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Jackal Leader Mod Idea

OP Entity W

Now hold up, listen.
If a mod even gets made of this for Halo Wars 2, I trust that people will use it in SINGLEPLAYER MATCHES ONLY. Mods like these should only be used in Skirmish or in private matches with friends (who also have the mod). I do not condone using mods of any sort in online matches or competitive games, as that is unfair and is considered hacking. You will be banned.

Now on to business!

Halo Wars 2 is a dead game. I'm sorry, I have to say it. It's dead. Halo Wars 1 was like that too....until we modded the crap out of it! Halo Wars 1 was a playground for modders. Tap into that. That is what this game NEEDS, since 343 isn't really updating it anymore. And I know this community is full of people that could actually do something like this, and this is what everyone wants for this game. Here's the idea:

Shipmistress Zol, an Ibie'shan Kig-Yar pirate queen. She will be a new leader in the Banished's ranks. She did business with her long-time friend Atriox for quite some time, and when Atriox was getting his butt kicked on the Ark, he hired Zol's crew to help him out. Zol's crew has a few more tricks up their sleeves, however. They don't use weaponry favored by the Banished, they use weaponry favored by the Kig-Yar. Think Needlers (and Needle Rifles) and Beam Rifles. Her units still use Plasma Pistols though, albeit rarely. Watch out for the deadly tricks Zol brings to the battlefield!

Zol's strengths and weaknesses:

  • Anti-infantry and anti-air units that are quite good at their job
  • Surprise raids and strong sneak attacks
  • Jackal Snipers. This is pretty self-explanatory.
  • No reliable way to deal with vehicles
  • Glass cannon troops, and some units are way too defensive because of it
Zol's units and unit upgrades:

Main building units:
  • Jackal Squad, an Ibie'shan squad of shielded pirates. They are armed with needlers and are led by a Jackal Heavy (a jackal with a helmet on). They have blue (and 1 yellow, for the Heavy) energy shields that have a 25% chance to deflect bullets. Their shields need to be destroyed before you can kill them (their shields work like energy shielding, and they deactivate when the "shield" bar on the unit is depleted.) They have low health (with the shields and the jackals themselves, their total hp equals out to as much hp as a grunt squad), but have a damage output a bit higher than an Elite-led squad. Their upgrades are the Jackal Rush ability, which is basically that Jackal takedown we see in Halo 4, and the Bounty Reserves upgrade (which gives you 2 more Jackals in the squad)
  • The Hijacked Ghost, which is a modified energy shielded Ghost piloted by a Skirmisher. It can be upgraded to have anti-infantry cannons.
  • The Anti-Air Wraith (leader power unlockable unit) which is the AA Wraith we see in Halo 3.
Raid Camp Units:
  • Skirmishers, basically a Skirmisher squad (replacing Jump Pack Brutes in Zol's army). These are fast, strong, rush units that can cloak themselves, and can be upgraded to have gauntlets and to have another Skirmisher in the squad. They are armed with plasma pistols, and are led by a Major with a needle rifle.
  • The Jackal Sniper (replacing Elite Rangers in Zol's army). Strangely deadlier than a regular Sniper, but has a bit less health. So keep your Jackal Snipers away from enemies! The Jackal Sniper has longer range and better damage than a regular UNSC Sniper, and favors the Needle Rifle. These Ruutians can also be upgraded to have a fellow sniper fight alongside them, making your unit a Jackal Sniper Squad, and your squads can later be upgraded to have Beam Rifles.
  • The other two units are still Suicide Grunts (since Jackals hate Grunts so much) and Hunters, so Zol's crew can still have a fighting chance against vehicles.
Foundry Units:
  • Revenant (replaces Wraith)
Marauders and Reavers are still available for Zol.

Apex Units:
  • The Vampire from Halo Wars 1 (replaces the Blisterback)
Engineers, Banshees, and Shrouds are still available for Zol.

