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Installing Kinsano Help

OP One Elimination

Can someone please help me out? I haven't been able to install my Kinsano Leader Pack at all.Each time I go to install it, it stays in the ready to install tab. I was with xbox support for 2 hours hoping they would be able to help me out, but nothing worked out. I was hoping I could contact 343 industries directly. However, there is no way of contacting them directly. So I'm left with asking you guys for any sort of help.
I'd go to the support forums. You could potentially receive better help there.
After the Johnson dlc it screwed a lot of people's campaign stats resetting everything.. I reinstalled everything to see if that helped but not only did it not work it didn't download my kinsano pack I'm pretty sure I read that there working on the problem but don't know when it'll be fixed