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[Locked] Halo Wars 2 Game Feedback! August 1st

OP ske7ch

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A couple of things I would like to see, other than the Serina and Forge sentiments, which make the game kinda unplayable;

UI stuff:

1. Raise the rank cap to 100, because a lot of us have been level 50 since the first month the game came out.

2. Add a mic enabled icon to players in the lobby who have a mic on. I believe a lot of people turn off/don't use their mics just because they assume no one is using them in HW2.

Gameplay stuff:

1. Here's a big one, but this would add a yoinkton of fun into the game. There was a game I played awhile back called Star Wars: Empire at War, Forces of Corruption expansion. 3-way battles were enabled in this game. Like multi-team playlists in all the Halo games of old and new, this adds a twist to the game. Halo Wars 2 currently supports up to 6 people in a game. I believe an unranked 2v2v2 playlist with minor map redesigns to support this would make for interesting gameplay. A 1v1v1v1 unranked playlist, where each player starts in the corner of the map, would make for some hectic fun.

2. Need more interesting map control points. Remember Halo Wars 1? There was a garrison-able cannon on a 1v1 map, and a light wall in the middle of fort deen. Sentinel guarded power nodes are getting real old, real fast. It's stale now.

3. *Some* base build plots should be guarded with rebel/sentinel bases like in the old game.

4. Consider adding a free DLC throwback leader into the game like Forge was when it came out to address some sentiment and hopefully make some disgruntled players happy again. The Prophet of Regret is up there for me. We still don't have a San'Shyuum leader.

When I have more ideas I'll write back.
This patch is truly a step in the right direction. I believe the future goal would be to make any opening viable so that it's not leader dominant. It would be good that with proper micro all early units will be competitive. I'm not saying to nerf the leaders so no one uses them again, minor balancing.

Forge is a tad strong, a SLIGHT nerf would make it more along the lines of others. Serina seems fine where she is, for now. Not sure why Cutter needed a nerf. He was a joy to use. Anders, Isabelle, and Jerome are heading in the right direction, maybe some small tweaks. Colony may need to be reassessed, haven't used him enough after patch to clearly identify the exact issues, but it just doesn't have the correct "feel". Arbiter and Decimus seems "lost" in this meta. I highly agree with the earlier post by Venon ACR about Kinsano. Why take so much away from her? All her strengths are now underwhelming. She's not fun to use anymore and that is the key word that no one talks about. FUN.

This game should be fun! It's a small community, don't let it get to the point where loyal supporters stops playing because of drastic changes to the meta and constant resetting of the leaderboards. Let's make small adjustments till it's ultimately balanced. And finally, let's not bash 343 but rather help them make the game as good as it can be! Afterall, for us RTS fans, it's all we have on the XBOX ONE!

Oh, I forgot to touch on the controls. Also heading in the right direction but more tweaks would certainly be welcomed. I will try to post more details on controls in a different thread.
So well said! Bravo. I hear so many people calling this game "broke". I code for a living and this game is far from what a credible programmer would consider using the word "broke". It is an enjoyable game that NEEDS much balancing. Clearly the developers are working hard to achieve this goal. Let's show some support and gratitude.

