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Multiplayer Beta – Deathmatch Feedback Thread

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The Halo Wars 2 Multiplayer Beta is live and will be running until June 20! During this time, we are looking to gather as much community feedback as possible. This Feedback thread is dedicated to collecting your feedback on the second game mode of the Beta, Deathmatch. The mode will task players with building their base and army but instead of fighting for map control, you’ll fight until only one player remains standing. Outthink, outflank, and outlast your opponents on the battlefield. Please provide feedback on the Deathmatch game mode in this thread!

If you are looking to download the Halo Wars 2 Multiplayer Beta, use may this link:

Thank you! We look forward to hearing your feedback.
Alright, i might have only played one deathmatch game yet but considering the circumstances there are a few things i'd like to say about it.

Lets start from the ebginnign though. Last week i played some games, Domination of course, and those were really fast paced games but those often ended faster then i personally liked so i really looked forward to this gamemode and i have to say at this point: i was not disappointed.
However, while it was a lot slower than Domination it might have been a little bit too slow or rather a thing of game mechanics behind it.
Now i have to say my enemies were not the greatest. Their tag made pretty obvious they played it together in a party, i got a random teammate and thats where everything went a bit wrong for the simple reason that my teammate never joined the game and i played alone.

It took somethink like 90 Minutes for me to win this game. Now, i won't complain about that part but another thing when it comes to this.
To understand the Situation a little bit better we have to take a look what happens when you play alone against two players and keep in mind that i haven't got any information on possible balancing suff that happens in such a situation.
As the single player you have access to more bases which means your ressource income will be much higher and will lead to an early advantage with more units and upgrades.
The two players on the other hand get nothing special and while i will not take into account the ability to manage two armies, they both got the normal unit limit which means combined they get twice as many units as the single person.
So with a gametime of 90 minutes i clearly missed the mark where you have the biggest advantage as a single player, that would be somewhere about 20-25 minutes in yet i managed to just draw it out a long long time in which two things happened which, while hillarious were quite concerning.

The first thing was them attacking one of my bases. They tried it a lot of times and not always were their units fully upgraded which i assume mine were at any time but at least at the end they had their upgrades and always attacked together with both of their armies.
They failed. I have to admit theiir unit choice wasn't really the best but technically they had twice the power of my Army and yes my base kept producing units and it took some damage but i feel that is a thing that shouldn't really be happening.
The second thing was them attacking one of my outposts which was one of the two building ones and the outpost was basically producing enough units so they couldn't take it down. I think it was just one of them trying it though.

Now thats when the gaame became long. Very long. They couldn't defeat me. My income was superior, everytime my Army went down i just had to open the floodgates and a new army came to be within a minute. Unless they would be able to take down my base impossible. Everytime i went and attacked i was defeated. Without the production and protection from my base, although hurting the enemy very bad each time, there was no possibility to win against two armies. That put us into some kind of stalemate where neither of us would achieve anything and thats where i came to the point of asking myself "should this game be like this?"
Keep in mind these were mostly the construction capabilities of a single base and sometimes an outpost.
Should an outpost be strong enough to pretty much beat an entire army if you just put in enough ressources?
Or should the game compensate in some way for unbalanced teams?
Now my enemies weren't good. Not bad but definetly not good and i would admit i probably wouldn't win a game like that again or it wouldn't take that long but i'm pretty sure you could draw it out for a long time without any possibility for aggression or basically forfeit immediatly which isn't that great of an option either.
Now i still enjoyed the game very much and maybe its not that much of an issue but well, it definetly can happen.

Also will there be a deathmatch with some kind of point limit? Where destroying enemies units or bases gives some points so its basically either fight until you defeated the enemy or until you reached the amount of points? That would probably be great and would lead to those games that aren't as fast as Domination but won't be that long. Could also have a timer though.
I played 5 matches so far. Longest one was like 50 minutes, shortest 30 mins.

I have to say I enjoyed it A LOT. I didn't think I'd enjoy it a lot, because well, I don't play strategy games.

