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Multiplayer Beta – Domination Feedback Thread

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The Halo Wars 2 Multiplayer Beta is live and will be running until June 20! During this time, we are looking to gather as much community feedback as possible. This Feedback thread is dedicated to collecting your feedback on the first game mode of the Beta, Domination. The mode offers the classic RTS gameplay of Halo Wars, now with all the new units, leaders, special abilities, and depth of Halo Wars 2. Build your base, build your army, and battle for control of the map and supremacy of the Ark! Please provide feedback on the Domination game mode in this thread!

If you are looking to download the Halo Wars 2 Multiplayer Beta, use may this link:

Thank you! We look forward to hearing your feedback.
Loving the graphics! I love the new troops. Although it can be a hassle trying to understand the new game mode, and the new buildings. The colors kind of confuse me Since both blues are almost similar. Here's a list of my feedback.
-The special abilities (y button) Must be visible When you can use it, just like in the first halo wars.
-the colors need to be darker and More different because i easily confuse with my ally.
-should be able to use leader powers in domination
- should be able to see where my ally is looking at in Mini hud
-ally marker should be more noticeable than just a simple vibration on my controller.

I have only played two games so far and this is my feedback, i may be wrong on some stuff however this is what i have so far. To be honest i was expecting atleadt two to three game modes, one being deathmatch of course.
The game itself would leave a better impact if it wasn't Multiplayer... Uninstalled due to the very poor matchmaking and speed. Doesn't leave much to do, just rush and claim victory. We won with marines against tanks... and hornets... Weak players, weak game.
Is it only for me that the game is in spanish? Can´t understand a word, and I can´t change it either. Find it pretty funny when it says in the description "Only in English" XD
(This is on the Xbox one version)
Im gonna give a high detailed feeback of this halo wars beta, taking into account that it is a beta
i am a loyal halo wars fan and love the game. my idea of a great sequel to this game would have been upgrading the graphics. keeping the mechanics of the game the same as there is no real need to change it. make the game flow better if possible and provide new leaders and new maps that are even better or equal to the famous 'FORT DEEN'
what you have done is made the game feel uncomfortable by changing some buttons which was wrong completely, introducing the command tree i think was unneccesary as the field armory was more than acceptable and did its job very well. the mechanics of the game i feel have become worse. im sure that will improve in the new one but i already understand what you are trying to do and therefore i must stop u here and tell you that the mechanics are not good as i remember enjoying long halo wars games and these games hardly last a minute, well maybe 12 mins max. units feel sluggish and not as responsive as id like. i want the warthogs to be able to collect supplies and change the colour of supplies to blue. i feel the game is immersed in too much bright, yellow directed light and needs to become more neutral in terms of its colour uses. the covanent leader needs to look like more of a special unit rather than look just like his counter parts. team colours are too close, use a variety of colours for teams to distinguish between teamates and enemies. noone wants the same colours for teams or same shade. zoom out the camera more as its far too close to the ground and i want to see more of the battlefield. hills provide no real advantage, its just cosmetic. have marines in the barracks rather than creatable in bases. the are ground units too.
a whole new building just for spartans is very bad too. return the name spartans as jerome is just dumb. change garage to vehicle depot, its too epic a name for you to change for ground vehicles. i can get used to the generators however reactors need to return. your new mechanic defeats the purpose of having fun and forces people to fight over things they need rather than want. this is just a few things i would look into and would definitely make the game better along with fixing bugs like flamethrowers not shooting or bullets not coming from marines. right now i wouldnt buy this game so think hard about how to procede and keep it simple. use halo wars 1 for reference.
I can't enjoy the game without some person rushing all the points. we can't even get an army out without losing half our tickets. Please change it to just attacking each other.
I really really don't like Domination. I'm really disappointed that the beta is only matchmaking and Domination. I get that it's a beta so of course the online component is the thing being tested, but it's not very fun. I was hoping it would be plain battles where you just fight to destroy the enemy. Now you have to fight to keep objectives and watch your points bleed away like tickets in Battlefield's Conquest. I would play more but I'm just totally not interested in the game mode. If anything it makes me want to play the original Halo Wars.
I'm also not too crazy about adding a power resource to the game, but I like that the tech level is just upgrading your base.
The game seems interesting, very similar to the old one, but the beta is disappointing for me.
The power tech level adds nothing that supplies didn't already do. It's very annoying.
First, Having Combat Indicators on where your troops are under attack and on Objectives on the map like the first game would be super helpful.
During the game when i had troops near objectives and i was focused on other units, i didn't notice my units were being attacked until i noticed a lack of my team colour where my units had been. Relying on just the AI to mention something is happening isn't very helpful in the slightest.

With the change to Tech Power, im really not a big fan of it, Changing it to another resource and making base level the tech power made the game feel really slow waiting for not ONE but TWO resource types to come in before i could build and upgrade. With the new need to build even more building to gain a steady income of resources we now need more build slot to compensate for the larger need of different resources.

