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[Locked] Heroclix?

OP Wuunderboy

This is a total random topic and not directly related to the game but it does involve it. My question first is , does anyone remember back in the days of Halo 2/3 (and even Reach actually) , the game that was popular for people to collect named, ActionClix?
I remember back when Halo 3 was first coming out that advertising was at its highest and one of the coolest things (aside from the mountain dew haha) was the idea of a almost board game sort of style collectors game where the industry was creating replicas of halo related characters and vehicles. I preordered Halo 3 back in 07 and it even came with a little actionclix master chief and arbiter figure which was super awesome. They had all kinds of cool Clix's such as red and blue spartans with different guns, master chief with different weapons, marines with different weapons, grunts, jackals, brutes, flood variants, even Halo Reach's Noble team, you name it ! One of the coolest things was they had vehicle packs such as a hunter pack, a warthog pack, covenant banshee pack, and the coolest of all, a to scale Halo 3 Scarab.

Now I am making this forum to see what anyone here reading thinks of the idea of more up to date ActionClix or as it's called now, Heroclix?
Such as a Halo 5 master chief, a Halo 5 Arbiter, Halo 5 Locke, Halo 4/5 Spartan IVs with different weapons, Halo Wars 2 Atriox, Halo wars 2 Banished hunters, Halo wars 2 hunter captain, Halo wars 2 Banished brutes, Halo wars 2 Brute warlord, To Scale- Halo wars 2 Banished wraiths and banshees and of course a large to scale Halo wars 2 banished Scarab.
Comment below I want to see some other ideas and maybe one day we can see a revival of Halo Heroclix.
I still have two red Spartans and a H2 Flood Elite. I also remember seeing a giant H3 Scarab on a comic convention, the only time i've seen one portrayed as an scale figure actually. Each of its legs ocuppied a space on the board and was pretty well made and detailed. They were awesome. Is a shame they aren't a thing anymore but i don't think we will ever see something like that again.

With the changes the franchise had over the last years Halo is not perceived as a mature game as before, pointing it's target to a more casual/young public. A complex board game like this simply wouldn't sell. That's why they disappeared and got replaced with Lego figures and cheaper toys.

If you are still interested on playing a Halo board game you should try Risk. Although they could be rare and overpriced in some places.