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Halo Wars Championship League Season 3!

OP BreezyStarfish1

It is time for the first Halo Wars Championship League series of 2019! For those who don’t know, this community-driven tournament series that has alternating tournaments on weekends, all leading up to one grand Invitational. The Invitational at the end of the season will have prizing provided by 343 industries and have side-events with additional prizing. it’s time to get ready for another season of competitive real-time strategy!
There are two different organization within the HWCL, The Banished and Halo Wars Tournament Central (HWTC). Each of these organizations will be hosting official tournaments and side-events throughout the season all leading up to the main event, The HWCL Summer Invitational. To be invited to the invitational, individuals must compete and place in top-finishing positions to gain HWCL points. The top 12 participants with the highest amount of HWCL points will be invited to the Invitational. The last four positions in the invitational will be decided by participating in the HWTC’s champion league. In short, win official HWCL tournaments to make it to the main events when you’ll earn prizes.

Let’s get to the specifics of the HWCL:
  • All tournaments worth HWCL points will be in 1v1 deathmatch format.
  • All HWCL events will be live-streamed and casted on Twitch by the hosting organization.
  • HWCL points are awarded as follows:
  • 1st Place: 30 pts
  • 2nd Place: 20pts
  • 3rd Place: 15pts
  • 4th Place: 10pts
If a tournament has over 32 participants, 1st through 8th place will receive an additional 5pts.
Conduct Rules of the HWCL include:
  • 3 Tournament no-shows result in a tournament ban.
  • Harassment will result in a ban, be that of a HWCL staff member or a player.
Gameplay Rules of the HWCL include:
  • Decimus is banned until further notice.
  • Glassing Beam level 3 is banned until further notice.
Tournament Schedule:
  • January 26th – HWTC
  • February 2nd – Banished
  • February 16th – HWTC
  • March 2nd – Banished
  • March 16th – HWTC
  • March 30th – Banished
  • April 13th – Invitational
To sign up for the tournaments, visit this Challonge page:
Want to get involved in the Halo Wars Championship League? The Banished and Halo Wars Tournament Central both have discord servers where you can jump in and have conversations with other Halo Wars players.
Discord Servers:
1. Rockgeneration - 40pts
T-2. CarsandCameras - 30pts
T-2. Almirante99 - 30pts
4. EOD SpartanSeb - 20pts
5. Jeff Kills - 15pts
T-6. LeoHaldan - 10pts
T-6. That B0y Nathan - 10pts
T-7. HappyJoey - 5pts
T-7. LGP Major - 5pts
T-7. AgonizedStorm78 - 5pts
T-7. lxJeddeyxl - 5pts
T-7. NakamuraRTS - 5pts
T-7. El Hech1zero - 5pts
T-7. Powermoes114 - 5pts
Happy to see yet other great season of competitive Halo Wars 2! I'm excited to not only organize and cast, but also to possibly play in one of the tournaments this season!
January 28th is a Monday. Is that correct? All other days seem to be on a Saturday.
January 28th is a Monday. Is that correct? All other days seem to be on a Saturday.
That was a typo on my part. It is January 26th and is now corrected. Thanks for pointing that out!
Are you guys gonna give a Price for the winner?
If you could update these points that be great. :)
Hope to see you there ;)
Awesome idea i share this on my Spartan Company!
BlinxESP wrote:
Are you guys gonna give a Price for the winner?
There are 343 Loot Boxes for the Invitational finals for 1st-3rd place, the Qualifier tournaments will only have prizes through donations and same with the invitational finals. Cash prizes through donations. Although there may be an awesome engraved trophy for the winner too.
I believe that powermoes114 will make it to the finals vs Almirante99 and absolutely wipe the floor with him