This recent patch is by far the best the game has been, now let's make incremental changes till (as the above poster stated) it's "fun" to play random leaders without feeling like you will get screwed. Wouldn't that be nice?!!!
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1. Bring back ranked 2vs2 , 3vs3 !
2. Johnson - Buff Mantis damage. Buff Colossus damage and speed and completely rework his ultimate leader powers like change his Diggin in Deep with Colossus Drop and they do a Stomp when they land, change Colossus "Stomp" ability with "Lockdown" or a siege mode upgrade.
3. Kinsano - Buff Inferno's damage , Buff FlameHog , Buff her Hero's damage. She is supposed to be Anti infantry and Building but at this moment she is not viable at all.
4. Raise rank cap to 100.
5. Buff Anders Protector Sentinels damage.
6. Nerf ForgeHogs "Anvil Round" ability to 150%. Don't touch anything else on Forge please. !
7. Tweak Serina , but try not to make her useless like Kinsano please... !
8. Cutter - Buff UNSC Raid to its original state and make it affect only Marines.
9. Buff AA a bit more.
I feel like Serina is in a good position. She is tough but not until beatable. Forge hog is a tad strong. Johnson's digging in and digging in deep need work. Digging in deep is useless and digging in shouldn't be two points. Either make the first point have cheap turrets or combine all three points into two points At T3 or T4. I don't know what to replace digging in deep with but free building are pointless, unless it comes mid game.
Also cutter, izy and Anders Spartans still need about 10%
The biggest thing I have to ask is why do we never get any info on how things change for blitz units?
All updates detail is how things change in the regular game modes
VENOM ACR wrote:
1. This game is turning into Hero Wars. Everyone racing to build an armory and pump out a leader and rush a base. I'm fine with hero's being used, but not to point they are so easy and cheap to make and yet so dominant. You have leaders who are not even used, Johnson, Kinsano, and Isabel come to mind. Kinsano was nerfed into the ground for no reason. Flamehogs were her unique unit and they were made garbage. Inferno isn't strong anymore. Why are some leaders barely touched when they remain at the top? Atriox comes to mind. Has a ton of offensive powers, powers that make troops invulernable to damage, live beyond death, and a power that wipes out every troop. Then looks Johnson. Besides EMP blast, zero useful powers. Compare Johnson hero vs Atriox, it's a joke. You want to make all leaders viable but why would anyone choose Johnson over Cutter or Atriox. Speaking of Cutter, why nerf him instead of bringing other UNSC leaders more in line? The gap between banished leaders and UNSC is getting wider. As for unit balancing, why are infantry wrecking air? They are cheap. They should not wreck anything. I'm building planes which are significant investment and you're building cheap grunts and marines. Why on earth are they destroying air? If you're going to make infantry so strong then the only thing that can win vs them is mass snipers or tanks and mass snipers are useless vs vehicles, buildings, air. Infantry are the best all around troop and cheapest. That doesn't make sense. Last I checked a plane would dominate a group of infantry.

2. Top of my wish list? A) Remove shipmaster teleport without vision. That is ridiculous. Actually, no leader should have that ability. Line of sight should be needed for everything. B) Remove the stupid diminishing returns. Why penalize someine for having mote generstors and supply pads than opponent? Expanding should be emphasized. C) Balance updates! Instead of releasing 1 every month and making giant changes, why not more frequent patches or smaller changes? Small tweaks will stop things like everyone using Forge now because of over buff. D) Make kodiaks useful and stronger. They are anti infantry. They should wreck infantry. And mauraders, for the cost they are useless. E) Snipers should be able to shoot buildings, vehicles, and air just like Elites just do very little damage. Why can't they shoot them? Makes no sense.

3) Why can't you guys provide more frequent information? Why wait until last minute to say what's coming or what you're thinking? Leaving everyone in dark isn't good.
This. Everything about this.The current meta is incredibly broken to where hero units are rushed out every game and no standing army can possibly stop them (specifically forge's warthog). I play Sergeant Forge as my main leader and even I am saying his hero unit needs to be reworked. Potential fixes might be to make it so that his warthog cannot be built until tech level 2 (or maybe even 3) or to reduce the amount of shields the forgehog has and/or the recharge rate of the shield (but please do not do every single one of these at once; the forgehog needs to be nerfed, but not made completely useless the way Kinsano was).

Ranked is virtually unplayable right now because all it has turned into is seeing who can crank out their hero unit first and rush it to destroy the opponent's forward base. For a real time strategy game, there is very little actual strategy being used in the meta right now, which is quite sad for what is one of the only really good strategy games on xbox one.

Also, number 3 on that list is a big one. Releasing patch notes before the patch goes live would let you get this kind of feedback *before* the meta gets in such a broken state. Announcing release dates and information about new heroes for the DLC prior to the actual launch of that DLC would also be a big help to the community. If you have to push back a release date because you still need to rebalance a leader, that's OK. The community will understand a release date being pushed back as long as you keep them updated as to why it is being pushed back. Posts like this one are a big step in the right direction, but the dialogue needs to stay open.

But to end on a positive note, I'm really liking Operation: Spearbreaker. The story DLC, although short, was very fun. Serina is also an interesting new leader, pretty well balanced, and can be pretty fun to play with or against. I'm enjoying the amount of support you guys are giving this game and already feel like I've got my money's worth by buying the season pass. I just wish the meta would get fixed so I could play ranked matches again without having to worry about how to counter a hero unit rush every single game.
A big issue with HW2 is mixing Party team and Single player teams.

The case for separating them:

-It would make both formats significantly more competitive. Any (even semi-coordinated) party team of sub-50 level players can easily squash a team of single 50's.

-Single players could achieve high ranks in 2v2 and 3v3 instead of just 1v1. It is not plausible to get much higher than Onyx 1500 in the games current state of 2v2/3v3 for single players.

-Party teams could actually have some good matches against each other, instead of squashing almost every team they face.

