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Multiplayer Beta – Deathmatch Feedback Thread

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Deathmatch: The hw2 we all wanted from the beginning! Pretty excited about the new look.

-Why does unsc start with two marines (180 supplies/3 pop each) and the covy start with two grunts (100 supplies/2 pop each)? Does 360 cash and 6 pop equal 200 cash and 4 pop? NO! Unsc literally starts with 50 percent more army! Give covy 3 grunts to start to even it out. I mean you decided to go 1 hog and 5 marines vs 1 chopper and 10 grunts in domination...

-I love that you don't quite start with enough power to expand to a second firebase in the beginning. This gives you an early game choice to make: use power to expand, or to make units/upgrade supply pads.

-Great that we only start with small armies. Keep it this way.

-Needs to be more neutral creeps on the map (really, both of the maps from the beta) to contest players expanding.

-Bring back the garrisons from hw1 such as supply elevators, reactors, energy walls, and maybe even the giant covy cannon that was on the 1v1 map that yoi could fire once in a while. These were really cool.
I didn't really care for the Domination game type, but Deathmatch was a lot of fun. Even when my ally dropped out at the start of the match I still played 1v2 and won more often than not. This would definitely be unacceptable in the final game, though. I understand there were a lot of freezing issues and other glitches, but I didn't like the high rate of players dropping out. I am definitely looking forward to the finished product.
Dear 343 and Creative Assembly, I have put together the following list of bugs that I have noticed and suggestions that I have:

Known bugs:
 The special powers, Y button, of units don’t work when multiple units are selected of different types.
 The game goes out of sync.
 There is a blank bullet point (no writing after it) on the description of the game mode on the main menu.
 The mac blast is not visible (the beam).
 When leader power is recharging, the symbol shown is not the leader power – it is whatever item is being upgraded elsewhere, i.e. the cyclops symbol shows on the mac blast when upgrading the cyclops. Also, a wolverine symbol has appeared on it too when building a wolverine.
 When receiving power or supplies from ally, a message reading “Received power from %1” shows. Presumably, %1 is meant to be the ally’s gamertag.
 Health bars do not show correctly: they are merely a blue bar with no indication on health.
 Overall game volume is quiet compared to other games, and the music is near silent.
 Building menu (when selecting a building to construct) is sometimes unresponsive (frequently, you have to exit and open the menu again) – issue very noticeable at game start.
 The last alert shortcut does not always take you to the last alert (on many occasions, it cycles through the bases).
 When a generator has been constructed, the voiceover says “reactor” instead of generator.
 Large blue square appears and disappears on main menu when loading it. Overall, menu is very unresponsive to buttons.
 Message of “$$_game_loss_in” appears at game start.
 Game is lost even when both ally and myself have no buildings destroyed (seems to happen when we destroy the enemy 2-slot base in deathmatch).
 On one occasion, the message of “Victory” remained on screen until the game was closed and restarted.
 On start-up, the 343 animation pixelates at the end before showing the Creative Assembly logo.
 The voiceover “Your base is under attack” is too late and often sounds after the base has been destroyed.
 Medical drones did not appear (the green circle did not show).
 The give supplies option showed a wolverine symbol (presumably related to the bug in the leader power menu).
 Leader power menu still shows when no leader powers are unlocked (i.e. shows when adrenaline is unlocked, but that can’t be used in the leader powers menu).
 When a turret is hovered over, it shows: “Turret E!”, presumably, that is meant to show turret (turret type).
 In the description of the marauder, it says “shots” instead of “shoots”.
 Noise of the cleansing beam remains on if game over occurs when using it.
 “Waiting for players” after game started.
 In the end of game stats, there is no space between the team name and victorious: e.g. Blue(Victorious) instead of Blue (Victorious).
 Voiceover of “Enemy has destroyed one of our buildings” when recycling a building near game start.
 Support pelicans, and weapon fire goes through the terrain, e.g. the cliffs surrounding some of the bases in deathmatch.
 Wolverine symbol appears on turret menu. NOTE: reference to UNSC object appearing incorrectly on any of the menus described here and above occurred when playing as Captain Cutter. There was not noticeable problems with covenant menus.
 Players continuously keep disconnecting.
 Plasma and rockets weapon fire became invisible in one of the games (could be an issue with cloaking).

