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[Locked] Halo Wars 2 Game Feedback! August 1st

OP ske7ch

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Plese add System Link like Halo Wars has it on XBOX 360.Thanks!
I think that most uncs hero units should have shorter veterancy cap. Right noe it's a lot easier to gain veterancy to banished heroes due the huge DPS they'll do.

Also the veterancy cap for units (unsc and banished) should be shorter except marines and grunts. I haven't gain any veterancy for hellbringers not once! Haven't seen a vet.1 Kinsano ever. I think there is a problem.
Ice barriers are broken. The ability to scout your opponents base and mini bases with RT X while in the ice barrier menu dropping 3 barriers on their base and two on the mini bases. Around 2 minutes! This kills all leaders economy so bad no leader can beat her. Also to beable to change battlefields terrain and ice has such a huge effect on the battle is a bit much for the cost. Next her hero has way to much health for what it does it needs to be nerfed speed and health.
2- Forge
300% anvil rounds drop armies by itself this with a hit and run gives forge map control against all leaders except serina
3 Shipmaster
Displacement is been needing a nerf for a while. To displace half an army to your own base, kill the other half and then cut the second half off or extract and kill them is broken. Not to mention free base kills with locust later.
4- Hornets
This flys under the radar but reavers lose to hornets after this last update and so do banshees. Grunts are too slow to counter air and they lose as well. So UNSC that spams hornets with a few nightingales will be unstoppable unless you have displacement.
5- Warthogs
This unit has been useless since day 1. Please increase speed of warthog and increase damage of gauss upgrade because it makes the DPS drop right now.
1. While some complain about the leader meta, I disagree. I feel that having the leaders be a vital part of the game, particularly the early game, has changed the game for the better. They were superfluous before. Not anymore. It's like playing the Covy leaders in HW1. You need those leaders. That said, I agree buffs are in order for the regular Spartans (and maybe Jerome's Omega squad too). Johnson and Kinsano need buffs as well. The Banished heroes work quite well, as does Serina and Forge (obviously Forge needs to be nerfed on Anvil Rounds, but you know that already).

2. Please replace Cutter's Jerome with the ODST squad from Spearbreaker. Just would be a cool additional hero unit rather than having two Jeromes around.

3. Please allow us to Rank up to 100. I miss the days of ranking up and getting Blitz cards. Make it really difficult to reach 100, I don't mind. But some sense of progression would be nice.

4. Anti-air needs to be improved some more. Right now the most effective anti-air is air.

5. Shipmaster is great, please don't mess with his displacement too much. I know it's annoying for people to face, but it's one of his most valuable powers. if you nerf it too far, you will render Ship useless.
RonBnbr1 wrote:
Probably be ignored but add the hero ODST from the campaign to Cutters leader. Just replace them with the common ODST on Cutters skill wheel, and generate the common ODST in the armory.
As a cutter main I'll aprove this :D
Right now those elite troopers (ODST as you call them) Aren't that great since they are 3rd leader point and can call'd down every 3min. Their hp got nerfed a big time in a past patches, add it a bit more. DPS is fine. Right now you just drop 'em to stun enemy and see them dying into your arms.

Or just give cutter the ability to train them! Every one else has these unique units in their main base.

The odst hero squad could replace the assault drop?? Or is it too much. Propably the caffeine that kicks off..
Is the DLC a good idea, because DLC may make halo look worst.
When Halo Wars 2 was announced I got really excited. I remember thinking that the art style and scale would be upped to make a more realistic battle simulator. Imagine seeing 1000 little UNSC soldiers run across your screen! Instead, the troop size/scale was similar to Halo Wars, being representations of scale and not actual scale. While this certainly has its audience, I was disappointed. If Halo Wars 3 (as you can't change Halo Wars 2 THAT much) is ever announced, I think a more to scale and realistic product would garner much more attention and sales.
I don't expect this to happen soon but this would definetly count as a part of my wishlist for future updates to the game. We desperately need some form of spectator system for the game. This would make organizing things like tournaments, tutorial videos, or even just replays of good games much easier. Perhaps we could even have some form of theatre mode as well and a place to upload games for the community.
I would like return 2 vs 2 ranked for pc PLSSSS
THEWALL766 wrote:
Last season i was Onyx with a csr of 1700. This season in placement matches we lost 3 of the 10 mostly against max levels. I got placed in PLAT 2. With the damn noobs........ Please explain how a player ranked in the top 600 players in the world gets ranked in plat 2.....
There was an mmr reset also. There is more about it in a bunch of active threads below if you want details but how far you move up and down after a game is based off of that rank. If everyone is a noob then you should have no problem winning.

also, it's just a game. Don't get so offended by an imaginary rank that means nothing to everyone besides the 3000-ish active players in the game
Hahaha man im just sayin i deserve some more love than plat 2. And i know we are winning every game but its gonna take years to get up to onyx
If possible take an extra look at Kinsano.
The hero unit does less base damage than 3 hellbringers. Which is actually cheaper than an actual kinsano hero.

The Kinsano hero does less damage points than an enigneer/nightingale healing it. Meaning. The engineer/nightingale can still heal a base faster than the Kinsano hero can hurt it. And thats with all her upgrades and a level 3 infantry with level 1 veterancy.

