supply pad upgrade time changed to 15 seconds.
  • Units that die while under the effects of Dying Breath are now included in death counts.
  • Units are no longer selectable while inside garrisons.
  • Wolverines now automatically path to get in attacking range of garrisons.
  • Players can no longer hijack both the Phantom and the unit inside when hijacking with two Spartans at the same time.
  • Hero units now receive a damage reduction bonus while inside garrisons.
  • Units now take reflective damage when attacking an enemy unit with the Ram ability.
  • Shield bars no longer regenerate until full while taking damage during recharging.
  • Vehicles hijacked while inside a Shield Generator bubble no longer inherit the Shield Generator’s shield.
  • Snipers can no longer attack Sentinels guarding power nodes.
  • Fixed an issue with the Hunters’ Assault Beam upgrade not dealing AOE damage.
  • Units will no longer sometimes miss hitting Apex buildings placed on corner slots.
  • The Phantom can no longer drop units off the map.
  • Fixed an issue in which some units could sometimes use an ability twice in succession.
  • The Condor will now use it’s lasers against neutral Sentinels.
  • The Colossus can now more easily attack Banished Mini Bases.
  • Engineers and Nightingales can no longer heal while Dazed from an EMP Mac blast.
  • Fixed an issue causing units to sometimes not move to rally points.
  • Fixed an issue where units sometimes were unable to gather resources if another unit is already engaged in collecting.
  • Air units now return to their original position after automatically moving to attack nearby enemies.
  • Made corrections to Warthog upgrade inconsistencies.
  • Fixed issue which prevented targets painted by the Mantis’ Designator from taking extra damage.
  • Fixed animation anomalies with Jerome’s Command Mantis upon being destroyed.
  • Spartans picked up by a Mastadon during a Spartan hijack will no longer become stuck in the vehicle.
  • Nightingales hijacked by Spartans with veterancy will no longer retain veterancy after the Spartan dismounts
  • Fixed the Things that Go Boom Skull functionality on mission ‘Under the Dark’.
  • Correct score inconsistencies while using Skulls Pestilence and Sickness in Co-op Campaign.
  • Coop users should now be able to get Gold on mission ‘Hold the Line’ again.
  • Fixed an issue with Global Rally Points sliding around in Campaign missions.
  • Sugar Cookie skull now works in ‘The Signal’
  • Corrected several of the Phoenix Logs
  • Fixed various issues with mission ‘Last Stand’ objective ‘Kill the Commanders within 10 minutes’.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the bonus objective ‘Kill 5 units with Turret Drop’ sometimes does not appear on objectives screen in mission ‘Hold the Line’.
  • Enemy AI no longer build expansion bases on easy and normal difficulty on mission ‘The Foundry’.
Leader Power
  • Playing Ghost in the Machine as vision is lost in Blitz no longer prevents further cards being played.
  • Sergeant Johnson’s Pelican Transport Leader Power is no longer free after upgrade.
  • Passive Siphon and Active Siphon now work on units in motion.
  • Field Promotion no longer decreases a unit’s veterancy if above rank 1.
  • Units under the effect of Ghost in the Machine can no longer be picked up by the Pelican Transport leader power.
  • The Emperor skull no longer causes power cooldowns to cease indefinitely when upgrading to Power Surge 3.
  • VFX for Arbiter’s Plasma Bolt can no longer be seen through Fog of War.
  • Drop VFX for Arbiter’s Stasis and Mass Stasis can no longer be seen through Fog of War.
  • Explosion VFX for Jerome’s Enduring Salvo can no longer be seen through Fog of War.
  • Using Forge’s Combat Salvage after Grizzly Battalion will no longer cause drop off Pelican Gunships to settle at the players HQ.
  • Fixed damage mitigation buffs for Hunter’s Vehicle Symbiotes Leader Power.
  • Powers such as Glassing Beam and Vortex Lightning are no longer cancelled if the player loses vision during charge up.
  • Fixed an issue with AMD Radeon R7 that caused screen tearing.
  • Fixed an issue with AMD Radeon R7 that caused low fps on default options.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when using Ghost in the Machine in a versus AI custom game.
  • Fixed an issue in which HDR TVs and monitors were able to see through FOW effects in Campaign.
  • Fixed a crash issue that occurred when attempting to access the Theatre.
  • Fixed a crash issue when setting a local rally point, saving, and then attempting to set the local rally point at the same base upon loading saved game.
  • Fixed performance drops during 3v3 Strongholds gameplay.
  • Fixed performance drops during longer 3v3 Skirmish games with 5 AI.
  • Fixed game crash when a direct disconnect occurs while loading into a multiplayer game.
  • Fixed an issue with Campaign progression loss when switching back and forth between different Xboxes.
  • Fixed performance drop with Multi-GPU enabled.
  • Improved performance on a hitch that could occur in some games.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when accepting a game invite during mission load.
  • Fixed rare issue which prevented player-owned bases from appearing on mini-map.
  • Fixed a VFX issue that sometimes occurs when destroying rock walls with the Scarab in mission ‘The Foundry’.
  • Fixed a VFX issue with the Retriever Sentinel in mission ‘The Halo’.
  • Fixed a VFX issue where projectiles will sometimes appear to cover the whole screen when units are just off camera.
  • Holo Decoy Gauss Hog projectile VFX no longer missing.
  • Fixed timing issues for Arbiter’s Plasma Bolt and Stasis SFX.
  • “The enemy has destroyed one of our buildings” VO no longer plays after player recycles a main or mini base.
  • Corrected timing of projectile sound for Mac Blast.
  • Sound effects now playing when receiving Blitz card packs for completing Daily and Weekly Challenges.
  • Commander Jerome’s unique Blitz cards are now appropriately flagged as “Collected” and can be used to create Jerome decks.
  • Removed unfair starting advantage on MP map Highway where in some players’ starting units were close enough to begin collecting supplies automatically.
  • Fixed issues with various achievements not correctly unlocking for some players.
  • Units put into stasis from Stasis Mines now count toward the Time and Place achievement.
  • Global Rally Points can no longer be placed on an opponent’s base plots regardless of whether or not they have built on them.
  • Using Arbiter’s Stasis or Mass Stasis is no longer counted twice for game stats.
Halo Wars 2 August 17 Patch Notes
A preview of the August Balance update can be found HERE.

