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[Locked] Halo Wars 2 Game Feedback! August 1st

OP ske7ch

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I would like to have boomerang company as cutter ultimate leader power like Jerome's omega team.
can you please change cutters hero unit with Spartan warthog from the mission the signal or give Spartan warthog to a other UNSC leader please.
can Johnson's ultimate power digging in deep not be a tech 2 or 3 leader power and make his ultimate halo 2 scarab drop.
can you give Isabel a unit drop leader power and the only unique unit she has is alice can you not give her a wasp or a other advanced UNSC unit from the post war era.
can we have ODSTs build again like in halo wars change Marines with ODSTs for cutter and make not to powerful but make them better then Marines.
forge has already his grizzly replace the scorpion so that's great.
give Anders her hawk back replace it with hornets please I missed it in halo wars 2.
can you guys bring back the cobra,rhino,gremlin,elephant,vampire and jump pack brutes with brute shots.
is there a way we can bring back drones,jackals,skirmishers and even prophets in to halo wars 2?

can you please look at my ideas to improve the game I would be very happy if you one of you reply to let me know some or all of my ideas will be added to halo wars 2
I think it's obvious that the meta is dominated by heroes, and I don't have a problem with that. However it is just really unfortunate that some leaders DON'T have a viable hero unit. I feel like it's an immediate disadvantage, and has really been the main cause of any leader being dominant throughout every season. Kinsano was nerfed into un-usability, Arbiter hero is useless, Isabel and Ander's and Cutter are out of luck when it comes to this aspect of the game, and I think it's the main reason they are so rarely used. If the game is going to be hero centric, I think every leader should have a hero that can at least compete.

When it comes to individual unit balance, this season is honestly the best it has been. The banshee damage to AA vehicle nerf did the trick it seems. I used to almost exclusively play Banished and pretty much only use mass banshee with great success, however that strat no longer works, which I am happy about. The hornet buff did wonders as well. I thoroughly enjoy the buff to the ultimate units, namely the HP buff to scarabs and condors. It really improved their survivability to the point that they are worth using.

To expand further, PLEASE buff Kinsano, both her hero and in general, especially her damaging leader powers.. She was so fun when she came out. She had her issue with flame wall, but once that was fixed she was perfect. I think the AOE damage from Inferno, the flame-hogs and the like should do more too. It honestly feels like they do nothing at the moment, hopefully not another accidentally left out mechanic.

Arbiter, on the other hand, is left kind of high and dry being a melee hero. Other than triggering conduit of rage, he has no use. I'm not even sure what could be done to make him worth using. Stun on hit? Active camo? Drastic increase to DPS and speed? You guys are smart I'm sure you'll figure something out ;)

And finally, please handle Forge and Serina, aside from them this is the best season yet. Thank you for being so open to user feedback!
Since the new updates, the Halo Wars 2 achievement, 'Space Healer' - Cast 100 Healing Leader Powers (Multiplayer, Skirmish or Blitz) ...has stopped progressing. I'm at 45% and was making gradual progress up until the update. I'm newer to the game, so it's not a problem that will bother most players.
5. Grunt Y ability should be reworked.
Oh my goodness yes please. It's the most useless ability in the game.
I wouldn't say it's useless but it's way too situational for it to be viable in a competitive game. Plasma grenades would be greatly appreciated or just a buff in general to grunts and a removal of the t1 upgrade altogether
Last season i was Onyx with a csr of 1700. This season in placement matches we lost 3 of the 10 mostly against max levels. I got placed in PLAT 2. With the damn noobs........ Please explain how a player ranked in the top 600 players in the world gets ranked in plat 2.....
Gank or be Ganked, that's what 2v2 and 3v3 are all about now.
Good job in scaring off any and all new players 343!
And extra point for having no playback feature so there's no effective way to "learn from your failures".
Last season i was Onyx with a csr of 1700. This season in placement matches we lost 3 of the 10 mostly against max levels. I got placed in PLAT 2. With the damn noobs........ Please explain how a player ranked in the top 600 players in the world gets ranked in plat 2.....
There was an mmr reset also. There is more about it in a bunch of active threads below if you want details but how far you move up and down after a game is based off of that rank. If everyone is a noob then you should have no problem winning.

