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Is it Me, or my Teammates?

OP Jacob Ly44

Halo Wars 2 is one of those games I pick up on and off again; playing it a few times every couple of months. The last year or so of playing it, I have definitely been struggling more and more in the game. I mostly play un-ranked Team Wars and I wonder if that's part of the problem... in general most games start out, last five minutes before one of my teammates quits or disconnects; then the rest of the team is just steamrolled in the 3v2 or 3v1 or 2v1 fight that ensues. Am I the only one who sees this as a problem? Are frequent rage quiting and disconnects still common for everyone else?

Of course another part of me wonders if I am just struggling to grasp the meta. Even in the games where I have other teammates, I am throwing troops out to try and fight the other team; and I often feel like my teammates are just sitting at their base. It doesn't look like they're building up defenses, but I figure they'll eventually come on out... Then my single army ends up facing the entire combined force of the three enemy armies... its usually Banshees; a lot of Banshees... my army gets decimated and my bases start falling one by one; and no matter how often I try and ping the map my teammates just keep wandering near their base and never rush to help me defend... Is it just the Banshee has become such a powerful rush they see no reason in fighting it? Is there something in the meta I don't understand? Or does playing with rando's in this game just always lead to a terrible team experience?

I guess to finally test this, my last matchmade game was a 1v1 ranked match. I dug in and tried super turtling with Anders against the enemy who was playing Cutter. What followed was me watching for an hour and forty minutes as my Kodiak's and Wolverines just blasted every rush this guy sent at me... I destroyed 4 of his units for each 1 unit I lost in the game. Finally I just sent a few Hornets and Vultures to mop up his base, and he fell pretty quickly. I was glad to say I finally proved to myself I could win at least one game online... but turtling is such a time intensive game strategy I really don't know if I want to keep repeating it in the future. But now I am hesitant to hop back into the team based games because I am afraid I don't understand the meta, or if just playing with rando's will always suck.
Play more 1v1s and experiment with other leaders and strategies. Eventually you'll learn what's good and bad based of what works and what doesn't as well as the common strategies your opponents use.
Simply this is a team-based game, and if you play 2s or 3s and solo queue, you're gonna have a bad time and lose most of your games
If you solo-queue, at least use a mic. Even if the other players don't. Just let them know what you're doing and what you're planning. They might stick around knowing that you're actually in there with your head in the game.