  • Clarified messaging when a player becomes disconnected and then is re-connected to online services.
  • The Store button no longer remains highlighted after pressing.
  • Added keybinding for text chat using mouse and keyboard on Windows 10.
  • Fixed an issue on Windows 10 where players were unable to use keybinds to open the radial menu or access building slots if the base was not completely in camera view.
  • Improved single unit selection when using mouse and keyboard on Windows 10.
  • Teammate camera indicators are now colored with each individual player color.
  • Fixed a mislabeled starting army icon in Blitz.
  • Clickable Leader Point icon no longer displayed during Blitz gameplay on Windows 10.
  • Blitz control point icons now display their proper state in 2v2 matches.
  • AI will now use the Forge Pelican Transport Leader Power in Skirmish.
  • Legendary AI now recycle buildings just before they are destroyed.
  • Improved Skirmish AI retreating behavior.
  • Made AI pathing improvements.
  • Fixed an issue where commands could not be queued for Spartans in hijacked vehicles.
  • Nightingales no longer continually heal units after they are at 100% HP.
  • Grunt Squad health bars now increase in size when a Skitterer is attached.
  • Rally points no longer persist after their associated base is recycled or destroyed
  • Fixed an issue where in attempting to use a special ability on a portal caused units to become unresponsive.
  • Fixed an issue where in Detectors could remove temporary ability cloaks on some units instead of only revealing them while in range.
  • Detect units now reveal bases when it touches the obstruction radius of the building instead of the center point.
  • Melee units are no longer able to attack out of garrisons.
  • Apex buildings placed on the corner base slot will no longer be missed by special abilities such as grenade throw.
  • The Command Mantis now behaves correctly when being called down on a Lightbridge.
  • Omega Team Spartans now refund energy after death in Blitz.
  • Fixed an issue where some units’ attack cooldown could be reset if moved while attacking.
  • Players can no longer stockpile hijacked vehicles in Campaign Co-op.
  • Improved Marine pathing around resource crates.
  • Fixed a base plot on MP map Vault which allowed players to build buildings as the main base is constructed.
  • Enduring Locust can now regenerate full shield health over time.
  • Attaching a Skitterer to a damaged unit no longer replenishes all HP.
  • Fixed an issue with erratic unit movement when attempting to ram a teleporting target.
  • Spartans in vehicles can no longer be given infantry based commands.
  • Fixed some AI pathing issues in Campaign.
  • Fixed an issue with the Canister Shell special ability rendering Scorpion Tanks unresponsive in Mission 9.
  • The Pestilence skull no longer affects the Retriever Sentinel in Mission 8 while it is repairing.
  • The After Party skull now works as expected when activated on Mission 3.
  • Leader Power icon button is no longer displayed during Campaign cut scenes.
Leader Power:
  • Fixed input lag on some Leader Powers for Windows 10.
  • Serina’s Leader Powers can no longer be seen through Fog of War.
  • Serina’s Ice Barrier Leader Power can no longer be used to freeze all base production.
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred at the start of Mission 2.
  • Trooper units no longer remain in game when a player resigns from a Blitz match.
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when using an Nvidia device with “SLI” enabled.
  • Fixed some performance drops that occurred during 3v3 Strongholds gameplay.
  • Fixed a crash when running the game with a 3GB AMD GPU.
  • Fixed a crash when using Holo-Decoy on the Jerome hero unit and his Command Mantis at the same time.
  • Kills from the Blast Unit Ability in Blitz will now count toward the player’s score.
  • Leader Power mines no longer count toward units built, units killed, and units lost stats.
  • Fixed several save load issues in Campaign.
Patch Notes: August 31
A game patch was released today to address the recent increase in online disconnects and de-syncs. There are no other content items or code changes included with this patch.