Flamehogs for example do the exact same amout of damage to buildings as normal warthogs except flamehogs cost more and do FAR less damage to vehicles

Redline level 2. Does not increase the speed of vehicle or aircraft to a noticeable degree.

Flame wall actually does less damage fully upgraded even with hellcharge!!! Against kinsano's base attack against buildings.

I know you just changed (nerfed) her flamehog drop. But if you at least increase the damage done to flamehogs in general they may actually be a viable leader power to use.

I didnt test it with a group of flamehogs. But a flamehog without the Incendiary grenades actually can kill a minibase faster than a flamehog who was the upgrade.
Zildjians wrote:
Suggestion: Optional change, selected in options menu, to make control groups that are unit type based, that auto fill as new units are made.

* I assign a single banshee to "up arrow" all banshees are now "up arrow" for the rest of the game, unless I reassign. New banshees automatically go into the group.
* I assign 1 engineer and 1 shroud to "right arrow" then selecting "right arrow"group selects all engineer and shrouds that I have. Making new engineers and shrouds automatically puts them into "right arrow" group
* "down arrow" etc.
* " left arrow" etc.

* units are so expendable in HW2, that I believe most average players and below just don't use control groups. This way u make it once per game
* easier to use y ability. I want to make all reavers jump, just right arrow and press y, rather then finding one under the banshees and hoping double a tap A works
* easier to have ur units walk somewhere in logical order, I.e. Tanks up front, etc.
* easier to split units to dodge a leader power

Thanks for taking suggestions!
I bloody love this idea...then you don't have to continually add/find units that have just been built or are walking across the map. Would add a huge amount of control to the game consisting it would be much easier to use control groups effectively.

Well done man, hope this gets added or something like it.

As a former pc RTS player, I was really excited when I heard HW2 would have control groups, but I just don't feel they work in their current implementation for average players ( not sure if Onyx/Champions can use them well). Not sure if it's because of the controller, or how expendable they are in this RTS, but at max I will only occasionally use one, and it's usually just to group all air, or something simple like that.

I do think if they were implemented as described above, most players would use all 4 groups.
ske7ch wrote:
Hey folks - With the Serina DLC and latest update out the door I wanted to attempt to focus a conversation and gather current feedback about Halo Wars 2. I know this forum is filled with hundreds upon hundreds of threads - which we try to continuously skim and keep track of - but there's so much duplication and churn it can be very inefficient.

To help matters I'm creating a fresh thread to consolidate current feedback on the game. If you have something to share, please do! Please be as constructive and detailed as possible.1. What are your biggest concerns with the current meta? How are the other leaders? How's unit balance?
2. What's at the top of your wish list for future updates?
3. Do you have any questions to ask of the development team?

Note that we're aware of the Forge and Serina sentiment - no need to continuously re-post that to this thread.Thanks in advance for sharing feedback and my apologies if this makes some folks have to re-type feedback they've already recently provided. Truth is the Waypoint forums are unwieldy and messy and aren't always the best conduit for ongoing player dialog.

Doh i thought it was for halo 5 although it would be nice for a update for it
About Serina...

I was able to achieve Onyx rank last season as the Arbiter. Felt pretty happy about being in the top 1500. I prefer playing as Banished and have mostly played as Atriox, Demetus, a little Shipmaster, and Arbiter has become my favorite.

Beginning this new season I was just getting wiped by Serina and I've given up on having any success with Arbiter until a patch.

Doubting that any other Banished leader would be any better I tried Serina last night. I've played less than 10 games as UNSC so I'm not even good at playing UNSC and I dominated as Serina.

My strategy was basically to control as many power nodes as I could with Serina, enabling my teammates with greater damage capabilities to upgrade their units. I would also assist with defense whenever necessary. This resulted in an inevitable conclusion of destruction for opponents who were not able to upgrade units quickly.

Generally I had to be double-teamed in order to lose any battle. Even here, at the power nodes I could still cause a draw with significant damage to the other team.

I don't really have advice on how to nerf Serina. Perhaps a reduction in her damage across all units, and a slowdown on the freezing.
5 pages of great feedback in one day, thanks everyone! I've already taken some notes to pass along and have made sure the game folks are aware of this thread.
ske7ch wrote:
5 pages of great feedback in one day, thanks everyone! I've already taken some notes to pass along and have made sure the game folks are aware of this thread.
Thanks for listening, ske7ch!

Again, top of my wishlist is a Lich super unit *cough cough*.

If you guys seriously bring the stuff we want in I'm gonna cry.
Hell, we asked for a grunt leader and you're giving us YapYap. It means a lot to us that you do actually listen to what the players want, and I think it's great!
Be cool if you would fix when you get randomly disconnected that you don't lose points in rank. I'm kinda really tired of losing a rank and a half due to being randomly disconnected in my matches.
ske7ch wrote:
5 pages of great feedback in one day, thanks everyone! I've already taken some notes to pass along and have made sure the game folks are aware of this thread.
Hey ske7ch was just wondering when the changes will be implemented?
So chilled units not only move slower, but they also capture power nodes slower and do less damage. That's a bit ridiculous don't you think? Power node chill auras make capping points back very difficult and less damage makes it difficult to fight back. Plus it stops production or income from any buildings it freezes. I really like the concept of her as a leader and she's very VERY fun to play, but I think her Ice Barrier exploit needs to be fixed and the whole freeze mechanic needs to be slightly reworked. Its just too powerful.
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