also, it's just a game. Don't get so offended by an imaginary rank that means nothing to everyone besides the 3000-ish active players in the game
Mines are pretty useless in the game right now. Maybe they should be buffed so that units must be manually ordered to shoot mines instead of having them automatically pop them while walking by. This would mean that having stealth detection isn't going to be enough to render mines useless. The player would also have to pay attention to counter them.
Zildjians wrote:
Suggestion: Optional change, selected in options menu, to make control groups that are unit type based, that auto fill as new units are made.

* I assign a single banshee to "up arrow" all banshees are now "up arrow" for the rest of the game, unless I reassign. New banshees automatically go into the group.
* I assign 1 engineer and 1 shroud to "right arrow" then selecting "right arrow"group selects all engineer and shrouds that I have. Making new engineers and shrouds automatically puts them into "right arrow" group
* "down arrow" etc.
* " left arrow" etc.

* units are so expendable in HW2, that I believe most average players and below just don't use control groups. This way u make it once per game
* easier to use y ability. I want to make all reavers jump, just right arrow and press y, rather then finding one under the banshees and hoping double a tap A works
* easier to have ur units walk somewhere in logical order, I.e. Tanks up front, etc.
* easier to split units to dodge a leader power

Thanks for taking suggestions!
I bloody love this idea...then you don't have to continually add/find units that have just been built or are walking across the map. Would add a huge amount of control to the game consisting it would be much easier to use control groups effectively.

Well done man, hope this gets added or something like it.
Im not going to read everyone's post so here is my two cents.
1. The game balance is pretty good at the moment minus the Hero Disparity and some Leaders powers just not being as effective as others.
2. I'd like to see leader powers gathered specifically on a time interval. You start off with a leader power then crew a new leader power every 3 minutes.
It doesn't make sense that a player gets his leader powers sooner by expanding vs a player that turtles with turrets. If you don't go off time then instead of upgrading turrets gaining leader power points it should go off of just building turrets. And only the 1st and 3rd turret count for points.
3. Diminishing returns on supplies makes no sense especially when you have a leader like Johnson who benefits from expanding and building free buildings. Or Atriox with Fortifications or Forge with economy. These are economic leaders who are supposed to win through there economy.
4. Anti air units need to do more damage to air.
5. Give Cutter back his raid speed. And unnerf ODST DAMAGE. but increase the cost two 800 supply and 200 energy.
6. Give Kinsano back her Hogs damage and make Inferno be able to either strip a base or damage units like Eradicate. I'd prefer the base stripping since she is flame based and should be a building killer Leader.
Make the Hog drop cost 800-200 if the damage goes back to their original form.
7. Kodiaks cost should go to 400
8. Jerome Mantis upgrade should cost the same as all the other leaders upgrades and add 10% health.
9. I do not agree with the line of sight argument some are saying for Shipmaster. Or Teleport or displacement or pelican drop. These powers do not need to require line of site. Teleport range has been nerfed and was not needed. The biggest problem was teleport combined with Locus Locus price has been increased and they were slowed down and damage nerfed against other units. Therefore I think Locus are in a good spot.
10. Make Johnson Mantis cost 300
11. Johnson leader Dig in Deeper ultimate power should be moved to a 4th leader power. Preferably in place of the siege turret drop. And give him a Collossus drop like Forges Grizzly drop as his ultimate.
12. Snipers need a faster rate of fire.
13. Can the Colony leader get a slight speed buff maybe 10%
14. Either bring the normal Spartans heroes up to par with other heroes or allow these leaders to be able to build more than 1 Spartan. Jerome, Alice, Douglas
15. Shipmaster Hero needs some help or maybe should have a power that allows him to stealth even with detect units.
16. Kinsano Hero used to rinse bases. I think at her final stage she should be able to crash and burn bases she is the flame leader.
17. I think with the current Hero Meta the scout unit rushes have been solved so that is nice.
18. Isabel Mac Blast should be equivalent to Emp Mac Blast as far as damage goes.
Isabel Holographic decoy should be permanent but count towards unit cap. Once the units are killed they dissapear and come off the unit cap.
Ghost in the machine should permanently take over units but not super units or heroes and cap at 35 population. And Isabel has to have the unit cap space to take over the units. Increase the cost of needed.
19. Any leader mines should be allowed to be placed like the Serena wall is placed and Units should not auto shoot mines they have to be targeted by the player
20. Colony wall drop needs more health.
21. Freezing a players base should not stop production. Only freezing turrets or freezing the base for damage from the crack
22. I like the Serena Aura on power nodes and the turrets but also gives cryotroopers a shield I just think is to much for a leader power. Move the cryotrooper shield to be included with the FrostRaven.
23. Can the Arbitor Phantom unit cost less and Start off with 3 troop units and then the uograde being 4
22. Atriox Fortifications id like to see go back to where it was cost wise but make his shields cost the normal price.
23. If a base is being attacked building a shield generator should not allow the shield to go up.
24. lower siege turret cost to 700 supply.
Once again just my opinions on the game.
Add a spectator feature
Make new Maps.
Allow players to choose where they want there base to be placed in games. Like why does my base have to start in this designated spot. Let me choose between 3 different spots.
I want to talk about Anti Air. Can we talk about Anti Air? I wanna talk about Anti Air.