Following the Aug. 17 YapYap update, the team has been investigating reports of online instability and did discover that something was awry. Today's patch should improve online connectivity and reduce instances of disconnects and de-syncs.

Thank you for your feedback and continued support of Halo Wars 2!
Patch Notes: September 26

Two new multiplayer maps are available for free to all Halo Wars 2 players!
  • 2v2 map, “Mirage”
  • 3v3 map, “Fissure”
Introducing Spectator mode! This all new feature lets players spectate custom matches with customized HUD, game info and controls.
  • Select which player you want to follow
  • Toggle between following a player and free camera modes
  • Attack move Command – attack move issues a command to engage any enemies encountered on the way to a specific point on the map. Units issued this move command will continue to engage any enemies they encounter until the enemies are killed or the units that were issued the attack move command die. The units will proceed to the specified point after they finish engaging with the enemy. Press the “`” key and then “LMB” on the desired location to activate attack move on the PC. Hold the “X” button until it blinks on the desired location to activate attack move on the Xbox One.
  • Queued Movement Command – Players can now issue multiple queued orders to their units to follow. Hold “SHIFT” and “RMB” to activate issue multiple queued orders on the PC. Hold “RT” and tap the “X” button to issue multiple queued orders on the Xbox One.
  • Hold Position Command – We have added a new command allowing players to issue a hold position order to their units. To activate hold position on the PC, select any unit and press the “H” key. To activate the hold position command on the Xbox One, hold "RT", select a unit and double tap “LB”.
  • Building Command Groups – Now you can add a building to command groups. To add a building to a command group on the PC hold “CTRL” and “MMB” over the building you would like to add to the command group. Then hit “CTRL” and the number of the control group you would like to add the building to. You can set a rally point with “Y” and open the building’s radial menu with “R”. To add a building to a command group on the Xbox One, hold “RT” and press “LB” over the building you would like to add to the command group. Once selected you can assign the building to a command group like normal using “RT and the “Dpad”. The “Y” button will open the building’s radial menu when the command group is selected.
PC Only
  • Keyboard shortcut icons have been added to each petal on the radial menus
  • The PC controls frontend menu has been overhauled to improve the user experience.
  • Players can now assign a secondary key when mapping PC controls
Scarab -‘Y’ ability (Shield) reinstated as part of fixes for invincibility issue.Archer Missiles costs reduced for all levels
    • Level 1 cost reduced 450/275 to 300/200
    • Level 2 cost reduced 550/400 to 400/300
    • Level 3 cost reduced 650/525 to 500/400
Glassing Beam cost reduced and DPS and speed improved
    • Level 1 DPS increased +20%
    • Level 2 DPS increased +6%
    • Level 1 cost reduced 400/250 to 300/200
    • Level 2 cost reduced 500/385 to 400/300
    • Level 3 cost reduced 600/500 to 500/400
    • Beam speeds at all levels increased +6%.
Wraith Scorch
  • Same total damage, but over a shorter period of time
  • Duration 15s -> 10s
  • DPS increased +50%
Changes to all mines:
      • Mines are now tougher
      • All mines have a small spotting range
      • All mines deal a small amount of damage and trigger effects even when not armed
      • Damage to Heavy (Tier 3 Tanks) increased +40%
      • Damage to Cover increased +70%
      • Damage to all Heroes increased +50%
      • Damage to Medium (Tier 2 Vehicles) increased +30%
      • Damage to Buildings reduced -50%
      • All mines benefit from Fortify upgrades, increasing their HP and damage
      • All mines appear on the Minimap
Jerome's Victory Mine:
      • Inspire buff radius increased +25%
      • Buff duration increased 15s -> 25s
      • Uses correct Inspire values (15% -> 12%, in line with the previous Inspire reduction)