 The recharge time of the unit special powers, Y button, should be reduced (or reduced via an upgrade).
 Bring back transport pelicans.
 Vultures are too weak, and generally only last a few seconds in any firefight.
 Ability to invite a player to take over a player who has disconnected (or include an AI to do this).
 Bring back AI bases to make the game start a little more challenging.
 Though this would be very difficult to implement: - Allow an additional player join with each player to play as their leader first person. I.e. if I plan to play a game, I could invite someone to play as Jerome-092 first person. - That player could drive vehicles and use weapons that are built, and request more to be built. - That player would see the go to command as a waypoint on their motion sensor. - At the game start, there could be a preference option in the main menu for each pair as whether they would like to play as the commander or the soldier. - This would mean that in a 2 vs. 2 deathmatch, there would be a total of 8 players.
 Bring back unit specific upgrades.
 Provide a wider variety of units: - Bring back the classic giants like the Elephant and the Scarab. - Bring back the classic smaller vehicles, such as the Ghost and the Cobra. - Allow there to be vehicle variants, like in Halo 5.
 Have a ranking system with unlocks. Allow the ability to see player rank on the player names on the game loading screen.
 Provide a greater population cap. Currently, as the population of each unit is greater than in the original Halo Wars, we have less units, despite the extra power of the Xbox One.
 Improve the fog so that each unit has a line of sight, so that when travelling in a particular direction the viewing distance is slightly increased.
 Provide the option to build a single turret on the 1-slot and 2-slot bases.
 Bring back the Jackal Snipers.
 Bring back an EMP weapon for both sides.
 Allow the ability to play as more sides of the Halo story in multiplayer depending on when the game is set. Bring in the forerunners/Prometheans and/or the Flood (and the ability to play as them).

A .pdf version of the above bugs/suggestions can be found here:
This file has the writing correctly formatted.
- I once destroyed every enemy unit and building on the map (built base on every free base location to make sure), but there was one Forerunner Power Generator still under the enemy team's control. Once I captured that, I was given the victory screen. In deathmatch, you should still be able to win, even if the enemy has infantry units garrisoned in buildings or if they have captured neutral buildings.

- Sometimes air units would leave engine exhaust effects where they first showed up when built, even though the units were moved from that place. Happens most with Blisterbacks.
Here, I have a few more:
- It's hard to rotate and place mines properly. You should be able to select the power, then have a preview of how they'll be placed, a preview that you can rotate it before placing it down, sort of like how in C&C games, you can rotate buildings before placing them down on the battlefield.

- I don't know that the Brutes would be able to convince Huragoks to stick around with them for too long, despite many Huragoks working for the Covenant during Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST. Brutes are brutish and abusive, Huragoks are gentle, intelligent and friendly. But still, I like Huragoks too much and if replacing them means I won't see any of those cute things in the game, I'm against replacing them. I'll just keep feeling bad for killing them. :(

- When you fire a MAC blast or the Ion Cannon-like beam from the Brutes, it should show a circle on the ground that displays exactly what units will be damaged by the weapon blast, sort of like in C&C and StarCraft.

- MAC Blast power only lets you ever use one MAC blast, whereas in HW1, it would allow you many shots.

- We need a player and game statistical screen after the match ends, and we need to be able to tell which league and division a player is in. You know, like in StarCraft 2. :P

- Sometimes the response to controls are slightly delayed. Give an order to a unit and it takes slightly longer than the usual RTS for the game to respond to the player's commands.

- It would be nice to see what health your units have when selected. Perhaps this could be turned off.

- Camera needs to be zoomed further out, by say, 10-30%. You should still be able to zoom in/out as much as you can now, if not more.

- It's hard to get more than 2-3 ODSTs at once. Would be nice to be able to upgrade Marines to ODSTs as Cutter, like in HW1.

- Cutter's "Spectre Gunship" ultimate support power (can't recall the name) calls in Pelicans that function like the real-life Spectre Gunships. However, they clip through enemy air units when flying, which means it looks awkward. Units should at least be forced out of their paths.

- The UNSC's flamethrower infantry can damage units and buildings from a range that's longer than the range of the firing animation. It looks like they're not hitting anything with their fire, but they technically are. Looks awkward.

- When dropping in vehicles and Cyclops, the animations are never properly played, so it looks awkward and buggy. It looks like a box is falling to the ground, then all of a sudden, it disappears, then a unit pops out of nowhere and it doesn't look like it could even fit in that box.
Pretty fun game to play whit a friend,domination was kind of dope but deathmatch was alot of fun 10/10 we can still destroy the enemy core
So far halo wars 2 is looking great! I'm excited to see what they will add in the final edition. Thanks for not didactically changing an already amazing game. Just fix some bugs and add more options then I think halo wars 2 will be a great game.
I think they have to change something to make it more interactive.
I never got to play death match :(

but I'll just play it on the release date :)
fun game
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woow epic
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