The case for keeping them together:

-Not enough population to support both playlists.

IMO the positives outweigh the negatives. Yes population is a legitimate concern, however single players make up the majority of the games' player base and adding a Party team playlist could make this game much better.
Balance is continually getting better, I'm happy about that. Good work!

That said, here are some things I would like:

1. Unranked 1v1. This is vital for warming up and testing new strategies. Please give it to us!
2. Replay and spectator system. Enough said.
3. The unit counter triangle is currently broken. Infantry don't do nearly enough damage to air to make an impact, and core vehicles (Marauder, Warthog, Mantis) get hammered by anti-vehicle infantry they aren't even worth building. Hopefully this gets fixed.
1. Reavers really aren't very good. I don't know what they need, but they fail in comparison to wolverines.
2. The underachieving leaders (Johnson, Isabel, Anders, Kinsano,) are not keeping up in the early game because their heros are too weak. All other heroes keep their leaders going, and make a large impact on the game. This is with the exception of honor guard, because shipmaster has so much going for him, mobility-wise.
3.Johnson's mechs cost too much for what they do. Both the units and their upgrades.
5. Grunt Y ability should be reworked.

Otherwise, I'm having a good time, and don't know enough about game design to contribute much else.

Edit: Thank you for communicating here. It shows respect to your client base.
I do find it odd that posts go up elsewhere first, even if you believe things get too chaotic here. We're the players that support this game the most.
5. Grunt Y ability should be reworked.
Oh my goodness yes please. It's the most useless ability in the game.
Alrighty Ske7ch lets have some words...

Not actually, but I hope you guys keep some of these community ideas in the back of your minds. There's a lot of good ideas floating around. I have a few I'd like to bring up as well.

1. One of my top requests is to raise the level cap to 100 or implement some sort of "prestige" system somewhat like the FPS games have done to help with the replayablity of the game. Possibly 3-4 tiers that go to 50/100 (Heroic/Legendary/Ect.)? This alone would bring me back to the game in a heart beat.

2. Fix the campaign, more so the skirmish AIs. It seems they both need tweaks, but a smart fix to the skirmish AIs would be huge, especially for players like myself who love playing against the AI. Something along the lines of how HW1 worked skirmish games. As they stand right now the AIs only build counters to whatever you make or just simply build an army of healers. It should be the player countering, not the other way around. Hope this gets addressed as well.

3. Another IMO.. Minimize the Find Match section. I personally don't see why Ranked Domination and Deathmatch need to be in separate categories. They play the same and ranked should be a game of true skill. Including them in one isn't much a change. And also remove Blitz from the section as well. People can find Blitz in the Blitz section.. lol

4. Fixes to balance.. kinda rependitive to others posting. Bring back Cutters speed and very slight damage to close air. Also bring back Kinsanos inferno and her special units damages. The other named heros as well (Johnson). But this comes with time and more and more feedback. Others seem to be hitting this subject pretty hard so I'll leave it be. Just make all the leaders balanced so "meta" isn't a thing....

5. Oh!! Most importantly! MAPS! Please bring us a couple new MAPS to play on (other than AtN pls). When you play the same MAPS 100s of times over it gets old unfortunately.. Another two MAPS would be huge. Replayablity is very important to me because I love this RTS series so much.

6. Overhaul to the ranking system. I haven't played much for ranked because I don't see any point to play.. Display CSR in the after game lobby and/or preferably be able to look at players service records after you play against them. Give us some bragging rights for lovingly this game so much! Seriously. Heck even some sort of icon on your Squad tag after the game would be cool. Ranked is kinda pointless right now unless I'm missing something...

Overall you guys are doing very good despite some of my negativity I show on the forums some days.. Thanks for bringing us HW2. Good job guys 👍🏻

PS. Ske7ch hope you hit like if you ever read this... it'd make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know someone from 343 read this lol :,)
I don't see much blitz feedback so here goes....

Currently leading the meta for 2v2 blitz is Atriox and Shipmaster. With Banished having 2 types of rush units, both being very cost efficient (50 and 60 energy) you can cycle a few cards and still have enough energy to drop on your opponents energy. UNSC all share only 1 rush unit (Vangaurd wolverine) so this puts every UNSC leader at a severe disadvantage right off the bat and 90% of matches are pretty much decided within the first 2 energy drops. Kinsano is an exception with 3 types of rush units but 2 of them cost 70 energy so if you don't get it in your starting hand you won't have enough energy to cast it. A GREAT fix to this could be to add an additional rush unit for ALL UNSC leaders. Exactly how in deathmatch all banished units start off with 3 infantry units there's coincidentally a grunt mob card that spawns 3 grunts into the battlefield WITH RUSH. UNSC could use something exactly like. My suggestion would be to mirror that and create a card that spawns 2 marine units between 50 - 60 energy (preferably 60 for balance purposes) kinda like how every UNSC leader starts out with 2 infantry units in death match... if possible you can test this out for one season to see how things roll with UNSC in blitz. I wish I knew how the devs tested this out or how interested the devs are with our feedback.