BUT, from 5 games I lost only 1. Won 4 times and once I had a very lovely ally.

Don't have any complaints, but when already in the middle of the match the frames were dropping A LOT and there were random freezes that lasted up to few seconds.

BUT, a friend of mine played one match almost 2 hours, where the timer even stopped...
Sometimes when i begin a match, it will load the map, but will say waiting for players and not let me play. So far ive waited 20 mins. Please fix!
I played a 3 hour deathmatch because my teammate either quit or disconnected. The other two teams just wasn't able to destroy my base somehow and I was able to make enough units to repel them eventually. I wish we had more of the upgrades in the beta, that would have maybe ended the game sooner. Such as giving Vultures their missiles, or making Scorpions into Grizzlies. The match went too long for 2 on 1 or the other team sucked. Of course I noticed no one was wearing a mic or voice was not enabled in the beta so I could not communicate to my teammate outside of Party. Overall I like the direction the game is going, maybe further the abilities of the super units but make the cost really high so you have to find a balance or choose one route early on.
It was kinda weird for the mini base that you had to built it then spend even more for what you want to build there. Also the idea of power needed to construct building and units is something that bugs me since you can't really do a rush when you need to worry about that and how many supplies you have. I probably wouldn't of made a fuss if it was just supplies but power really slows things down.
Atriox is atrocious in his current state because(at least compared to Cutter) he is too easily beat early on. Cutter can easily beat any Atriox because Hellraisers are so easy to make early on and currently the Elite units do such a miniscule amount of damage to infantry that they are stomped on by any UNSC unit marines included. Elite squads either need a beam rifle upgrade or the Carbine needs a boost. UNSC in general seems far too easy to rush with because the covenant doesn't have any good units till they have high tech, while early UNSC units are far more effective than anything the covenant has early on. Currently, for Atriox at least, the Covenant does not stand a chance against a UNSC rush.

I for one would like to see a classic Halo Wars game mode appear where power nodes don't give such a huge advantage. Or even where power isn't a factor at all. Something that the developers don't seem to realize is the more resources that need attention in the game the harder it is to enjoy it on console. It's not like PC where its easy to keep track of everything and really simple to manage units and bases and resources because of high scroll speeds.

The matchmaking system need a complete redo. The current one ranks you based on skill so my first rank I got after 10 games was Platinum 3, one of the highest, from facing people who ignored supplies and the power nodes so they had no idea what they were doing and I of course always won. I should not get a high rank from beating noobs who obviously didn't watch the tutorial or anything. I should start from the bottom (bronze I believe) and work my way up. Using the ranking system from the Halo shooter series is the dumbest decision I've ever seen because it does not work with an RTS, this is not a shooter. Who's the moron that decided it was a good idea to use a shooters ranking system in an RTS?
I love the game type so far as a general from halo wars 1,

I also like the additional resource collection which is great some things I think would make the gametype even bettercan be seen below:

- Let players choose their own colours: as sometimes it is hard to tell red vs blue less applicable in rts compared to fps when u need to see everything
- I am sure you have seen this a million times but add a layout with the original halo wars button lay out
- Post match report I need to see this something similar to the original halo wars would be nice, maybe putting in medals would be a nice incentive in there too
- I can't seem to take the global check point off after I set one, maybe this is because of my naivity but is really hard to set all local check points again with no fast zoom across the map or a computer mouse

Even though people are saying they can't rush, I have no trouble rushing with either side currently ranked platnum 3, one concern I do have is that the banished do not have a strong late game presence, and when I play them I find it hard to combat unsc marine rushes due to the elites having really poor damage to infantry units, so this needs to be beefed.

Besides that keep up the great work, and dismiss those saying it is too complex, this new system is fairly good just need a few more upgrades on unit type other than just the one available upgrade on unit types but I am enjoying this just as much as the first one.

PS please make special units more special.
Loving Halo wars im getting used to the graphics as well and somehow they now look great with amazing particle effects. !!!

