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Halo Wars Definitive Edition Achievements Score :(

OP WackierSpring

Hello fellow Spartans and Elites! I hope everyone is doing well today. I personally love that Waypoint displays your "Halo Gamerscore" on your profile, it just adds a little more fun for me as an aspiring completionist. Therefore, when I realized my achievements from Halo Wars: Definitive Edition weren't being added on here, I figured something was wrong. So according to this and a few other sources, Halo Wars Definitive Edition doesn't get added onto Waypoint, but the Xbox 360 version of the game does atleast. I really hope that 343 will fix/ add it onto the Halo Gamerscore, but I'm not holding my breath. Maybe 343 will fix it after the Waypoint app comes out, but atleast there is the Xbox 360 version.
Oh wow I am just now noticing that HW:DE isn't listed on the service record drop down...that kinda sucks. I wonder why they decided to add HW2 but not HW:DE