      • HP increased 100 -> 300/400
      • Now slows targets
Lotus Mines:
      • Now Slow targets
Plasma Mines:
  • Now leave behind a plasma Damage Over Time on detonation
Ambush Mines:
      • HP increased 100 -> 350/450
Stasis Mines:
      • HP increased 100 -> 300/400
Corruption Mine:
      • HP increased 300/400 -> 400/500
Cryo Mine:
      • HP increased 100 -> 300/400
Scout Mine:
      • HP increased 100 -> 300/400
      • Line of Sight increased +33%/+43%
Frostraven survivability and effectiveness improved
    • HP increased +10%
    • Range increased +25%
    • Chill vs non-buildings increased +20%/+20%
Glacial Storm visual and gameplay effectiveness improved
    • Visual improvements
    • Drops periodic Frost Bolts which deal a small amount of chill and damage
    • Chill vs non-buildings increased +20%
Mastodon performance improved and costs reduced
    • Acceleration increased +33%
    • Turn rate increased +11%
    • Population Cost reduced 4 -> 3
    • Supply cost reduced 300 -> 250
Phantom costs reduced
    • Population Cost reduced 4 -> 3
    • Supply cost 275 -> 225
  • Corrected issue which prevented display of full leader names in Season Service Record screen.
  • [PC] Fixed issue which prevented units from being highlighted when too many unit types were selected.
  • Personal rank information now being displayed correctly in Leaderboards.
  • [PC] Increased the number of keys which the Ease of access text window can now be assigned to.
  • Fixed issue which caused loss of camera control when closing Radial Menu by clicking on the Minimap.
  • Most successful leader results now being displayed accurately in Service Record screen.
  • [PC] Fixed issue causing mouse to become unresponsive after marquee selecting the unit selection bar.
  • [Controls] ‘Hold Position’ unit command changed to RT + Double-Tap LB to eliminate issues with it accidentally triggering Fast Camera movement.
  • Correct button combination now shown for ‘Select Building’ (RT + LB) in Advanced Controls screen.
  • [PC] Using G + Left Click on Minimap no longer displays ping location outside of playable area.
  • [Strongholds] Fixed issue causing Lotus Mines and Plasma Mines to be locked in leader power Radial Menu.
  • [Blitz Firefight] Fixed issue which could sometimes show zero time played in Blitz Firefight Leaderboard.
  • [Blitz] Fixed issue which could result in Quickmatch players being be added to 3v3 Blitz matches rather than 2v2.
  • [Strongholds] Fixed issue which was revealing Strongholds taken by opponents through Fog of War.
  • Fixed issue causing leader-specific units and powers to render textures improperly or blacked out.
  • Fixed an issue which allowed the Scarab to become invincible while being affected by a buff/debuff.
  • Fixed issue causing attacking Banished Ranged units to ignore commands when paired with Melee units.
  • Move commands to mixed unit groups no longer interrupt special abilities (jump, ram, deploy, etc.) currently in progress.
  • Heavy Grunts no longer become unresponsive when using Party’s Over special ability.
  • Fixed issue which could result in Spartan units not exiting Hijacked vehicles if ordered to exit beyond jump range.
  • Grunt Shrapnel Mine ‘Y’ ability responsiveness improved.
  • Fixed occasional issue which caused Grunts to rapidly initiate Power Node capture.
  • Correct subtitles are now displayed during Mission 06 (Stealthy Spartans) intro cut scene.
  • Improvements to overall game performance and stability.
Halo Wars Patch Notes - Xbox One X Update & More!
November 2, 2017

  • Added support for 4K Ultra HD & HDR gameplay on Xbox One X
  • Crossplay is here for Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs!
- Crossplay will be supported for Campaign, Blitz Firefight, Terminus Firefight, Custom Games, and all UNRANKED Playlists
- All of the existing ranked playlists will remain platform-specific for the sake of fairness and parity
- For players who really want to see how console stacks up against PC, a new playlist called "Ranked 3v3 X War" will be added that will support crossplay.
- Crossplay will be rolled out in phases to make sure everything is working as intended and to give the team time to assess.

