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Looking for a 2's partner


I've been playing a lot more halo lately and I have an ok partner but he doesn't play as much as I do. I'm a decent player, have gotten to Champ before in 3's and I'm currently in Onyx 2's and 3's but that's not saying much. HMU if anyone wants to team up, plz no ragers :)
You can always hit me up to play :)
k my partner is MIA on me again I believe he's gone Awol, hit me up if anyone want's to play some matches preferably 2's.
I'm usually on in the evening around 6 pm central time.
Hey, added :)
Hit me up. I’m game. GOD HOPLITE 33
Nuxra wrote:
Hey, added :)
What times do you play Nuxra? I mostly play on evenings Central TZ and I added you as well :)
im down