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kinsano strategies?

OP Sealki

I was wondering if there were any fellow Kinsano players out there that wanted to discuss strategy?

I'm sort of at a crossroads with Kinsano. She's my favorite character/leader and I don't want to stop using her, but I'm finding that I'm not doing well with her as leader. Maybe I just need to rethink my strategy with her (which is why I made this thread). Or maybe I'm just not a good enough player yet.

Currently I make an even batch of hellbringers, snipers, and cyclops with wolverines to cover the air (I adjust how many of each I make depending on who I'm playing against. Like more Hellbringers if I'm facing Cutter, for example.) I do this at the start of the game before upgrading anything. Once I have my army of 80 population out, I upgrade my population, and bring out more while also upgrading them. If I attack early WITH my team, I usually do well. Standalone, however, and late game -- it's hard to not get obliterated and I find myself starting from scratch.

How do you play Kinsano? Do you have any tips/advice?