When the update is released, the following will be enabled for crossplay:
- Campaign
- Blitz & Terminus Firefight
- Custom Games
- Unranked Playlists: 3v3 Deathmatch, Terminus Firefight
- Ranked Playlist: (NEW) "Ranked 3v3 X War"

** Crossplay will be added to more playlists at a later date once everything is verified to be in good shape.
  • Arena support on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs
- Halo Wars 2 now supports tournament play between members in the same club.
- Available tournament types at launch:
- 1v1 Deathmatch – Rift
- 1v1 Deathmatch – Bedrock
- 2v2 Deathmatch – Sentry
- 2v2 Deathmatch – Vault
- 3v3 Deathmatch – Ashes
- 3v3 Deathmatch – Fissures
- 2v2 Blitz
- 3v3 Blitz

  • Fixed various crashes, soft locks and desyncs
  • Improved disconnection handling
  • Fixed medals and progress not being restored from services
  • Fixed potential cause of lost progression

  • Fixed mobile garrison units not ejecting garrisoned units
  • Fixed ODST units not capturing Power Nodes and Control Towers
  • Fixed progression blocker in Manifestation caused by recycling a Mega Turret
  • Fixed temporarily invincible scripted Flood Infectors in Manifestation
  • Fixed friendly fire towards the Nexus and Spires from player turrets and offensive leader powers
  • Fixed the Find Match tile in the Firefight menu
  • Fixed an issue where season leaderboards were not loading in the leaderboard data
  • Fixed placeholder mission briefing video in Manifestation
  • Fixed Operation: Spearbreaker DLC placeholder achievement images
  • Fixed missing splash art from the ATN loading screens
  • Fixed missing Shield Barrier VFX in Firefight
  • Fixed missing flare VFX for Lotus Mines in Firefight
  • Fixed missing supplies glow VFX
  • Fixed flickering Barriers during deployment
  • Fixed premature Colossus deployment animation in Not On My Watch
  • Fixed inconsistent camera boundary on mini-map in Gatecrashers
  • Restored ability to rebind the Cancel command
  • Fixed default Push to Talk key (‘\’) not functioning until rebound
* Balance updates are being worked on and will be forthcoming in a separate server-side update at a little later date. Stay tuned for more details!
Halo Wars 2 Patch Notes - January 16, 2018

  • Fixed a Leader Power exploit that resulted in earning Leader Points at a faster rate.
  • Fixed an issue which allowed players to control opposing team units.
  • Returned the cost increase of Colony’s Living Barrier leader power back to 0/0. (*this undoes the temporary change that was made to mitigate the Living Barrier exploit, which is now properly fixed)
Infusion damage and duration reduced
Infusion Damage
  • Damage per second reduced by 8%
Infusion Duration
All Infusion Duration reduced by -11% except for:
  • Infusion Mine I reduced -22%
  • Infusion Mine II reduced -18%
  • Infused Engineer reduced -10%
  • Pool - Medium reduced -20%
  • Pool - Large reduced -20%
  • Pool - Extra Large reduced -20%
  • Infusion Wake I reduced -25%
  • Infusion Wake II reduced -20%
  • Infusion Wake III reduced -15%
Infusion Duration - Blitz
All Blitz Infusion Duration reduced by -11% except for:
  • Infusion Mine I - Blitz reduced -10%
  • Infusion Mine II - Blitz reduced -10%
Infusion Tech
Reverts earlier increases to Infusion Tech I/II to reflect relative strength of Infusion without further boosts.
Infusion Tech I
  • Damage Scaling reduced -4%
Infusion Tech II
  • Damage Scaling reduced -8%
Corrupted Warlord & Mortar Warlord
Infusion pool sizes reduced slightly and substantially reduced Infusion Trail duration. Mortar Warlord Y ability cooldown increased.

