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Halo Wars 2 Steam

OP Junktron

Any chances of it coming to steam sometime soon? I have game pass on PC and currently trying download through Microsoft store but keep getting the same error.
Error Code: 0x803FB107.
I've tried at least 10 different troubleshooting methods, none of which have worked. All this hassle could be avoided if it was on steam and not the Microsoft store which has tons of issues (take PSO2's launch).
So yeah just kind of venting a little bit. Wondering if anyone has had similar issues or knows if the game will come to steam sometime soon.
Pretty bummed out.
Probably not, Since its on the microsoft store already they might just keep it like that unless they think putting it on steam would get more money. The games getting pretty old at this point and many people are losing interest so its kinda odd to think they'd do that. Halo wars 3 though? always a possibility that they'll release it on PC now that they're making this big move to pc and what not