Before you continue, please consider viewing these Frequently Replied Quotes before you reply.

Reply: "I've beaten that army with -insert strategy here- and it's not that big of a problem if you do this."
Response: Congratulations. You should get a medal. No really. But understand theirs a lot of variables at play here and while you may have shredded an Air Spam Armada, someone else can get shredded by it. Everyone has had different experiences with different spams or units in general that affect their opinions of this game. Also, chances are that I may not be that character, on that particular map, fighting that particular teammate with the same variables as the match you played ever in my time on Halo Wars 2. So I may not be able to replicate your strategy 24/7 and always have it work.

Reply: "I don't see them as that much of a problem I never see it happen to me."
Response: That's fine. And rare if that. Again, some people are gonna have different experiences with different things and draw different conclusions. There are unanimous conclusions that the community can draw, but not everyone may feel the same way.

Reply: "-insert childish comeback like "get gud" here-"
Response: Not even gonna bother replying to those.

Now lets analyze the situation. Banshee spam was a problem, yes, and it was fixed. But has Air in general been fixed? HELL NO. If anything, you basically just switched them with Hornets. Now Hornet spam is impossible to fight. A pack of those things with some Nightingales are unstoppable.

Now, lets Analyze the problems with both Soft and Hard counters to Air Units, starting with the UNSC. I'm also NOT going to factor in Hero Units. Reason being is they are too circumstantial.

First off, the options for UNSC are VERY slim compared to Banished, as I see their units as way more versatile then UNSC. UNSC units may be better at what they do in some cases, like the tanks or snipers depending on how you look at them, but that's a whole other discussion.

Now as for Soft Counters, minus hero units, the only thing the UNSC has is.... Marines. Thats it. Yes almost every other Hero unit can hit air, the exception being Kinsano, But that's it. Cyclopses, Hellbringers, Snipers, Cryotroopers, cannot hit. ODST's can, albeit they practically do the same as Marines. But you don't use those guys for Anti Air, and only one leader, Cutter, can get them. The Marines get floored the second T2 hits. Vehicles, Snipers, Tanks, you name it. And even a well placed Leader Power "Bomb" like Scatter Bomb or Archer Missiles can wipe them all out. Also, their dps is not enough if they have Nightingales or Engineers. They are cheap, but they do not do well as a soft counter. I think they should do more damage to Air, Grunts as well.