War Council Units:
  • Captain's Guard (Hero): Zol herself leading a squad of pirates. Zol carries a Beam Rifle, there is also an Ibie'shan dual-wielding 2 needlers, a Skirmisher with a Plasma Rifle, and and a Ruutian with a plasma pistol and energy gauntlet. The crew can be upgraded to also have another Ruutian with a Focus Rifle, and an Ibie'shan with a Needle Rifle. After those two are introduced, the crew can further be upgraded to be much stronger.
  • The Kraken (Super Unit): Fitting for pirates, ain't it? The Kraken is a giant siege machine we see in Halo 5. It has multiple turrets, which fire rapidly at whatever is unlucky enough to cross its path of destruction.
Leader Powers:
I only have a few ideas.
  • A passive ability that allows you to collect resources from resource generators (Supply Pads, Generators, Harvesters, and Power Extractors)
  • Hologram ability
  • Maybe a dropship ability like Voridus's Pack Assault?
  • Glassing beam. Definitely.
  • Anti-Air Wraith unlock
Sound Effects:
The sound effects for the Jackals will be hard, as there is no sound files in HW2 that sound anything like a Jackal. That's where we look to other games. Specifically, Halo: Reach and Halo 5. Halo Reach has the best Jackal sounds in my opinion, and many other people's as well (And Skirmisher sounds are in that game, too). And in Halo 5, not only does it have good Jackal sounds, the Jackals can actually talk in that game, perfect for IWHBYD/rare combat dialogue. If we can take the files from those games and put it into this mod, that would be really cool. Zol herself wouldn't talk, however. She'll just make random Jackal noises.

Thank you for reading through this giant list. People have wanted a Jackal leader for quite a while now, although I don't think this is possible for a mod. Modding is hard, and something like this, although it could happen, is very, very unrealistic. It would be really cool if someone could actually do this, though. Modders, please tell me in the replies if this is actually possible.

And FYI, don't reply "Pay me 20 bucks and I'll do it" or something like that. I can see through an obvious scam, you will be reported and you will have your account banned.
This sounds really cool. If someone did make this, how would it be accessed? Since I have issues, I play games like Farming Simulator and Snowrunner, In those, mods are displayed for all to see and use. I do not see a mod hub in either of the Halo Wars games. Is it a computer thing? I hear alot about cool mods in Halo but since I am uneducated in the ways of code, I have no clue how to use said, "Mods." Help a fellow Waypointeer out?
You download mods and then move a few game files around, mods arent supported, but you can install mods if you know what your doing. Youre better off googling this stuff, youll get a better explanation. You can only mod halo games on pc, though.
Well -Yoink-. That's what I was wondering. Thanks. If I knew how to code and make mods I would gladly make this mod for a quarter of one cent >;)
Mods, the great resuscitator of games once that dead and abandoned. Glad to hear that HW2 is getting some much needed mod love nowadays.
UPDATE: I messaged blackandfan, he'll tell me if he can do this "mod" or if this is even possible. This doesn't even work like a mod, it's basically a fan-made dlc. And I edited the post to see if we can do sound effects for the jackals, and what games we will need to pull the sound files from.

And if blackandfan even reads this, if you want to make this mod you can post clips of it on youtube like the rest of your mods. You deserve more credit than me if you are actually making this thing, I just posted the idea out there for the community.
Entity W wrote:
You download mods and then move a few game files around, mods arent supported, but you can install mods if you know what your doing. Youre better off googling this stuff, youll get a better explanation. You can only mod halo games on pc, though.
Yeah I haven’t been able to get it to work sadly hopefully soon I’ll figure out how to do mods for hw2
Do we know of any Jackal vehicles? I think there should be a vehicle besides the AA Wraith exclusive to Zol. Maybe the Revenant to replace the regular Wraith?

EDIT: Zol will have Revenants.
And guys, stop asking to download the mod or how to download mods. This isn't a mod, it's an idea for one. I hope someone will see this and turn these ideas into a mod.
I will be posting Zol's lore in a separate post.