Now with the lack of a Tech Power Building there isn't really anything you need to prioritise protection on your base as much as their was in HW1. Back in HW1 once you lost your Tech Building your were in trouble, Your building abilities became largely reduced. It increased the time it will took to get back in the fight with high tech level units because you had to wait for it to rebuild, of course you also had to defend your Troop buildings so that the enemy don't stop your production but that still required Tech Level just to purchase the units for them to build. In HW2 your waiting for resources to come in and the slow build times so you have to protect everything it doesn't really give you much urgency over bases if you were being attacked at two bases at once.

Overall the game felt a little too bright (im not sure how to talk about this...) the first game had slightly darker graphics allowing you to easily see the contrast between your units and the map whilst on HW2 the whole map was very bright and having bright unit colours just felt uncomfortable.

Sorry if this felt like im just asking for another HW1 but honestly to me it all felt perfect so changing it wasn't really needed in my opinion. Using more of HW1 for reference to me seems like the best way to go.
So, I'd change the hero building and the infantry building in the UI. Have your army on the left, and utility and speacial son the right.
I love the Domination gametype. This is a real RTS game. But we want bigger battles. And can we see 4v4 or 5v5 at release please?
I kind of feel like I'm playing a dumb downed version of surpreme commander now. The gameplay just isn't the halo wars atmosphere I'm used to. I completely understand that this game is still in its beta stage and I'm always understanding on "what's to come." But I just think the game has changed too much to call it halo wars. Maybe I'm the only one? Who knows. This is coming from a long time halo fan, who currently still has halo wars in his Xbox one disc tray lol. I just think it's too different from what I'm used to and I just can't find a similar taste for the sequel as I did when the first came out. The combat mechanics seem lame I just miss the old sound effects and the constant worrying of bullets shredding thru my troops. But now, I don't feel as close to my team I've created which I feel is a flaw on the creators end. Overall, I really don't like what's happened to this game, but I still understand that it's in the beta stage and anything could happen.
Please make it deathmatch. Domination isn't fun. If yo try to build decent units the other team would have half the points already taken.
I don't like domination at all right now. I feel as if I cant just say back and build an army or I will end up losing the game. I just want to kill the other teams but I can't do that. A lot of the units seem unresponsive, the control feel like they were needlessly changed when the original control scheme was fine, and the addition of energy wasn't needed.
Alright so here's the major flaws in my opinion.

1.)The fighting is incredibly unbalanced. If I get into a fight with two scorpions and I have a five marine. I should lose, quickly...

2.) This game mode is so fast it's ridiculous. Halo Wars is about long epic battles , not quick 5 minute games.

3.) Its hard to give feedback to the leader perks tree thing, because the game ends too quick to actually unlock much. But from what I can judge. The wheel for HW1 wasn't broken, it was easy to use and didn't need to change at all. Dropping one squad of ODSTs before a 3 min cool down is a bit silly.

4.) The control of units when in combat doesn't actually give the feeling of being in control at all. The units seem to listen to you when you tell them where to go, and when they get to the fight they kinda just wing it. It's hard to explain but that's the best I can phrase it
Hallo toghter! far so good...but i guess with a other game mode we could see the full potential of the game...Please change put in a nother gamemode like only destroying each other...And maybe 3vs3 players....

preatty good game so far!!
Congratulations, you managed to ruin a game by adding only multiplayer and a stupid domination mode to a new game. I love Halo Wars, and i've put in many many hours into it. But I cannot explore, learn or actually enjoy this game at all. The games end in just a few minutes, I have no idea of what the new units are and what they do, and people just rush a cap point to win and end the game without giving anyone a chance to actually play. A very disappointing Beta if you ask me. I know some might argue 'oh, its still really early for a Beta' but I don't care. If your game is essentially unplayable, then don't bother releasing it. Honestly, If you cant just make classic halo wars and give a couple AI to play against, then why even bother releasing it.Will not be playing again until that game mode is gone from my sight. Oh and FYI: just remove that game mode completely from the full game, Its trash and just sucks the fun out of the game. The fact that it even exists is strongly putting me off buying this game.
I'm loving the beta, but I want to test all the units abilities, which is really hard because the games are so quick, it would be cool if you could add a deathmatch mode, rather than controlling territories. That said, I loved HW1, and I'm definitely going to get the Ultimate Edition of HW2
I'm kind of upset that there is only a domination mode (no Supremacy, aww). However, I think this mode would be good if ticket bleed didn't occur if you hold a majority of points. As it is right now players just rush the points and win. If I want to build up an army for late game, I'll lose since I still lose tickets unless I hold every point. Currently you are punishing methodical late-game players, and I personally think that's dumb.

IMO, you should only lose tickets if your opponent holds a majority, and the effect intensifies the less points you have. If I have 3 points and my opponent holds 2, I shouldn't lose tickets.
I would like to leave feedback. But I'm waiting for players
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