Now onto Hard Counter. We have the Wolvarine. In HW1, this thing was a great addition to your army. Barrage was pretty cool, and gave them some usability outside of strictly anti-air. In HW2, surprise, they do not have any upgrades. And only do two things: shoot nerf darts at planes, and detect cloaked units. They are insanely cheap, yea, but they also have a 4 pop cap cost, which is kinda big if you think about it, and it cannot function on it's own. Again, a great ADDITION to your army, but if you fight a Spam Hornet Army with a Spam Wolverine Army... its looses. And it looses big time. If this game has a rock-paper-scissors style combat to it, rock should always destroy scissors. Period. No questions asked. Any hard counter unit should, IMO, take less damage from its intended target, and deal more, if not double damage to its intended target. Their slow, have terrible DPS, and are basically made of Paper Maché. Plain and simple, buff these guys. They need it.

Onto Banished. Banished Soft Counters, I.E Infantry, have it much better than the UNSC because of versatility. They aren't necessarily GOOD at attacking air, but at least they can hit it. Grunts, Hunters, Elite Rangers, (I'm not sure about Enforcers but I think they can.) They are also much cheaper, and say you come against a mixed army, you can single out the air and take it out, and then you still have Anti-Infantry and Anti-Vehicle left over. Much better options there.

Hard Counter wise: The Reaver. Almost carbon copy of the Wolverine stat wise, minus health. It trains a few seconds slower, which can be life or death, but it has the pounce ability to move a little better. It has less base health, but has a shield. It also has a 5 pop cap compared to 4, but it feels just the same damage wise. Most of the issues remain the same here from the Wolverine so I won't repeat myself. Slow, Bad DPS, Paper Maché.

All in all, if these units are the only thing standing between you and 20 Hornets at your base, you're screwed. Please 343, please listen to us. Nerfing Banshees was not the solutions. Nerfing in general is not ALWAYS the solution. Sometimes Its a good a idea to simply balance it out by buffing another unit, that way, less things are left behind, and we wouldn't be in a few pickles that we are right now.

Personal Opinion: Add an Air Unit that is Anti-Air, like the Seraph. Would give for some interesting battles as well as usability and response. Would be cool to "scramble fighters" to counter hornets or something. Not too familiar with UNSC fighters (Maybe an F-41 Broadsword?)

If you have gotten this far, thank you for reading. I'm sure their is information I missed (I wrote this at 3 AM) so feel free to correct me, support me, or oppose me with a reply.

Have a nice day/evening/night/morning/afternoon. Depending on where you are. :)
Remove victory mines from the game and all the other mines. NOBODY picks them on purpose. they will cause you to lose if you pick them on accident.
Also when I select a building I should have to press B to back out of the radial menu. this will help everyone play faster in picking things in the radial menu with accuracy.
I want to hold X to set waypoints and I want waypoints to work just like every single other RTS game. When you tell the unit to go somewhere you press X and then set a waypoint by holding X. easy simple as that. The problem is to set a waypoint you have to hold RT+X to set the waypoint, then press X again while holding RT. its to complicated and is useless because units don't even pick up all the supplies before moving to the next waypoint. its broken.
Health bars should get larger when I zoom in on my units not scale down to where I still cant see them.
If I spam X around the map telling a unit to go somewhere, the pointer curser thing lags A LOT. the faster I press X the more the cursor lags. Its visually unsatisfying.
The MOST IMPORTANT change is to remove the warning you have no units build some more warning sign. its unnecessary and an eye sore to look at. like I know I have no units because my base is dying and I see I have 0 pop. I don't need a reminder to build units. and the most annoying part about it is it stays in the middle of my screen until a unit arrives. which take a million years if I don't have adv logistics.
A scout takes 25 seconds to build. its absurd some of the unit build times. it slows down the pace of the game. remove adv logistics 2 and 3 because adv logistics 1 is all we need. I hope you adjust unit build time along with the removal of adv logistics 2 and 3. I'm tired of 25+ min games.
Remove blitz from the front page of the multiplayer game modes. if I wanna play blitz I will go to the blitz menu.
Everyone should be able to see the veterancy level of every unit on the map.
I will focus on BLITZ:

1) More unique MAPS: Blitz needs really new and fresh Maps, which feel very different and play much more different than the current Proving Grounds.

2) SPECTATOR MODE: A Spectator mode would allow players to easily host tournaments or entire games to be streamed and commentated by moderators. This would help very much to increase the range ans popularity of Halo Wars.