I've just one request to slightly increase the pop cap...make it at least 100
I really like the gametype and I have a lot of fun, however the matches do end out of no where each needs to be fixed in the full game. I had three games now when the game ends out of no where and the winners or losers are the ones that has the most points even if everyone still has a lot of bases left. Let games go on longer if needed don't just have them end in 20 minutes. Thank you for letting us play the beta.
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The time I've spent playing the Beta has mostly been enjoyable. However there are times where the pad almost went flying. There are a few things i feel need sorting out such as:
- The power resources.
I no longer feel like I can build a proper army due to these. Which results in constantly being rushed by the opposing players with an army of marines and a few flamethrowers. It's hard to keep things going when I have to rely on two resources instead of the one.
- Covenant Leader Powers.
Whenever I try to use the leader power, nothing seems to happen. I remember in Halo Wars 1, there would be a gravitational pull in a ball and I dont know if its been taken out or if it just doesn't happen on mine?
- The loading times.
It seems to take up to 10 minutes for my games to start, by which time the opponents and ally have already started their builds and dominating the fields.
- Animation.
It may not seem like much of a big deal but it bugs the hell out of me. When I select a unit sich as the Hornet, to attack a target, the minigun doesnt even aim at the target. They fire in what ever direction they want.
- No Rebel Bases.
I really enjoyed attacking rebel bases in the first game instead of having the already free to build plots like in this. It helped slow the game down a little and helped build the veterancy on some units which was alwasy nice to see.
- No leader recall.
The covenant no longer seems to have the leader recall that was outside the base. The leader is slow when moving and usually struggles to move away from combat in time
- Spartans.
Would like more than just the one on the field. They no longer give the hijacked unit an emmediate veterancy. Good or bad you decide on that one. Just pointing out.
With the vultures, they never seem to use their full barrage of ammunition on this one. They just seem unfinished in my eyes and never pose a real threat to the enemy bases.
-Building times.
There doesn't seem to be anything that shows you how long or how much the buildings have completed. previousley they had a percentage bar. but at the moment we are guessing when it will be finished.
Finally, I miss the scarabs. That is all.
I was one of the few defending Domination to my friends. I definitely think sometimes it finished too quickly, but I had a lot of fun with some of the games.

But Deathmatch.

This is the mode I was waiting for. This is what a strategy game is meant to be. Lots of time to farm, research, upgrade, build a force, reinforce, and make moves. I still feel like units don't always listen to me when I want them to attack somethign specific in a big firefight, but that's a small quibble. I am having so much fun with Deathmatch. Never got enough time to really understand the units strengths in Domination. But I just had an hour long match, and I had a blast. We lost, but we had a strong opening, gained some ground, and just had great opponents.

I'm sold. I'll be preordering.
I use to like the fact I could see where my team mates were looking on the map. Was very handy, and also when you press the button to draw their attention to an area you're looking at, it doesn't really seem to draw much attention... No real sound and the pulse bit of the map is too small
I do enjoy deathmatches better than domination because they can last a lot longer and can actually build an army up.

just need to fix people dropping out and DC / Quitting. Seemed to happen more in deathmatch than domination.
Deathmatch is the most important playlist in the game and it works really well in Halo Wars 2, but I would like to see other maps, that dont have generators and other supply hooks, as well. Just like "docks" from HW 1
So there should be both, maps with hooks and maps w\ hooks, there needs to be variation
raise the unit cap or lower the marines down to two
power should only be required to make buildings. its too much of a hassle to be concerned about power and supplies for a freakin marine
The game mode, pace, resources etc. all seem fine.

My main feedback at the moment is that the game seems to randomly defeat people even when they're winning the game and no bases have been destroyed. I've seen many posts about this issue already so I know it's not just me and must be happening quite a bit.

I never suffered a random defeat in the domination phase of the beta so I assume it's something to do with the deathmatch game.
Brutes should cost 3 pop and cost 20-30 power, flamethrowers need a nerf to cost or anti infantry damage and vehicles should cost more power. I like the rush but should cost more.
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