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[Locked] Halo Wars 2 Balance Patch - 04/18/19

OP Postums

Hello Friends,

This morning we have pushed live the latest balance patch for Halo Wars 2 that we have had in preview leading up to today. Below are the changes that are coming with this update to help improve your experience in multiplayer. As a note, we are working on a future update that will help us address balance for Decimus by altering code that will require a full build update. We will be as transparent as possible around when we believe this change is coming online, but I do not currently have an ETA on this. We also have other feedback that has come in on the preview thread we will look at and discuss internally to see what we want to address in the next future balance update. Thanks again for all of the feedback!

Banished Global
Jump Pack Brutes
JPBs have been strong for a very long time. These changes aren't drastic, but we believe will help in countering them more appropriately.
  • Build time increased from 15s to 17s
  • Speed reduced from 12 to 11
Cleansing Beam Tier 3
Tier 3 Cleansing Beam is currently too strong, nerfs are coming to the speed the beam moves at as well as giving an additional second of telegraphing on the T3 version.
  • Speed normalized across tiers
  • Tier 2/3 reduced from 18 to 17
  • Tier 3 telegraphing increased by 1 second.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Hellcharge to not affect units correctly in the targeting radius.

Burnout Tier 3
Burnout is still very strong on Pavium so nerfs to the T3 version of the ability are being made to reduce its ability to buff an entire base.
  • Duration reduced from 50s to 45s
  • Radius reduced from 24 to 17
Conduit of Rage Tier 1 & Tier 2
Buffing Tier 1 and 2 of Conduit of Rage to improve Arbiter’s early game effectiveness.
Tier 1
  • Speed buff increased from 20% to 25%
  • Damage Buff increased from 15% to 20%
  • Area of Effect increased from 40 to 50
Tier 2
  • Speed buff increased from 28% to 30%
  • Damage buff increased from 30% to 35%%
  • Area of Effect increased from 80 to 90
Plasma Bolt
Buffing the damage across the board on this power as it has been historically very weak and even with the triple shots at Tier 3 it did too little damage to be effective and is only used to proc CoR. With the damage buffs the ability will now be a viable option for attacking units as well.
  • Tier 1: Damage increased from 3000 to 3300 per shot
  • Tier 2: Damage increased from 3000 to 3600 per shot
  • Tier 3: Damage increased from 3000 to 3900 per shot
Goliath rushes are currently very hard to deal with. To diminish the power of a rush, we are reducing their health so that rush counter-units can better deal with them if scouted early.
  • Overall health reduced by 15%
Cryo Troopers
Serina struggles in her early game because once players counter her chill, she doesn’t have a lot to fight back with. For now, we are rolling out a small buff to her early game Cryo Troopers to help with map control. We will monitor balance data in the future to see if additional buffs are needed.
  • Base DPS increased by 10%
  • Chill Rate vs Infantry increased by 5%
The Best Offense
Currently she is struggling in competitive and in the short term we are looking to buff her late game passive and give her Nightingales and Scorpions more survivability. We will monitor balance data in the future to see if additional buffs are needed.
  • Nightingale Health and Shield buffs increased by 10%
  • Scorpion Health and Shield buffs increased by 10%
Please feel free to discuss these proposed changes on this post. We look forward to additional feedback from the community on the next upcoming balance update. But be aware, the scope of changes is locked at this time. Please focus feedback on the changes contained in this preview.