3) E-SPORT: Halo has become big with the multiplayer mode. Why not support official Leagues and Tournaments for Blitz and DM in cooperation with for example the ESL? The current Ranked Playlist could be the eSports Focus.

4) NEW UNITS: For every leader. Like Jackals for the Banished in general or unsc specific units in general for every leader. This would keep the game a lot more versatile.

5) LEADER BALANCING: In Blitz there are currently no better Leaders than Shipmaster and Atriox. UNSC should be adjusted to bring them more in line with the Banished rush units. Shipmaster should be watched critically to adjust him and bring him in line with all the other leaders. When people talk he shouldnt be nerfed, screen the leaderboards for every season, they speak another language. He has the best offensive and defensive leader powers which cost so incredibly less and one of the best starting decks out there in Blitz. Teleport can be used for only 60 energy and applied without Line of Sight (this shouldnt be possible) and to dodge every leader power. Glassing Beam is the most effective Leader Power costing only 110 energy.

When new things come my mind I will just edit the topic. Thank you!
My friend Merciles Hunter and I, Dark Fluoresce2, will go ahead and put in our ideas. We've been playing since launch, and Season 4 we were ranked at least Champion 60 in 2v2s with Arbiter and Jerome as our main picks. Most of what we say will be focused on 2v2 gameplay, and we hope some of it can be taken in to consideration for other playlists as well.

We'll break it up in game stages of early, mid, to late game, then end with a leader tier list with final comments.

Early Game:
We noticed in the highest tier level play, it relies a lot on controlling mini bases and scout unit map control. Without anti-vehicle forces in tier one, scout units dominate the midfield and force the player to buy frag grenades to have a chance at keeping map control, which still isn't enough in many cases. A chopper force mixed with a force of snipers is nearly unstoppable, and will almost always succeed when having taken mini base control. This mini base effect is worst experienced on Badlands and Highway. We believe scout units should be used as their name implies, to SCOUT, not to dominate infantry units. The best way to fix this, while still keeping scout units very useful and eliminating the efficiency of mini base control over your opponent, is to increase the energy cost of scout units significantly, we recommend 40 energy as a starting number to test.

Early game heroes are a problem with only a small number of leader picks. I obviously won't get in to Serina and Forge, but Atriox's Chosen is even better than Forge when it comes to DPS overtime. Sure he's a glass cannon, and he does not have a Y ability, but he's extremely powerful and can wipe squads of core infantry in two shots. Normally this isn't a bid deal for a hero, but his splash can make it a problem. A good fix would be to switch his first two upgrades. Make his damage over time the first upgrade, and his AoE effect the second.

As for Honor Guard, right now hes laughable. Instead of making his Y ability only cloak himself, maybe make his Y ability act like a shroud, and cloak units around him. With testing, maybe try it like a miniature mass cloaking, and add speed boost and siphon to units affected by Honor Guard's cloaking field.

Overall, the mid-game is very solid. We don't really have any complaints about mid-game and mid-tier units.

Late Game:
If the game goes late enough to get everyone in tech 3 and have many units upgraded, the game many times dissolves in to an anti-war. By that, we mean armies of mass units that are anti-units. Snipers, Cyclops, Elite Rangers, Hunters, Wolverines, and Reavers. As a personal request, we would like to see it somehow built around the use of core units, with a small number of anti-units thrown in to counter your current force's biggest problems. Our most ideal way to fix this is to increase the population cost of anti units. Another possible choice is to increase the energy cost of anti-units, but we believe that is less ideal. Either way, it will make core units more appealing. With the recent patch to make the rock-paper-scissors aspect of Halo Wars2 more prominent, such as the reduction of air unit damage versus infantry, this is a great start to making this idea of eliminating mass armies of anti-units come true.

Losing units in the late game is not as painful as it is in other stages of the game because of Logistics. I like Logistics, but in the late game, you can lose your entire force attacking the enemy base, and have nearly a whole new force back up by the time they are on your doorstep to counterattack. Instead of reduction in build time by 15/30/45%, I think it would be more impacting when you lose your whole force if Logistics was a reduction of 10/20/30%. This would also entice players to be more strategic and careful when commanding their forces late game.