Cards and costs:
some cards and their cost REALLY need to be reworked. There have been so many changes to units in deathmatch and some of that carries over to blitz. Hero unit costs should be reworked since all of their stats have been changed.
Cutter's archer missle pods is by far the WORST AOE ability out there. It takes too long for the missles to go through and it Ian really lacking the fire power. Compared to Shipmasters classing beam for 10 energy more you can deal MASSIVE damage to the enemy following them around or Forges carpet bomb for 10 less deals WAY more damage and covers more area.
Colony has the potential to be a great leader in blitz but of course he's lacking an AOE ability. Hunters brand never made it to blitz and I don't know why living wall was even considered in blitz. Living wall is the most useless leader power in all of blitz and it's considered a rare card.Serina just came out with her own version of a wall and it costs 20 energy less and it actually freezes enemies around it. Living wall should definitely be replaced for hunters brand and if hunters brand were to be added to blitz then it should cost somewhere between 120-130.

These se are the biggest issues blitz is facing. With Banished having a HUGE advantage early game and most matches already being decided within the first 2 energy drops UNSC will never see competitive play unless they can get a rush unit that mirrors gruntmob.

my questions to the amazing team at 343 and CA is if whether or not 3v3 ranked blitz is ever coming back? Even if we're not getting it back can we please get some sort of confirmation we're not so I can stop wondering about it at the end of every season and if whether or not a new game mode for blitz will be coming out in the future? Like a game mode where all cards are the same level for everyone? And if there is please have them be level 6 so they can all be at their peak :)
Suggestion: Optional change, selected in options menu, to make control groups that are unit type based, that auto fill as new units are made.

* I assign a single banshee to "up arrow" all banshees are now "up arrow" for the rest of the game, unless I reassign. New banshees automatically go into the group.
* I assign 1 engineer and 1 shroud to "right arrow" then selecting "right arrow"group selects all engineer and shrouds that I have. Making new engineers and shrouds automatically puts them into "right arrow" group
* "down arrow" etc.
* " left arrow" etc.

* units are so expendable in HW2, that I believe most average players and below just don't use control groups. This way u make it once per game
* easier to use y ability. I want to make all reavers jump, just right arrow and press y, rather then finding one under the banshees and hoping double a tap A works
* easier to have ur units walk somewhere in logical order, I.e. Tanks up front, etc.
* easier to split units to dodge a leader power

Thanks for taking suggestions!
for me i just want a few things changed,first buff isabels early game so she can more often make it to her strong late game/make her less like a forge clone , second make mines a viable utility instead of being insta countered most of the time, third stop drop turrets from switching targets every 2 seconds and final buff serinas glacial storm/ fix the bisons unit model with her various visual bugs(clipping / off center turret/non turning wheels)other than that games great thank you. and thanks for putting up with our more toxic forum posters 😆
1 em just Nerf forgehog Y ability to 200-250% would be great, Is there anything you guys can do to Nerf locust in groups its just the worst when a bunch of locust and destroy your base in seconds.

2 if you could buff the grizzlys defense would be great, If you guys could give sgt Johnson this I would be so happy, Could you give arby hero some more Heath,

3 Is there's any plans for game modes like free for all and multi team to be added?, Is there any planned support for the game after ATN?, Is there any progression based things to be added into the game?, Could we get some details about the upcoming maps?, Will there be anymore maps coming in the future?

Thanks sketch <3
At the very least:

  • Split her Cryo Advances into 2 points.
  • Make Ice Barrier not affect buildings (this is very important, if you increase the distance at which they can be dropped they become too clunky to use).
  • Reduce Anvil Round damage.
Can't really say anything about any other aspect of the game, as these two leaders are clouding judgement.
I'll also list things that could improve the game

-Keep randoms and parties on different playlists

-Get rid off dupes, it would ensure more variety of strategies and would prevent cheese from exploiting one leader, either because it's OP or because some mechanics are too good to allow more than one person use them (Hunter's Brand, Serina's ice, Cutter's or Atriox's ultimates)

-Improve the reward from weekly challenges, rigth now the only difference between a weekly and a daily is XP, thus renders the weekly as almost useless for lvl 50 players.

