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[Locked] May Balance Update (5/14/2018)

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Hey Everyone,

A server-side mid-season balance update is being released today for Halo Wars 2 on Xbox One and Windows PC. Thank you to everyone who provided input and feedback to help shape this latest update. See below for full details!

Tier 3 tanks have not felt as tanky as they should when finally making their way to bases. To compensate for this - Wraiths, Scorpion, and Grizzlies are getting buffs to their building damage as well as well as other slight changes to increase their accessibility.

  • Building Damage increased by 5%
  • Shield increased by 10%
  • Building Damage increased by 5%
  • Cost reductions 600/90 -> 550/90
  • Building Damage increased by 5%
  • Cost reductions 900/140 -> 850/140
UNSC currently are losing overall to the Banished globally with a few leaders being able to keep up. Part of this is due to the units that are supposed to help defend against rush units early as well as anti-vehicle not being up to par. We are making a few targeted changes to help improve their early game as well as make anti-vehicle survive a little bit better.
  • HP increased by 10%.
  • Base DPS increased by 5%
  • Time between attacks reduced and shot speed increased to reduce number of missed attacks.
The latest buffs to AA vs. other units on the ground helped AA out quite a bit, but we did not see a Reaver meta. But – they have been over-performing against units they shouldn’t. We have created an all new weapon for them to use with different modifiers, so they can’t effectively counter there counter and other vehicles.
Reavers shared the weapon type of core infantry and caused a lot of damage vs. other anti-vehicle units and with scaling too much to other core vehicles.
  • WeaponType for Reaver gunner changed from AAsmallarms to ReaverAutocannon.
  • DamageModifier vs. Medium reduced to 0.8 from 1.0
  • Damage Modifier vs. MediumHero reduced to 0.8 from 1.0
  • Damage Modifier vs. MediumAA reduced to 0.8 from 1.1
  • Damage Modifier vs. HeavyInfantry reduced to 0.7 from 1.6
We might have buffed the cleansing beam just a little bit too much taking it from the trash can to the hottest leader power in the game. We hot fixed it earlier in the season to stop it from cleansing bases too effectively, but it is still over-performing against armies. It was adequately dubbed the Meme Beam and we are going to be slightly lower its effectiveness, so it is still much stronger than it was before Season 10 – but less effective than it has been.
Cleansing Beam
  • Cooldown increased by 30s
  • Speed normalized at each tier to 17/18/18 from 17/18/19
  • Center damage ring radius reduced by 50% at all tiers
  • Center damage ring reduced to 115% from 125%
Counter measure Jump Pack Brute Mines have been rebuilt from the ground up. They now no longer place a slow or stun on any unit that the mines fall on when you jump over an army.
When Goliaths were built they had an armor type placed on them that was not the same as other units that are used to rush bases. This is getting fixed and we have fixed a bug on the Hunter Captain.
  • Goliath now has the LightRush armor type.
  • Fixed a bug where Hunter Captain would occasionally not damage units with base weapon.
We have been slowly trying to bring Arbiter down from his height of being too good with Conduit of Rage. To bring him in line with other leaders we are lowering the damage effectiveness of his COR and how it applies. As well, we have moved Elite Spirit Assault to a tier 4 leader power and swapped is with Stasis.

Conduit of Rage
  • Reapplying the buff now refreshes the 10 second duration instead of stacking
  • Damage Buff reduced from 30%/45%/60% to 15%/30%/45%
  • Elite Spirit Assault
  • Now a Tier 4 power and the position is swapped with Stasis on the radial
The community has given feedback that Heavy Grunts build time was not being affected by Logistics. We have fixed this bug. Yap’s mines also were doing significantly more damage compared to others and has been lowered to that of other mines.
Heavy Grunts
Unit is now correctly affected by Logistics
Ambush Mines
Overall Damage reduced to mirror lotus mine damage.
Another case of the community speaking up helped us identify this issue. Voridus’ scarab now appropriately is affected by Logistics.
Corrupted Scarab
Unit is now correctly affected by Logistics

Blitz is something we are actively working to improve balance on. We are doing a very significant investigation on our end in terms of data for the mode, but we have identified a few starting armies that needed some love as they were not as competitive compared to other armies. Many more changes are planned for the future of this mode and we will be targeting them for the next major balance update. Please keep the feedback coming!
Blitz Starting Armies
  • Colony “Battering Ram” now has 4 Skitterers in place of one Goliath.
  • Johnson “Mech Offense” now has a Warthog in place of one Mantis.
  • Arbiter “Elite Assault” now has a Ghost added to it.
  • Arbiter “Vicious Blade” now has a Ghost added to it.