Now for our thoughts on the leader tier list and our ending comments.

S Tier: Forge (currently unpatched), Atriox
A Tier: Serina, Cutter, Shipmaster, Arbiter, Jerome, Decimus
B Tier: Colony, Kinsano
C Tier: Anders, Johnson, Isabel

(After Forgehog is patched, he will be dropped back to B or C tier. Recent Forgehog improvement helped his early game which was his only struggle, so I hope he isn't nerfed too hard to where he is nigh not viable once again)

A tough recommendation would be to replace leader powers that are rarely purchased for low-tier leaders with abilities that are much more desired. Personally we would like to see the return of disruption bomb. If every C tier leader got the Halo Wars1 disruption bomb, they would already be that much more viable to play.

Atriox has been S tier since day one, and his abilities are not only efficient on their own, but they compliment other leaders exceptionally well. Serina cryo bomb matched with Eradication, or Shipmaster displace matched with Atriox's cheap shield generators make attacking bases and actually dealing damage almost impossible. Three invincibility-like powers are also extremely frustrating. It slaps good tactics in the face over and over again. Also, when contemplating leader powers in team games, compare them to leader powers of high tier leaders, especially Atriox. Be leery of leader power combos that are overpowered or too easy to use.

A personal request that we would love to see, is no duplicate leaders in ranked playlists. An exaggerated example is double Forge currently, or a double Shipmaster to displace twice in a row perhaps. Two Atriox's eradications, or two Kinsano infernos can almost guarantee a force wipe, followed by swift victory. There is a lot of cheese that comes with duplicate leader picks.

Something worth intense testing is removing the ability for shield generators on banished bases to protect the units inside. This would fix several things that are frustrating to fight when going up against forces inside shield generators. An example is the above combo of Shipmaster and Atriox. The shield stays up with units inside dealing damage to an attacking force, and when the shield goes down, bulwarks and displaces can reduce damage done to the combo even more, leaving nothing but serious damage dealt to the attackers. Shield generators did not protect units in Halo Wars1, and we would like to see at least a trial run of shield generators only protecting bases in Halo Wars2 as well.

Something that also needs to be looked at closely are abilities that stun units. Decimus' hero Y ability, spartan slams, Decimus vortex lightning, Jerome's mantis drop, jet pack brutes y ability, these things are abilities that are wildly effective in many situations in all stages of the game that can sometimes be too effective, or too easy to use. Stun time on some stun abilities should be lower maybe a whole second or two, or focus more on abilities only 'slowing' units down, and having very few abilities actually 'stun'. It made us so happy when we saw stancheon sniper system no longer stun, and instead only slow infantry units because the stun was ridiculous. Stun is merely something worth looking in to, as it can be too effective sometimes.