-Improve the AI, I just beated a legendary AI who thought would be good idea mass Jacrabbits on mid game.
1. Reavers need to be more viable AA. Wolverines feel to be in a very good spot, but the reaver feels very underwhelming, especially in light of the hornet buff. I think the hornets are performing on the level they should have from the start at this point, it's just the issue of the banished not having a super reliable answer to them if they get up in numbers. Buff the reaver's basic DPS only a little bit and give them a better armor modifier VS air and I think that will make it balanced just fine.

2. Grunts need a bit of love. With their second upgrade, they are actually really viable and effective to use, especially for their price. It's just the issue of them losing to everything on T1. I think they need a slight HP and damage buff for their base variant. Again, the fully upgraded grunts are fine- in fact, I think they'r extremely well balanced and playable. It's just they need to compete on a more even field with marines. It should be 3 marines slightly win it out over 3 grunts in a way reflective of price per unit, but with grenades in the picture that statistic isn't even close.

3. Ghosts need a slight buff. Nothing major, but just a bit. Maybe a faster ROF to give more damage? The constant pauses really hurt their viability. Choppers and Rabbits both kill ghosts, especially with upgrades. The playing field needs to be more level there. I think the other scouts are in a good spot right now, but ghosts seem to have been left behind.

4. "Hero Wars". I actually don't mind the hero meta, at all. I think it's a lot of fun to play and makes the leaders all feel VERY unique. It makes target prioritization and micro a lot more important in the early game, which is great. However, some heroes are more equal than others. The Honor Guard, basic Spartans, and Kinsano all seem to have been left way behind. Kinsano and the Spartans all need base DPS and health increases, and I feel like they'd be solid. Kinsano also feels way too slow, since she practically has melee range but no stun or pull abilities. One suggestion I'm behind for the spartans is swapping the weapon upgrade with Hijack, it'd improve their starting DPS drastically and Hijack just isn't useful on T1. As for the honor guard, maybe a slight, VERY slight, buff to damage. The cost increase to 300 supply made him feel a bit less justifiable. That, and his AI when attacking buildings and moving troops needs some work; I constantly find him literally running in circles when unattended. I think his AI is his biggest issue.

That, and the issue of the vehicle hero units. They have the same problem Jerome's mantis had- there's no answer to vehicles on T1. It makes them very hard to kill. I think their T1 base level and upgrade needs less armor VS infantry to set them in line with other leaders.

5. T2 vehicles still feel quite underwhelming. They lose to both infantry thanks to AV and of course air, so they're kinda cornered into a bad spot. I think they need to be either much cheaper (like 150-200 supply) or have another buff to damage and HP.

6. Sentinels. Not the retriever, that thing's great. But the base protector sentinel seems to build a bit too slowly. I think it either needs to be buildable out of minibases or have a lower production time. You need a lot of them for them to be a threat, and it's currently too hard to get their numbers up.

7. T3 vehicles. The Grizzly and Colossus still don't deal effectively with AV infantry, which renders them pretty useless since they can be countered so easily and cost so much. The colossus needs a big HP and damage buff, and maybe another range buff. The grizzly needs further improvement to it's Y ability.

8. Shields shouldn't go up automatically when a new generator completes. If the base takes damage during construction it needs to take time to spin up, like it did in season 1. They should be something you plan ahead, not something you buy mid-combat.

9. Snipers need to miss less. Their ROF is low and they lose to rangers too easily since they miss so many shots if the enemy is microing.

10. Cutter's raid is still viable, but not abusable. This is especially helpful for UNSC mirrors. Please don't buff it back.

11. The flame warthog needs to deal more damage VS buildings and infantry, and Inferno does as well. Kinsano is in a rough place right now. I think the DOT on the ground from inferno, the warthogs, and hell bringers needs a big buff. Perhaps a damage curve that ramps up the longer a unit stays on the burning ground? Like slight damage at first, then absolute murder after several seconds.

12. Isabel needs a big rework, as does Johnson. They both are in rough spots. I'm not sure of specifics for how to change them but they individually need big buffs.

13. Throwing it in for redundancy's sake, but the Serina exploit and Forge's Y need nerf. I actually think Serina is pretty OK, if annoying, balance wise outside of the exploit. And forge is just blatantly broken.

14. Also just begging at this point, but please make Boomerang Squad cutter's hero!
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