Infusion Trail Duration
  • Corruption Trail Duration reduced -30s
Mortar Warlord Ability
  • Designator Cooldown increased +10s
Effect duration reduced and cooldown increased to curb its overall effectiveness (especially in combination with other powers).
  • Cooldown increased +30s
  • Effect Duration reduced -17%
Increased cooldown to bring power more in line with its cost effectiveness and make it more difficult to chain with other powers.
  • Cooldown increased +35s
Brute Grenadier
Base DPS and Infusion siphoning benefits (damage mitigation, DPS bonus) increased to improve their value as a core unit.
Grenade DPS
  • Damage Per Second increased +14%/+11%/+9%
Infusion Siphon
  • Damage Reduction Scaling increased +20%
  • Damage Modifier increased +33%
Reduced overall cost effectiveness of Ultra Mines and increased arming time to improve player ability to avoid them.
Ultra Mine I
  • Arming Delay increased +1s
  • Reduced Arming Delay increased +0.5s
  • Supplies 200 -> 300
  • Power 200 -> 300
  • Ability Cooldown increased +15s
Ultra Mine II
  • Arming Delay increased +1s
  • Reduced Arming Delay increased +0.5s
  • Supplies 330 -> 450
  • Power 330 -> 450
  • Ability Cooldown increased +15s
Pavium’s Stand
Reduced duration and increased cost to balance cost effectiveness.

  • Supplies 300 -> 425
  • Power 300 -> 425
  • Duration reduced -20%
Lich Vanguard
Health and damage increased slightly to improve its effectiveness as an ultimate leader power.

  • Hit Points increased +13%
  • Damage Per Second increased +9%
Rain of Fire
Increased cooldown time and decreased damage to help bring the power in line with cost.

  • Ability Cooldown increased +20s
  • Damage Per Second reduced -5%
Mortar Warlord
Reduced the effectiveness of 'Y' ability Designator and splash damage.
  • Damage Reduction Scaling reduced -8%
AOE Damage
  • Damage Ratio reduced -20%
Upgraded Paint Target
  • Damage Ratio reduced -25%
Slight increases to HP and Splash damage values to improve survivability and damage versus massed air units.

  • AOE Damage Radius increased +25%/+20%
  • Hit Points increased +10%
  • AOE Damage Radius increased +13%/+14%
  • Hit Points increased +10%
Health and effectiveness of Anti-Vehicle units improved versus Tier 2 Vehicles. Tier 3 Vehicles improved versus Tier 2 Vehicles, AA Vehicles, and Scouts.

  • Damage versus Medium increased +19%
Tier 3 Vehicle
  • Damage versus Medium increased +20%
  • Damage versus MediumAA increased +40%
  • Damage versus MediumScout increased +20%
  • Hit Points increased +5%
  • Hit Points increased +5%
Scorpion - Cannister Shell
  • Damage Per Second increased +14%
  • AOE Radius increased +20%
Grizzly - Missile Barrage
  • Damage Per Second increased +12%
  • Core AOE Radius reduced -25%
  • Splash AOE Radius added (DPS 50%)
Wraith - Scorch Mortar
  • Damage Per Second increased +21%
Wraith - Corrupted Scorch Mortar
  • Damage Per Second increased +19%
Balance Update - Feb. 8, 2018

A server-side balance update was released today that includes a variety of adjustments to leaders, abilities, and units on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.

The complete list of changes can be found HERE.

Thank you to everyone who shared input to help drive these changes - please keep the feedback coming!
Halo Wars 2 Patch Notes - April 2, 2018

A server-side update was released today that includes additional Xbox-PC crossplay enabled playlists, various unit balance adjustments, and kicks off the start of Season 10!

More Crossplay Hoppers and Season 10
We are happy to announce that based on feedback we have received we will making 9 of the 11 playlists crossplay. Below are the playlists that will be available during season 10. We wanted to let you all know that we are listening and can’t wait to bring more fun and new things you want to Halo Wars 2!!!