To close, we are still very happy with the game, and the balancing and patches that have come out so far. This was a lot to read, but if we can only choose two to three adjustments, we prefer the early game scout unit adjustments, late game anti force adjustments, and shield generators no longer protecting units inside. Thank you for reading our long post, and we can't wait to see what comes next! Thank you!
ske7ch wrote:
Hey folks - With the Serina DLC and latest update out the door I wanted to attempt to focus a conversation and gather current feedback about Halo Wars 2. I know this forum is filled with hundreds upon hundreds of threads - which we try to continuously skim and keep track of - but there's so much duplication and churn it can be very inefficient.
To help matters I'm creating a fresh thread to consolidate current feedback on the game. If you have something to share, please do! Please be as constructive and detailed as possible.1. What are your biggest concerns with the current meta? How are the other leaders? How's unit balance?
2. What's at the top of your wish list for future updates?
3. Do you have any questions to ask of the development team?
Note that we're aware of the Forge and Serina sentiment - no need to continuously re-post that to this thread.Thanks in advance for sharing feedback and my apologies if this makes some folks have to re-type feedback they've already recently provided. Truth is the Waypoint forums are unwieldy and messy and aren't always the best conduit for ongoing player dialog.
Hello ske7ch,
1. In my mind the current meta is okay-ish. I see every leader in the matchmaking except Isabell. I agree with the other posts, that for teleport or pelican drop you need line of sight. Also you need to rework the classic UNSC heros (cutter, isabell and anders) they are to weak compared to the dlc heros. Maybe just give them their Tier 2 weapons from the beginning.
I dont know if it has been mentioned before, but serinas cryo bomb needs a longer cooldown and/or a longer charge before it hits the ground, so that you can react on it. Added with seismic charge its just to strong in the early game, because it can take out your army easily (even when you split them, than you lose one part of your army).
2. Please make a seperat 3v3 and 2v2 team Player list, as it was in Halo Wars 1! Its just unfair to play in a team of 3 solo players against a team of 3. I know that the player popualation is low, but that feature would improve the overall game experience for all players, because solo players dont get deterred, since a team just rushes them without even a chance for the solo players and the teams can actually have a good match and not just boosting their rank with this cheesy tactic.
I also want to mention that in Halo Wars 1 these lists were always filled with players. Maybe it makes the decision a bit easier. ;)
3. Do we get something special for gamescon? New Maps or a local tournament in cologne?

Edit: I completely agree with Dark Fluoresce2's post about the early game.
Early Game:
We noticed in the highest tier level play, it relies a lot on controlling mini bases and scout unit map control. Without anti-vehicle forces in tier one, scout units dominate the midfield and force the player to buy frag grenades to have a chance at keeping map control, which still isn't enough in many cases. A chopper force mixed with a force of snipers is nearly unstoppable, and will almost always succeed when having taken mini base control. This mini base effect is worst experienced on Badlands and Highway. We believe scout units should be used as their name implies, to SCOUT, not to dominate infantry units. The best way to fix this, while still keeping scout units very useful and eliminating the efficiency of mini base control over your opponent, is to increase the energy cost of scout units significantly, we recommend 40 energy as a starting number to test.
I haevtn got around to playing Halo wars 2 but i never really enjoyed the original. Maybe one day I might hop on it
More new maps before ATN. I feel that Banished need a little buff and change Jerome as Cutter's Heroe for a Odst company.
I'm waiting for Yap Yap.
Oh, on a side note, I main Arbiter. Before the most recent patch, when he used his Y ability rage, he would ignore staying with his fellow units. After the most recent patch, he wants to stay the same speed as his fellow units and not go TROLOLOLOL across the battlefield at top speed. Please make it how it was before with the Arbiter. It was very nice to essentially switch on and off his want to travel with his units, because in the heat of combat when you pop rage ability, you WANT him to charge in and deal damage, not meander around with the hunters in the back with his swords all glowing and ready to kill, but.. not actually going to do it.
  1. Reavers are terrible and banished scouts lose to rabbits currently. Banished can't beat a unsc that masses hornets, it just won't happen and it is because the reaver is bad and lacks dps. I will make a more detailed post about balance and changes in about a week similar to my last post about "high level issues."
  2. Controls adjustments, I would like to see right on the d-pad jump to my teammates flares. I would like to see left bumper be all units and up on the d-pad be my leader power wheel and global rally point would be double tap left thumbstick. I would like to see control groups removed or made secondary so that my right trigger works smoothly and quickly to cycle through my units. The RT+Y is an improvement but it was just a bandaid and doesn't really fix the problem as telling units to do things quickly can cause it to accidentally cycle to the next unit. I would like setting waypoints to be possible by holding x and when way-pointing supply pick up it should pick up all of the supplies in the group instead of just one pile. When I push all units and cycle through my units and I reach the end of my units it should cycle back to the first unit and not to all units because if I wanted all units, I would just push all units again.
  3. Do you have any questions for me? I don't mind helping you balance your game, just message me.
Amen to those control adjustments! I also would like to see scrolling selective unit types to be much more fluid. That's an imperative command in this game and it's extremely clunky. If it were something like the card display in Blitz while using the left and right triggers, I think it would help a lot.
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