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Halo Wars 2 to Steam?

OP x DeadGhost x

Now that the Master Chief Collection is announced for PC and coming to Steam (excellent news!!) and Halo Infinite is also announced for PC (I presume Steam too, obvious at this point), is there any chance to see Halo Wars 2 coming to Steam as well? The first one is already there, and with all the other major Halo titles there, it only makes sense to me to be able to complete my Halo PC collection in that platform.

Is there any chance?
We can dream, I think it would be a really smart and positive move.
It could happen, they did it with the first Halo Wars.
Considering that the first one is on Steam, it would just make sense to release HW2 there as well. And now with MCC coming to Steam as well...
Definitely would like to see it come to Steam. If HW2 was built from the ground up for DX12 it might not happen though.
I think it is definitely more likely now, but might be too much work to bother with. On a side note will the HW1 Steam servers ever be integrated with the W10 and Xbox servers?
So the Microsoft store won't be selling the MCC? Only steam?
So the Microsoft store won't be selling the MCC? Only steam?
It'll be on both and all PC players should be able to play with each other.
That would be pretty sweet. I would definitely buy it (again) if they add it to steam.
Yes please. The growth via steam would be incredible.
Yesss, we need this!
I'd support any move that increases the player base.
I feel it'll happen sooner or later since they added Halo wars and the Chief collection
i think there wane see first if MCC and halo Infinite is doing good on steam and if its doing good then i think halo wars will also been sold on steam but i think there are now beta testing it with MCC and Halo Infinite first to see if it works or not.
It probably will tbh. I mean it just makes sense since they're now basically bringing all of the Halo games to PC
Putting it on Steam as well would be one heck of a Win-Win for everyone. Particularly with the MCC being on Steam.

First off, I'll say that the Windows Store isn't really THAT bad. I prefer Steam, but it's not as bad as their last crack at trying this. So with the MCC being on both (Both is good!) I fully expect the Steam release to vastly outperform the Windows Store in sales. To me that'd say that bringing some of the former exclusives (Age of Empires DE and Halo Wars 2) over would be a good idea. Which rolls into my other point....
...More Money for Microsoft. They've already sold AoE and HW2 on the Windows Store. Now they'll be re-selling it on Steam.

It'd make a lot of sense to do, and I'd love to get it on there. Time will tell I guess, but I hope they look at Halo Wars DE and the MCC and realize Steam's just the better option. Or do a dual-release, like they're doing with the MCC. Again, everybody wins. I know some folks actually despise Steam so having that option of either/or...