Crossplay Playlists
Versus AI
Team War
Ranked 2v2 Objective
Ranked Solo War
Ranked 3v3 x War
Ranked 1v1 Blitz Open
Ranked 2v2 Blitz Open
3v3 Blitz

Xbox Only Non-Crossplay Playlists
Ranked 2v2 War
Ranked 3v3 War

PC Only Non-Crossplay Playlists
Ranked 2v2 War

Please see THIS POST for the complete list of balance adjustments included in today's release. All of these changes were the direct result of player feedback and were designed in close partnership with the Halo Wars 2 community right here in the Halo Waypoint forums. Please keep the feedback coming!
Halo Wars 2 Patch Notes - May 14, 2018
A server-side mid-season balance update is being released today for Halo Wars 2 on Xbox One and Windows PC. Thank you to everyone who provided input and feedback to help shape this latest update. See below for full details!

Tier 3 tanks have not felt as tanky as they should when finally making their way to bases. To compensate for this - Wraiths, Scorpion, and Grizzlies are getting buffs to their building damage as well as well as other slight changes to increase their accessibility.

  • Building Damage increased by 5%
  • Shield increased by 10%
  • Building Damage increased by 5%
  • Cost reductions 600/90 -> 550/90
  • Building Damage increased by 5%
  • Cost reductions 900/140 -> 850/140
UNSC currently are losing overall to the Banished globally with a few leaders being able to keep up. Part of this is due to the units that are supposed to help defend against rush units early as well as anti-vehicle not being up to par. We are making a few targeted changes to help improve their early game as well as make anti-vehicle survive a little bit better.
  • HP increased by 10%.
  • Base DPS increased by 5%
  • Time between attacks reduced and shot speed increased to reduce number of missed attacks.
The latest buffs to AA vs. other units on the ground helped AA out quite a bit, but we did not see a Reaver meta. But – they have been over-performing against units they shouldn’t. We have created an all new weapon for them to use with different modifiers, so they can’t effectively counter there counter and other vehicles.
Reavers shared the weapon type of core infantry and caused a lot of damage vs. other anti-vehicle units and with scaling too much to other core vehicles.
  • WeaponType for Reaver gunner changed from AAsmallarms to ReaverAutocannon.
  • DamageModifier vs. Medium reduced to 0.8 from 1.0
  • Damage Modifier vs. MediumHero reduced to 0.8 from 1.0
  • Damage Modifier vs. MediumAA reduced to 0.8 from 1.1
  • Damage Modifier vs. HeavyInfantry reduced to 0.7 from 1.6
We might have buffed the cleansing beam just a little bit too much taking it from the trash can to the hottest leader power in the game. We hot fixed it earlier in the season to stop it from cleansing bases too effectively, but it is still over-performing against armies. It was adequately dubbed the Meme Beam and we are going to be slightly lower its effectiveness, so it is still much stronger than it was before Season 10 – but less effective than it has been.
Cleansing Beam
  • Cooldown increased by 30s
  • Speed normalized at each tier to 17/18/18 from 17/18/19
  • Center damage ring radius reduced by 50% at all tiers
  • Center damage ring reduced to 115% from 125%
Counter measure Jump Pack Brute Mines have been rebuilt from the ground up. They now no longer place a slow or stun on any unit that the mines fall on when you jump over an army.
When Goliaths were built they had an armor type placed on them that was not the same as other units that are used to rush bases. This is getting fixed and we have fixed a bug on the Hunter Captain.
  • Goliath now has the LightRush armor type.
  • Fixed a bug where Hunter Captain would occasionally not damage units with base weapon.
We have been slowly trying to bring Arbiter down from his height of being too good with Conduit of Rage. To bring him in line with other leaders we are lowering the damage effectiveness of his COR and how it applies. As well, we have moved Elite Spirit Assault to a tier 4 leader power and swapped is with Stasis.
Conduit of Rage
  • Reapplying the buff now refreshes the 10 second duration instead of stacking
  • Damage Buff reduced from 30%/45%/60% to 15%/30%/45%
  • Elite Spirit Assault
  • Now a Tier 4 power and the position is swapped with Stasis on the radial
The community has given feedback that Heavy Grunts build time was not being affected by Logistics. We have fixed this bug. Yap’s mines also were doing significantly more damage compared to others and has been lowered to that of other mines.
Heavy Grunts
Unit is now correctly affected by Logistics
Ambush Mines
Overall Damage reduced to mirror lotus mine damage.
Another case of the community speaking up helped us identify this issue. Voridus’ scarab now appropriately is affected by Logistics.
Corrupted Scarab
Unit is now correctly affected by Logistics
Blitz is something we are actively working to improve balance on. We are doing a very significant investigation on our end in terms of data for the mode, but we have identified a few starting armies that needed some love as they were not as competitive compared to other armies. Many more changes are planned for the future of this mode and we will be targeting them for the next major balance update. Please keep the feedback coming!
Blitz Starting Armies
  • Colony “Battering Ram” now has 4 Skitterers in place of one Goliath.
  • Johnson “Mech Offense” now has a Warthog in place of one Mantis.
  • Arbiter “Elite Assault” now has a Ghost added to it.
  • Arbiter “Vicious Blade” now has a Ghost added to it.
Halo Wars 2 Patch Notes - September 12, 2018
A server-side mid-season balance update is being released today for Halo Wars 2 on Xbox One and Windows PC. Thank you to everyone who provided input and feedback to help shape this latest update. See below for full details!

