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Halo Wars 2 Sandbox Suggestion

OP YoTraumaMomma

Hello all. So I have just recently bought Halo Wars 2, and very soon after playing a little bit of the campaign and MP, I came up with an idea for it that I think would have great potential. Imagine a sandbox mode, where you have a small to large area with high ground, a tower, a valley, garrisons and more. (Perhaps you could even customize what and where you want them on the map) Then you could place any type and amount of (with a separate population cap for either side) unit and press play to watch them fight it out. Say you want to watch a group of three marine squads and four elite ranger pairs duel. You could open a menu where you select/filter either Banished or UNSC, then choose vehicles, infantry or air. When you find the unit(s) you're looking for, you can drag it from the menu and onto the battlefield, then arrange it/them wherever and however you like. I think it would be wonderfully entertaining to watch the different animations as different units fight, blow up, die, etc., and enjoy the finer aspects and details of the game. Also, could anyone direct me where to go to pitch this idea to the developers? Can't seem to find a way to. (It's probably right in front of me) Please tell me what you think. Thanks
I think a Forge mode could produce these results that you're talking about. I'd really like to see Forge, but I don't know how likely it'll be for us to get it.

As for pitching it to the devs there isn't a direct channel or manner to do that.
So kinda like a forge mode with AI placement options? That seems like a good idea!
Thanks guys for the feedback! I will try and spread this around...who knows, maybe it will be picked up and launched!
I agree