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[Locked] Halo Wars 2: Official Support Resources

OP stckrboy

Welcome to Halo Wars 2! Thanks for joining us on this latest Halo adventure, we hope you enjoy everything the game has to offer! The 343 and Creative Assembly teams have worked hard to create an ambitious game jam-packed with epic experiences and features on Xbox One and Windows 10 but we know that sometimes unexpected things can happen. From problems with installation to PC compatibility to network connectivity to unexplained in-game hiccups you might find yourself in need of support.

Many times you might find the answer to your question or problem by perusing our forums here on Waypoint. We will maintain a FAQ thread with answers to common questions that might be just what you're looking for. We'll also keep updated patch notes as the game gets updated post-release so you can see what issues are being addressed and what new improvements are being added. Often times our community members will share a similar issue and a solution that worked for them. Other times you might need to call on official support experts.

** Please note: The 343 team is unable to provide product support for Halo Wars 2. **

There are two official options for Halo Wars 2 support depending on which product you have:

1. For support with Halo Wars 2 on Xbox One and/or Windows 10 (digital version):

2. For support only with the Halo Wars 2 Windows 10 Physical Disc SKU (published in partnership with THQ Nordic and distributed outside of North America):

We do appreciate your feedback and the information you provide in our forums is helpful as our teams keep an eye out for potential broader issues that need addressing at the game developer level.

Thank you!