Currently this is hard to deal with, especially in late game, nerfs to Artillery are being made in general to make it less punishing to try and break bases against Siege/Artillery.
  • Cost escalation added to UNSC Siege Turrets
  • Damage reduced against vehicles by 10% for all artillery
Scorpions are getting an overall damage buff to help them be more viable in general. Hornets are getting a survivability nerf as well as damage against AA reduced so that AA can be more effective against mass air spam. In addition, the Cyclops is under performing and is receiving a small HP buff for now, this will be watched closely and addressed again as needed.Scorpion
  • Cannon Damage increased by 14%
  • Damage versus Anti-Air units reduced by 7%
  • Health Reduced by 5%
  • Health increased by 5%
Much like the Scorpion, the Wraith is very underwhelming, so slightly larger buffs are going to them in terms of Damage and survivability. This is to make them more viable in general as well. In addition, a slight reduction in supply cost for Banshees is being made to improve viability in mid-game against infantry comps.Wraith
  • Base DMG increased by 20%
  • Shield increased by 5%
  • Cost reduced from 275/0 to 250/0
Map Resource Crate Fixes
Fixing an issue that has been in since launch, found out it can be resolved through Data instead of an actual scenario change
A couple resource crate positions have been adjusted to address an issue causing units to be unable to gather them on Highway, Rift, and Bedrock.

Leader Specific Changes
  • You can now select and move the dropped Cyclops before the animation completes instead of preventing movement.
  • This fix affects both Cyclops Drop and ODST Assault Group
As part of the nerfs to siege in general, the chill amount that Siege Turrets and Kodiaks apply has also been reduced.
  • Chill Amount reduced on Siege Turrets and Kodiaks by 30%
  • Fixed and issue which prevented Blisterback’s from benefiting from Infusion Tech.
The recent buffs to Elite Rangers caused the Spirit Support drops to over perform. Reduction on the Elite Ranger veterancy has been made.
  • Veterancy on Spirit Support Elite Rangers reduced from 3 to 2
Mines dropped by Jump Pack Brutes are over performing. Nerfs to their effectiveness have been made, especially against scout vehicles.
  • Counter Measure Mine daze reduced from 10s to 4s to fall in line with other daze effects
  • Counter Measure Mine damage reduced against scouts by 30%
Halo Wars 2 Patch Notes - October 30, 2018
  • Health Buffed by 6%
  • Damage vs Anti-Air units reduced by 7%
  • 10% Buff to Anti-Air missile DPS
  • 12% Buff to Main Cannon DPS
Cleansing Beam
  • Tier 3 damage nerfs on center ring
  • Artillery range increased slightly.
  • Damage vs Anti-Air units reduced by 7%
  • Damage vs T2 Vehicles increased
  • Siege Turret drops now use the correct weapon type to match other Artillery.
  • Mantis Health and Shield buffed to improve survivability.
  • Fixed an issue causing Teleport to be locked in Strongholds.
  • Reduce effectiveness of boundless siphon on Grunts
  • Spirit Support cost increased to 800/500
  • Sentinel Network
    • Moved back to a Tier 5 leader power.
  • Sentinel Synergy
    • Moved back to a Tier 4 Leader power.
  • Retriever Sentinel
    • Shield reduced by 15%
    • Overall Speed reduced
  • Protector Sentinel
    • Health Received from Sentinel Synergy buffed by 6%
Commander Jerome
  • Effectiveness of Inspire Aura reduced.
  • Spirit Support now correctly drops a squad of 3 Rangers